John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help me out
Good day sir,

1St dream
I have been noticing for the past two months
When ever I close my eyes I see my Dog sometimes beside me,Running towards me.
But this morning I saw the Dog sitting on the car parked out side.

(It not like I have a female around me,now adays I keep to my self and distance/ seprated my self from people)

I was sleeping and I saw some one beside me sitted beside me.
I asked him how did he enter and he said he was the one and I looked.He was my Dad and I asked him who opened d door for him he said my mum and he asked me to go back to sleep.

Most time when I sleep or dream I see my Dad beside me and we are always alone together.

I dreamt I went to a hausa man container and I wanted to buy biscuit and I saw some expensive biscuits and I asked for d price but d person at d shop said he does not know d price.
Later I bought a biscuit and I left and l later remember I didn't collect my change and went back to collect my change.

I dreamt that junior brother Visited my mum Elder sis and she was asking about his school and what kind of Job was he doing,Later I noticed my mum Elder sis family started relating with him and they didn't ask about me.
Later I saw samples of my company fliers packed some where and my mum gave it to them stating DAT was what he was doing.
I noticed my mum elder sister collected #2000 from him.

I dreamt a false prophet friend I had known before and his wife Visited me and we started talking.
I was with my Mum and they asked me if I knew an hotel that I should come there but I told them I was not going any where/ and I didn't knw d place.
I noticed d fake prophet was sad when I didn't follow him and was trying to look me in the eye which I was avoiding him.
Later I told him he had started again and I shouted at him and I locked d door against him and that I will call the attention of my cousin prophet .

I dreamt I saw a bus of choristers offloaded in an environment and by the time I walked ahead I saw another group of choristers moving around.
I saw guy selling fresh newly hot baked loaves of bread I bought one from him and I asked him Why where d choir moving around and he said they where sanitizing the environment.
Later I some choristers beside me with mic about to start singing and I told them to hold on till I bought d fresh loave of bread and I saw the guy adding butter and I woke up.
1. You are right, among those females is a dog in the spiritual realm. Meaning, she's human but spiritually she's a dog. That is, sexually loosed and uncontrolled. Don't fall for her temptation and tricks as she seems to be very close to you as we speak ,and she's an agent from hell( she might not be aware of these ) whose aim and agenda is to cause you to fall from grace-to-grace through sexual act.

Watch your back!

2. That's your heavenly father,the holy spirit , the I am that I am himself ( Jesus ). For, he that keepeth you does not slumber neither does he sleeps.

3. There shall be blessing for you and there shall be no wastage this year.

4. Your business or company name and prosperity shall be on the lips of many and it shall be use as a good example and testimony on the lips of your household,within family circle. Yes, it would become a source of blessing and testimony for many.

5. I see discerning spirit in you hence the anointing of grace and foresight to disgrace and expose every work of darkness ...false and demonic prophets and or prophecies.

6. The lord called ; thou shall not live by bread alone this year, henceforth. Be careful and place God above( what goes into) your stomach.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir,

I dreamt I entered a long lorry and I noticed people where sitted beside me and it was running very fast.
Later I saw a female friend was sitted beside me, and later when we where asked to pay I had lot of money in my bag and I told my female friend to Pay and she paid from her money.
Later we where in another place and I saw an Elderly guy and a woman.
I saw two #100 notes dirty and torn on the floor and I picked it and the guy was complaining that was it my own.
I told him that It was for my female friend and saw her coming and I gave it to her.
Later I noticed my female friend was asking for the transport fare she paid earlier and I asked her if she had change and she was trying to pick her money from my bag.

The dream looks disjointed and not properly arraigned as d scene went bcos I couldn't recall all.

I dreamt my cousin DAT just got married
recently visited our house and brought another Muslim Lady and I was now asking him what about the Lady he just married recently.
I noticed he was telling d Muslim Lady to dress and he was now asking if he could go ahead with her.

I dreamt I was eating rice and fish.

I dreamt I entered our church and I saw one of our AGO ministering on the Altar and I was sitted and I was listening to him and I noticed our Father in d Lord was not around and D other AGO.
Later I noticed d AGO was holding d mic and making request DAT something was wrong with his car.
I noticed I was sitted beside a small boy and some women.
The boy was complaining DAT my phone was disturbing and I told him I didn't intentionally play d music DAT I have been trying to put off the music and that he should not shout at me.
Later all of a sudden a voice was speaking from my book/ Sermon jotter that the food I ate in the 3rd dream that he
knows I will vomit it and it remains only him that I will face that was the voice of the Igbo Evangelist I met DAT told me to give me 10% of every contract.
Immediately I had his voice speaking on that book there was a single thick broom on my hand I used it to cut and divide the very thick book into two and I was able to cut that book he was speaking from and Blood/ Sobo was coming out.
I now told/ showed the women beside me that it was this single broom I used to destroy DAT book speaking.They where now feeling and touching the broom.
1.I see your stolen virtue through exchange of money fired back to the sender. You're therefore warned henceforth to be wary and careful of whom you exchange things or money with.

2. He's maritally unstable like the noise and rage of the sea. Be wary of him and his influence over your marital life and life's choice. I am seeing a bad influence here.

3. Spiritual attack , virtue robber. ...

4. ..but here is the source of it ; the so called " evangelist ". ..
But surely, the lord has won the battle ....but totally ,only when you separate yourself from him. Something want to control you life and have control over your income. Flee!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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You didn't reach out to me or seek the lord for confirmation if it was the said " poor man of God " the lord was referring to or not, did you? Truth is, as a prophet , we are not known for saying everything we see or as it is. We speak in parable but you know what? God will always prove is true prophet and their word right.

To be honest with you all, if a prophet, I, I am to say or tell you what I see or what the lord say as it is often? Many of you will leave this forum because the word of God ( in raw) is like sharpened double edge sword that pierce the heart of man.
If your spirit was telling you that something wasn't right with the man shouldnt that have warned you to flee, that he couldn't be the one? Can God lie? Perhaps you've missed the said true man of God in the course of engaging with this one. I am no God , I can speak on his behalf except he sent me to. I am only his mouth piece here and I don't compromise his voice not even for any of you all millions can make me. I choose to remain truthful to him and his children even at the detriment of my own and personal benefit.

Anyway, go and seek the lord for forgiven and flee from the money bag so called man of God now!!!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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