John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help me out
Thank You sir,
The No (3) interpretation I hope it not about my female friend bcos she told me she read all my text I sent to her mum.Bcos I sent a text requesting her mum to let me ask her to let me knw her mind bcos i was moving on & tired of issues/Quarrell.And she kept quite & sound like a changed person& in d DAT dream the said lady was more open letting me knw d guys disturbing her/der notifications. She's very secretive/ private?
What's her Weakness? bcos I don't understand her person.
You've just confirmed the message, at number three, the emboldened, below :

Quote:Thank You sir,
The No (3) interpretation I hope it not about my female friend bcos she told me she read all my text I sent to her mum.Bcos I sent a text requesting her mum to let me ask her to let me knw her mind bcos i was moving on & tired of issues/QuarrelAnd she kept quite & sound like a changed person& in d DAT dream the said lady was more open letting me knw d guys disturbing her/der notifications. She's very secretive/ private?
What's her Weakness? bcos I don't understand her person.

Someone can not be secretive and at the same time share her secrets with you, you'd agree with me?

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir,
I dreamt that my female friend said I should not start again that her mum had spoken with her that she had apologized to me.

I dreamt my female friend was saying she will go back to her boyfriend/ was going back to her boyfriend.

I Dreamt I was in a place like a open shop and I was sweeping the floor/ surrounding and it started raining.

I dreamt I was in a room and saw a group of marine girls that are my friends in real life and a former church member came & said I should assist her for admission and I said it was my female friend I wanted to assist and I told her I will assist her but her name will come out in d first batch but she will pay me after.
I noticed d group of girls where trying to seduce & trying to play with my private part then I ran away from them & the room.
Later I saw my self it was like I wanted to go back to contact one of d marine girl who ws an old sec skul mate.

I dreamt I was with my parents and my mum said my former male secondary skul classmate said I can't marry my female friend with the way we fight.
I told my my mum how did he knw that we where together/ knw about us.
Later I went into my room and I saw a statue covered with cloth it look like a snake shape.
I called the attention of my parents that it like a snake was covering it self with cloth & bringing out it tongue on my Bed.
My parents came & I gv my mum a stick and she hit d snake with cloth & the snake came out & it was killed.My mum said it was be one of d snakes DAT HV bn inside before.
1. She's enduring you.
Meaning, she's not changed hence her pride is getting the best of her.

2. This confirmed the above message.
Her heart is unstable and far from you now.
Yes! I see her pride increased to another great level.

3. It's called " without holiness ".
That is, holiness that's not hidden.

4. Watch it and always be on alert. As the lord warned, why you go about helping, offering service to females don't be caught unaware when temptation is written all over it.

5/6. Praise God!!!
It's called " destroying the marital failure idolatry ".
Well, all blames shouldn't go to those female friends you had or have now as there is an idol, strong man of your father's house polluting and attacking your marital heaven. But I see it destroyed now!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Sir,The number 4 interpretation.
My female friend is the one I am trying to help.
I HV bn praying an enquiry prayer on her true identity and I dreamt seeing a church member Mfm requesting I help her for admission.
She's also Mfm & the group of ladies I saw her with are marine ladies that I know in real life.
Sir is my female friend part of them bcos this dream is just a proverb?
No she's not. But she's surrounded by them because she associates with worldly friends. But she's not part of them.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir,
I dreamt I was at the front of my house and I saw my neighbor that we don't talk again came to the front of our house.
Later I noticed I entered one of d cars at the front of our house,I think a new car.
I noticed my neighbor left d front of our house.
I noticed the car I started moving backwards and I was trying to press brake it was not going at all.The car was moving backwards and was losing control,I tried controlling it but I couldn't stop it on till.It moved to d major road and it was reversing backward.

I dreamt I was in a bus stop and I saw a mother working in d bus stop.
Later the son of the woman came with money of what he went to sell/ trade for the day to show his mum.
Later another small boy came to harrass the woman son & the son told me he wanted him to sleep with him/ Homosexuality.
I noticed the where fighting & the boy was trying to oppress d woman son.
Later I intervened and I rebuked d guy from oppressing the woman son.
I noticed the boy started running after me and pursing me.
I started running later I ran to a place and I noticed where I hid there was violence that it was like d boy brought his group and started fighting people in that environment/ place.
I noticed I entered another place yo hide & I saw a female cousin.I dropped my laptop bag & my female cousin helped me in carrying it.But I told her we should start going & leave DAT environment but she told me we should not pass that way & direction.
That Police where already scattered over where we want to pass.
But I told her I have my ID cards that they cannot stop me.
I noticed my cousin followed me & we started going but when we looked ahead we saw lot of police men that had stopped people from going forward on that route.We waited a little and a policeman came to meet us that what are we doing here and my cousin said I should nt talk.I brought out my ID cards skul & office/ company ID cards,I noticed my female cousin disappeared.
The police man said I should follow him to there station and I told him I am not a person he can arrest that I want my ID cards back but he said I must settle him with money bcos he knows I am working in a good place/ I HV money.He brought out hand cuff to arrest me but I didn't answer.
I requested he gave me my ID cards but to no avail he said I must settle them.
I was trying to make contacts.
But I didn't go to meet the police men but I was looking fr how to get my ID cards & I didn't see my cousin.
Later I got a text message from my female friend saying ur life.

