John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help me out
Good day sir,
I dreamt I was walking on a walk way and I was moving with some people and I joined a queue of some people trying to join a train but I noticed I HV not gotten a ticket bcos they where inspecting and trying to look where to get my own ticket.

2ND Dream
I dreamt my female friend that blocked on what's app contacted me on that platform again.She unblocked me but I was just sending some message of disinterest.
Later she forwarded a message via text that I was childish and she hates me till I die.(Which is the opposite of what happened today but not d same content)

I dreamt I saw the female friend she came to meet me bcos I said she was not serious and showed me her phone that she was not having some else.

4TH Dream
I dreamt I was calling that same female friend but she didn't answer me and said she liked the company of some other people.

Finally real life,She hs bn raining curses on me & insulting me like as if there is no tomorrow.
I got fed up & seek her audience but she worked out on me.
Later her friends called her attention but she didn't answer & they started spoiling her and saying she was following useless guys.
I got d message that they where just playing the game in between& they re d problem.

Later Last night,She came to where I was sitted for an hour but I didn't talk to her & I kept my distance bcos the insult,Curses and disrespect was just too much.
1. Wage war against delay, self inflicted disappointment.
Actually, and in essence, the lord warned ; always prepare for every journey : business,contract etc.

2. I am seeing a lady who seems to be finding it difficult to let you go.

3. She might be restless and to free but this is her true self that many know not.

4. Your number two dream must be fulfilled,and it's being fulfilled indeed.

But in all these physical and spiritual harassment ? Son, I see a lady who's addicted to you and find seems to let go because her spirit agrees that you are the chosen one.
Mind you, her cursing you is quite the opposite of what she really says or do to you within her. This is common of a woman who's in love even though is unbiblical and ungodly act but the lord has good intention after all..
And yes! The lord is indirectly using you to humble and tame her. But as for these friends of hers? Be wary of them as you already know their plans.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir,
I dreamt I was with a friend and he told me that his girl friend went to spend easter holiday with the parents this June.
I told him it wasn't easter that she just used it as a ploy & Excuse to go and meet another man.
Later we walked passed the street and I saw my female friend sitted beside a man/ Barber in the environment and she was distant.
She didnt greet me and I told my friend that was my girl friend.

2ND Dream
I dreamt that a small boy in my environment came to meet me that I should give him money and I gave him #100 and he went away.
1. O you must stop this sentiment, emotional outpouring troubling your soul. You must stop being judgmental, and using her as a yardstick to judge others. This is ungodly, and besides, she's not who many, You thought she is even though she's often around men.

2. This is the heart the lord desire of you not one with bitterness, anger or judgment or emotional trauma. You must let peace, God reign within you, now!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir,
I dreamt dogs where after me and running after me as I walking and running.In a bush from one puppy to big dogs.
They where running after me & I had to run from bush to Bush till they stopped following..

I dreamt I was with my male friend and female friend and we where having a serious talk.
We confronted my male friend & he said he was just playing with all he said.

I dreamt I saw my male friend & his friends they came to visit me that I was the one dating my current girl friend.

I dreamt I was inside an aeroplane and the plane was carrying me on land.

I dreamt I saw my self naked and it was like I was sexually aroused and I saw my self trying to connect to my female friend on what's app & calling his number & trying to connect to her but it was like not responding.
(I think it opposite dream bcos as I am typing I HV chosen to separate from ungodliness & friends without God.
1. It's a target, a spiritual attack. You ought to fight back, with prayer after the dream.

2. I see manipulators, enemies in form of friends targeted to destroy what's between the two. But I see them exposed and disgraced at last.

3. So much issue, confusion and questioning and different opinions and & about this relationship. I am seeing countless third party between you two hence confusion and uncertain overwhelm you two.

4. When you descend(spiritually) it nothing but descending,physically too. What happened, did you disobeyed God or what? As I am seeing you descending from..what,and why? Time will tell.

5. If this is the opposite of what's or has happened in the reality? Well, anyway, it's not about her just wage war against strange desire and lust.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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1)I fought back immediately I had contact with my mum elder sis daughter.

I don't understand sir why my life is not flying like before.
My way of life is clean.
As regard your number two : I heard, disobedient.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir,
I had a voice speaking to me that you hd sex together this morning that he prays
that we/relationship last & not fight.(Or maybe on of us slept with another, I can't really point out but I heard sex) Pls Sir do justice to that.(I told her I will be away for now DAT I was going to PH city but I was going to my parents place I want to keep distance now until I knw her person.I HV someone monitoring her in the environment.
But we have been intimate in communication and we have settled all differences & issues.
Our communication hs improved for d first time tru out Yesterday.Does the sex means Intimate? You knw sir we still observing her person.
Or is it just another Manipulation?

I dreamt that helicopters /Plane was overing over my parents environment in the midnight and I saw my neighbour come out and started saying bcos they heard that Obasanjo was around/ In the environment that was why the plane was moving about,She was shouting with some people.
She came to our house to call the attention of my parents.
Sir remember u told me not to step into my parent environment,It like they are aware I am around this is just my first night. Should I just face them!

I dreamt I was outside in the midnight and had no where to sleep and I stood beside the wall on the road Hopeless.
I noticed a lady came from a house/building and gave me shelter and called me into her house/ Apartment and people where looking as I came in.
I noticed later she was trying to have sex with me after she invited me in & gave me shelter.

4TH dream
My female friend requested If I could spare her one of my phones In real life.
I now dreamt that my mum said that was how she does to my dad too to see if he will part with things when he hs two.It was like a test from her.I gave her d phone in real life.

I dreamt I was sleeping beside my male former school mate that we dont talk again on the same bed in his room.
Later By the time it was in the morning, He woke up from beside me and told me part of his morning hs bn stolen where he kept it & I told him I was not d one bcos he searched me & didn't find his money.
He left the room and went his way and by the time I called him on phone he told me he was already walking with another male former school friend that they will be working together.
I was preparing to leave his room & I was dusting & parking my bags.
Later my mum came into d room & told me she dreamt they stole the guy money.
Son, these narration of yours contains many errors,typo. O yes! It's understandable as that happens often even to me, and it's often the phone keyboard but to avoid wrong interpretation? Endeavor to read what you type before you click " submit " button. You know? In my own case I don't get to have time to reread before many loads are often on my neck but that being said I edit and correct when need be.

Now, your dream :

1. Olorikori ni sätaní " meaning, the devil is usurious,manipulative.
Don't mind it, cancel the devil it's just manipulation.

2. This doesn't add up at all, and I believe you are being troubled unnecessarily. Infact, the dream is meaningless and it's nothing to do with whatever you thought ; your imagination.

3. Don't embark on a journey without plans or assurance of where to stay. Infact, be wary of night crawling lest you find yourself under condition of " no-sex-no-where-to-sleep with a woman. Ofcourse,you understanding what I mean?

4. She might seem unwise to many or as one that lack sense but it's not true. She knows what she's doing, and she's just tried you but you didn't failed her.

5. That one you called you room mate or friend or how do you even refer Him? He's not your friend. Infact he's an enemy in form of friend you'd better be careful of him. Well,i even see you two apart soon. O yes, you know him already he's the one not your former..

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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