John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help me out
Good day sir,
I dreamt I saw my Mum Elder sister preaching and talking about Jesus.
I could picture she was talking about destiny.
When I saw I began to Laugh that this Evil person is pretending like a good person.
I noticed one of my female cousin was supporting her & showing her solidarity.
Later I saw my mum she was talking to another Female cousin that a Male cousin DAT was a prophet was asking about her but she didn't ignored my mum and went to meet my Mum elder sister to identity & show support to her.
Later I noticed I was walking with d Governor of Anambra state and we entered a Hall together and it was like o was part of his Aide and was clearing way for him to seat hs he entered the Hall.

2ND Dream
My mum dreamt that she saw her Elder sister Mentioning my name that I should come and rescue her from this infirmity and was using clothes to cover her body and Face.It was like she was sick.

3RD Dream
I dreamt my Dad & his friends where shouting at me because I said I was going somewhere later they started pursuing me & running after me.
I had to pretend and act like a statue so that they won't see me but they saw me and started beating/ fighting me.

4TH Dream
I dreamt I was dreamt I was beside a female friend and we where not talking by the road side.
Later I noticed she crossed the road to the other side & I was watching her going and I said look at the way she's dressed & I was saying to my self look at d person I wanted to marry dressed DAT way and she went her way.

5TH Dream
I dreamt I heard that my former pastor and his family where recruiting some people and wanted to employ them.
I saw my self in my church street and I was looking at my church & former pastor car from a distance.
Later i saw a friend/ former church member we talked.
I later saw my self on a bike and a Girl joined me on the girl was former Gentle and Cool.
But I noticed Another male friend from my former church told me that the girl was his girlfriend before that she hs changed as started sending her nude pictures & so on to guys e.t.c that she's nw wayward & was doing it bcos of money.

6TH dream
I dreamt I was with a group of my former class mates and it was like we where talking.
Later I saw my self with Distinguished Senator Yayi & Governorship aspirant APC for Ogun state.We where seated on the same table in an eatery/Restaurant.
Later a girl approached me & was questioned me who am to seat with d senator/ beside him but I told her I was
also a senator but I noticed Senator Yayi's Wallet was filled with new notes of money.I was now saying in my mind DAT d difference BTW d both of us for now.

7TH Dream
I dreamt I was in a church with a female cousin & we where kneeling beside each other.
Later I saw frm a distance my mum elder sis daughter that we dont talk again.I called attention of the cousin DAT she should look at her in d church.
I noticed my mum elder sis daughter came to meet me where I was & I was saying in my mind I never thought she could come & meet me.
She held my hands & we shook each other and we all went home together.
1. No matter how hard your household enemy try to trick you or manipulate you in order to prevail over your destiny? It can never stop your destiny.

2. This is the fate of your household enemy that refuse to let you be or repent.

3. Household enemies shall use people close to you against you, to oppress and frustrate but surely you will overcome them with wisdom and holy spirit guidance.

4. What you see it what you get, maritally. Therefore? Choose wisely.

5. Nothing good can come out of any direct or indirect association with your former church, her people.

6. Indeed, you've been annointed to rule and be a great influential person just like yayi but the different between you two for now is that you are not yet there, financially.

7. Indeed, if a man's way pleases the lord he causes his enemies to be a blessing to him.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole
Good day sir
I dreamt I was in my parents environment and I saw people in that environment it was like it was a crusade/ gathering.
Later I noticed I went to one side of a building to Put on/ change my clothing.I put on a boxer and I noticed my mum was calling me to read but I didn't answer her.
Later I jumped into our fence & I saw a snake comming out side a block immediately I saw it I gathered stones around and I was preparing to stone the snake if it attacked me and I woke up.

2ND Dream
I dreamt I was in the new environment I am staying presently and i noticed i packed lots of cloth in my room and my neighbor children poured black substance to stain my Pink shirt because they thought it was there own.
I saw samples of cloth that look like DAT my pink shirt that belong to them but it wasn't there's bcos my was a long Steeve and there Dad was trying to intervene.
Later I noticed I was telling d female children where would I get a place that I could recharge my Prepaid meter because d credit on it would soon finish bcos at my previous residence that wat I use and they replied they don't know.

