John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help me out
Good day sir,
I dreamt I was in a place and it was like the Former Vice president wife,Atiku wife brought out a Bag and some documents that looked Political and it was her Husband Senatorial Form and immediately I saw it.I told her that what I wanted and liked that I HV no one to help me and She came out and brought out some things and gave it to me,In a basket.
But someone told the people around me that they should Pull it down from me and once they can make it fall it won't be useful.
Later I started running and they started running after me and I saw some traffic police men that where sent to make it fall from me.Waiting for me and I woke up.
Your day of heaven's visitation and divine helper has been established as it's already been handed to you spiritually but you must pray,wage war daily against the enemy of that glorious day.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir,
I dreamt I visited a building & it was like d building was uncompleted and I came into the building.
I saw my female friend and I greeted her.
I noticed a former secondary school friend rushed me inside the building and was all over me & it was like we where looking for where to have sex.
Later I left her alone & didn't yield to her sex demand. I went to meet my female friend that I saw earlier.She drew a diagram for me stating the picture & illustration of the lady.
The secondary school lady came to meet me & was trying to talk to us & change d diagram of what was drawn & trying talk to Us.

2ND dream
I dreamt I the spirit of my female friend visited me that I was good person and different/ Rare,that she hs told me that she hs her own when she start.It was like she does nt want me to go& was trying to draw me back.

3RD Dream
I dreamt I was in a car driven by a lady and it dropped us at d front of the school gate and I entered another bus that took us further but suddenly I remembered I was suppose to drop at d school gate& hs taken me further.I woke up.

4Th dream
I dreamt I was in a gathering with my former secondary skul mates and they where Muslims and where taking about Ramadan and that der where talking of a get together that was coming up that they where inviting me that I should come tomorrow. That I will HV to attend.
This d few details u can remember

5TH Dream
I dreamt I was in a classroom & it was that I was been oppressed and beaten by some people & I was flogged.
We where much and we where opposed.
I noticed I saw my Academic documents & a man was accusing me that I was not meant to be in school and I told them I HD other qualifications that I just wanted to develop my self in this new Field. That was it crime.
They where dropping letters of dismissal & I confronted them that they cannot stop me .
I got Chicken & told them only if they will like to waste like the chicken dey should touch me.
I also saw my mum in DAT scene.
I only noticed they where bent on expelling me in DAT dream,
I couldnt remember d rest this d few I remember.
1. Even though this your female friend has been a task to maintain, sustain then if there is nothing unique or unusual about you and her how come the devil is out to tempt or draw you away from her through the power of lust?

2. She's knows you are a rare type hence may find it difficult to let go. That is, within her you adores you and respect you despise her weaknesses --she knows you are the right one.

3. I see you,by divine catapulted out of self inflicted failure, retrogression.

4. The lord warned : that your life may not be drawn aback, that devil may not find a loophole to attack you, and you may not provoke the lord your God flee from every ungodly gathering, activities and associations.

5. You must stand up for what you believe in, stand up for you right,and refuse to be control, influence if indeed the holy spirit is leading you,your life.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Sir,I don't get d First interpretation well
My former secondary skul female is d Devil?
Son, God speaks in parable : as the person in question doesn't mean, he or she but temptation--designed to retrograde you,your relationship, or to ruin it, maritally and otherwise.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir,I dreamt my land lady said that a particular lady in my environment died after matter marriage. I now said how could she HV married that kind of Guy even though she got pregnant & had a baby for him.She should HV married him.

Does it relate to what happening in my life?
You can tell the 'wrong' from 'right'

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir,
I dreamt I went home and I saw my junior Brother and his hair was very full and thick & very long, looked like Samson and (Dada dat Yoruba say).
And he was using his hands to cut / trem his very long hair.
Later I noticed I saw my self in an event in d surrounding & I saw my self with a bottle of beer and people where making comments that it like I HV started taking beer but I said No & it looked d bottle of beer started reducing I don't knw if I took d beer or not.
My mum was now making comments that was discipline.
Later I took a bike & when I got der d bike man was fighting me that I should pay him & later a man came to intervene that I should give him money.
I paid him and I went to a place where some women where frying/ preparing something & they gave me taste & I woke up.

I dreamt I visted a Mfm youth church HQ and they where not using the place there where using & a pastor WS ministering.
Later I saw another scene I saw PST Kehinde & d Wife (Assistant GO Mfm worldwide) entering the place I was immediately he saw me he came towards my direction and I greeted him & he said we HV to talk (Real life we talk & we HV met but we HD some issues) I followed him & we went into a room/ place to talk & he said immediately he entered the place he HD a voice frm the Lord.
We talked about our personal issue & he was explaining what I did wrong d last time we met on d Money I wanted to give him & Why he wanted me to give his junior pastors/PA d money which I didn't do.I told him I thought he was trying to turn down the money frm me since I was thinking he knew me more than I knew my self & moreover the money in question I borrowed frm a friend that followed me to his office.That after that I tried reaching on to him but to no avail.
Later we resolved our personal issues & I told not be offended DAT I misinterpreted him. he said he wants me to pray some prayer assignment like d one I did d pervious time.
He brought out his phone and I requested for his number & he copied d number for me and asked me to copy it down on my phone and I called him & he saved my number.We exchanged contact. I noticed some agents of darkness came to where we are talking my landlord son & some other girls.

I dreamt I wanted to enter a car but I was chanced & I didn't meet up with d car.
Later I noticed some women DAT entered d car before me left & I watched as d car crashed in an accident.

I dreamt that my Mum called me & she ws crying that her friend Mrs (I cant recall) DAT went to a party was dead.

5TH Dream
I dreamt I was chatting/ communicating with Pastor E Bankole on this platform & we where smiling on this platform with chat emoji.
Later he was talking about me that I was youth & very matured/ seen a lot.
And he was saying some things about me & I responded that he doesn't knw me that he's hving d wrong impression/View.
I responded to one of all what he said That i am very stubborn & I am nt gentle that I am only calming down bcos of what God told me in February that u too stubborn & I am nt patient with people that can't I see a guy in my neighborhood that he doesn't talk DAT he will just be looking.
Later Pst E bankole told me I knew something's but I didn't tell him.
Later he told me to call/ contact him if I need anything when my parents are not there.

I dreamt I was in a place/room & I told my friend and those in the waiting room including Babatunde fashola immediately I saw former president olusegun obasanjo on d screen that I would be attending d former president event on Tuesday that even Governor Ambode hs confirmed he would be there .
BRF now asked if I was sure that ambode was going to attend.
I told him his Aides hs confirmed it.
(Real life there's this event on Tuesday I want to attend DAT includes d following people attending)

I dreamt I was calming down Gov ibikunle amosun not to quarrel / Argue with someone.
Later I saw my self with d president & his security details.
it was like he was taking to a secluded place and foreign people where coming to see him but I was allowed to access the area.
Later there where working in d area some electrical faults and I noticed my landlady daughter wanted to steal d fuse away & they called him back it can't be useful for him.
1. Wage war, pray that your glory shall not bow before that of your brother. This dream is actually manipulation but pray as instructed.

2. Whatever happened between the two of your neither his nor your fault. And surely, the lord shall bring the agenda of the enemies(what inspired the misunderstanding) to naught and peace shall reign again, soon.

3. I see you escaped untimely death by divine mercy.
In essence, the lord said, surely, every disappointment, delay is not denial but appointment for protection and long life : to destroy the works of the enemies over your life.

4. I see death, could be said woman or a very close friend to the family. But obedient or divine instruction may rescue the said person. Can you deliver the message to or for her?

5. Indeed, the lord know you more than you thought you do, know yourself. In essence, the lord said, I knew you from your mother's womb, your weakness, strength and what you can and can not do. Therefore, don't be trouble by these troubles, challenges and situations around you as they are been used to discipline you, conquer your weakness and humble you. O yes! These challenges are most targeted at your weakness in order to reshape and groom you for spiritual and physical maturity and overcome the spirit of anger or stubbornness in you.

6. Your attendance or going is beyond just today and personal obligation as God is preparing, grooming you for tomorrow great political influence or future.

7. No wonder you are being fought and attack spiritually within your household by them as I see your landlord son/family bow and tremble before your star / glory. I see a glorious, honorable and great tomorrow / future people even among great men while that of your landlord trembles and brings shame and disgrace to himself and his loved ones.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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