I dreamt my mum said she had about what happened BTW her children that means she was implying between I and my female friend in d dream above and I said it was my female but she replied my it was my female friend.
Later I noticed my dad gave me his signature written in a paper and said I should not allow my brother to see it.
He gave me so that I could use it withdraw money in banks / sign check.

I dreamt I took picture with ambode on my camera in my place and he showed me and told me he wanted to copy it. Later I noticed he took the camera and my laptop in my laptop bag to copy and said he was in a hurry with his Aides.
But I discovered immediately he left I didn't give him the password to the laptop. I went after him but he HD gone.
I can't remember how I got his number but I called him on phone he didn't pick bcos he didn't save my line but I called back d PA picked and I said I wanted to speak directly to the governor/ drop a message.
But she said I can't.
I noticed my phone changed d wall paper & everything changed to Ambode it was like something different happened & it was showing it picture & unique features.
Later I noticed I told my mum & siblings I HD Ambode's number that.
I noticed my neighbor that we where not talking came to our house and we started talking.
I was now saying it like my female friend was like a daughter to the governor and she was not showing it.
Later I saw money on my bed but in didn't pick it.

I dreamt I saw my female friend walking with a guy to my direction.
Immediately she slighted me coming she turned & changed direction. And turned back!

I dreamt my Old female church member that I called on phone that didn't pick my call, called me back on phone and we started talking via chat & she was using my phone to chat with guys & people on my contact but there was nothing serious it WS a friendly chat.
1. I see a strong enemy in the likeness of the said neighbor attacking your life backward. You shall cry out against that strong man in that household attacking your life from moving forward.

2. Some misunderstanding, fight or issues around you among your neighbors or strangers you come across with are better left and not involved with lest you use your hand to draw trouble,shame and no-peace to yourself.

Be wise!

3. Truly, money can not buy peace, good marriage, happiness nor replace a woman in a man's life. Therefore, always confront your relationship problem without fear nor covering, patching up with fear,manipulations.

4. I see a divine connection that will change your life forever so that people who had rebuked you or detest you for no reason shall come back to something to do with you. They shall come to please you and be your friend by all means and efforts.

5. Your fear you and respect you but that's becauses she's yet to truly repent or change totally for better

6. This is who she is beyond the keyboard. Truly, this one is not stable and focus maritally and otherwise.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir,
I dreamt I was walking in a street and I saw my former church member/ friend that's now a pastor.Telling me that one of my shoes are with him and he was using it.
I told him to leave it that I still had d one I am using presently.

I dreamt I was in a room with my room mate and two girls.
It was like d girl was talking with me but later he went to meet my room mate and Both of them where preparing to have sex they later had sex in the room in my presence & I was looking at them.

I dreamt I was comming back to my new place of resident and I saw my room mate and we where comming back together but when I got there.
When we got home I noticed the room had other occupants and I noticed some girls where living inside our room with there properties fan e.t.c
I started chasing the ladies and the occupant away and I pushed my room mate away & threw him out side that how will he bring people inside and not inform me.
Later,I noticed my land lady children came inside my room and they said it was not good for him to bring people inside with out informing me.
I noticed the door of the room was already destroyed.

My mum dreamt that my female friend came to meet her and was talking to her familiarly and was whispering to my mum she should come and hear what her mum told her/have been telling her.She told her to get pregnant for me and have a child for me.
1. Some things, valuables are not meant to be given out, dispose or let go to another person. Be careful you don't do such lest your glory and grace of the lord upon you is enjoy by the recipient.

2. Pray this doesn't come to pass as I see you come in contact with this which might trigger the spirit of lust in you.

3. Well, this confirmed your number two dream.

What a fornicator, or sinner you share room with.

4. I see a conspiracy to pin you down, by her.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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