3RD dream
I dreamt my father in the Lord Dr Olukoya said I didn't honour/ count the admission I was given last year.I went back to him how he was going to help/ assist me to get it back but he said he can not doing anything.

4TH dream
The only thing I could remember although it WS a long dream.
I dreamt I used my hand to remove one of my tooth and when I removed it I noticed it was dirty inside.

5TH dream
I dreamt my female Cousin visted our house and she was asking my Mum why was I behaving like this.
My mum responded that it was because of the things I went thorough and hs shaped me that was why I was behaving like that & bcos of storms of life/ difficulties made me change.
I noticed my mum was telling my secrets/ progress to my cousin.
Later when my cousin heard she went back and my mum was trying to call her back but didnt answer her again.
I confronted my mum why she had to reveal my progress her family in the presence of my siblings & Dad.I told my mum I will never tell her/ she will never know my progress again that if I tell her I should Die.My Dad was now saying she was fond of talking about our progress to her family & DAT if it was another person she will be complaining.

6TH Dream

I dreamt I was asked to be selling recharge cards.

7th Dream
I dreamt a Current political minister died because he took a break in business.
1. What's your fear about your parents, their environment? Shake it off and be not afraid no more the lord's weapon is within your reach when the enemies and powers therein come attacking.

◄ 2 Timothy 1:7 ►
For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

2. You will be tried, anger in your present environment but don't give in. Conquer it with the spirit of love and wisdom, righteousness. For, it won't even be a deliberate one.

3. You left some unfinished, unattended to, and surely it's been troubling your heaven for some time now, if not year(s). But cheer up its been forgiven and let go now.

4. It's called " hiding filth ".
There is been a decayed troubling your heaven for some time now, if not year but secretly..the devil had used it to inflict and attack you. But to the glory of God I see that filth exposed and removed now. Hmm.. this revelation might have connection with number three ( 3).

5. You'd recalled what I said about being boisterous, spiritually some week back? Yes, it's indeed shaped you both for good, ugly and bad but you can choose the shake you want it to bring forth or the fruit in you : of love, wisdom, or anger, selfcentered-ness or self righteousness? You choose.

In essence, the lord warned that your secret are not safe with your mother (for now), and indeed, the cousin is an agent for her mother.

Be wary of them all.

6. This is manipulations. But surely, I am seeing a "business man" in you.

7. Many of those politician life depends on money -- they can do without nor survive without money and/or the things of this world. But surely, this prophesy might come to pass : death of a politician " death cause by unquenchable love for money.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole
Good day sir,
I dreamt I was in a building I saw a woman and I prostrated to greet her.
Later I noticed I saw people there to install Access control system in there office later I told her I could also achieve it and I was telling her my other services. She showed interest in me and was taking me about and was introducing me to people/ new people about my business & services.
Later I noticed after she hs introduced me to people and I noticed her occupation was that she exchanges cloth of People/ individual clothes buy buying them.That the Yoruba call "Pasiparo"

2ND Dream
I dreamt I called my mum Elder bro and d wife to wish them a Happy Birthday but I noticed they where saying nonsense things but I replied I was d one who gave them the privilege because I was calling dem & I cut d call.

I dreamt I was in my parents house and I was with dem outside I noticed scorpions where on the floor outside.All of a sudden d scorpion came under my cloth and I was trying to pull it out.
I noticed d scorpion HD beaten a little puppy.
1. The lord will connect you but humility is the key to unlock your career destiny helper. Also, you must never look down on this one especially this destiny helper or anyone that you come across--he or she may appear poor or even poor though.

2. Can anything good come out between you and this ones,relationship? I am seeing ,no! here.

3. There is a power, enemies that operates within and round about your parents household.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole