John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help me out
Good day Man of God
I dreamt I visted my former church early on a sunday morning and I entered I saw some former church members sitted and I went to my former group technical I noticed d place was very dirty and I noticed my former pastor came to meet me there he was not happy seeing me and I greeted him he didn't answer.I noticed as I was going back out of d church some former members where very excited to see me & asked why was I leaving d church so early I told them the pastor does not want me or like me.Later I saw my self beside d express road trying to board a bus but I noticed I sighted a woman roasting corn and I gave her #50 & bought corn from her,some corn where not having good seeds on them and I had to return it so that she could give me Good & better roasted corn I ate them & gave part of it to my siblings & those beside me to eat.
The dirts,means : sins or spiritual pollution.
Yes, and that's what your former church represent now. For sin/dirts has found it way into that church. While your former pastor attitude also means : sin, evil or anger.

Therefore, if you know what is good for you? Don't even consider visiting that church or even step your foot there lest you invite spiritual/physical affliction and spiritual battles into your life.

In essence, you shall wage war against, spiritual demotion, retrogression, weariness and witchcraft attack".

Do this asap lest you begin to experience weariness in your walk with God, spiritual life, prayers among others. You must vomit(with prayer) the corn lest prepare for close heaven and spiritual retrogression/demotion.
Psalm 119,23,27, 8.

Bless u
Good day man of God
I dreamt I was sitted outside a surrounding with my mum and I looked up I saw a new company just built and I told my mum I was comming.
Later I visted the Company & I saw a man he approached me at the entrance and I asked him for the chief operating officer / CEO of the company and he Pointed to a lady.
I sat at the front of the lady at her table,I told her I owned my company RIO SYSTEMS that we are into Access control,CCTV and environmental monitoring system dat I wanted work for them on Access control & CCTV that I could help them to put such technology in the company.Later D woman was deliberating on the terms of the contract & technical issues with me and I was trying to convince her to give me contract.
I see a door of breakthrough,opportunity,blessing but it's only the lord who would determine the end result : "failure or success " ? but says who that the power of fasting/prayer can't turn everything in your favour?

Bless u
Good day man of God,
I dreamt I was walking on a street & was carrying a nylon bag filled up with pof pof and was eating frm the pof pof too later I saw a group of small/ little children following me in the back and I gave them part & shared it with them but it was like that wasn't what dey wanted and it was as if the had there own Pof Pof in there hands.Later I noticed d little children approached me for help / money I asked dem what they wanted to do with It.They said they wanted to take bike,I offered to pay d bike man but they where reluctant & insisted it was my money they wanted.Which I told them I could only help them.
◄ Luke 6:38 ►
Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

The lord warned strongly : do not be a bitter unto my kingdom, do not give/sow but sacrificially. Be a sacrificial sower/giver lest you sow in vain. Learn to be sacrificial and let go for God.

It's better not to sow without being sacrificial or when your seed/soul isn't right with God.

Stop! Stop and stop being economical with God : your tithe and/or in giving.

Bless u
Good day Man of God
I dreamt I was in a church I saw my EX sharing testimony with her Dad on the altar who was is a pastor.
She said she thanked God for her life & that she has seen a lot in life and Gone through a lot and she was shedding tears on the altar & crying & sobbing.Later I saw the mum and father saying they thought she was ready for marriage but they where preparing just preparing her for marriage at d front of d congregation.I saw her doing house chores with her mum and her mum was putting her through.I also saw my junior brother congratulating her.
This reminds of this song :

"Amazing Grace"

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;
Was blind, but now I see."

Truly, she's now a new person, matured and has turned a new leaf,and emotional,mentally,psychologically,spiritually, physically..become a new person and ready for marriage.

Bless you.
Good day sir I dreamt that I and a female colleague travelled outside our location for a job.
Later As I was busy working on d project I noticed a man came close to me and Greeted him sir and he said He didn't knw I was a student.
Later I noticed as I was working but d shoe I was putting ON was already bad & torn later I noticed d female colleague was like monitoring me while we where working and was making calls.
It was like we where both given task to achieve outside our location.
I see an evil force trying to enslaved you at your work place and degrade,set your life backward.

You shall wage war :

Confession : Psalm 102, 94,119 and 80.

1. Every force drawing my destiny backward , scatter in Jesus name
2. Every power of darkness manipulating my progress be arrested by fire in Jesus name.
3. Every visible and invisible chain of darkness holding my life down be broken in Jesus name.
4. I paralyze every activity of darkness against my life through my dreams in Jesus name
5. O Lord arise, set me free by fire from every negative attachment from my foundation in Jesus name
6. Every strange covenant from my foundation, speaking against me ,
be broken in Jesus name
7.Anything I might have consciously or unconsciously done in my childhood days, speaking against my destiny in this season, O Lord let mercy prevail over them in Jesus name.
8. Father, separate me by your mighty power from every past confessions that might be rising against me now in Jesus name.
9. Every little- little foxes disturbing my vine from bringing forth
productively, be uprooted in Jesus name.
10. Every satanic authority injecting backwardness into my life and family, be arrested and condemned in Jesus name.
11. Arrow of poverty,demotion,struggle,shame,disappointment and slavery fire into my life,career I shake u off out & go back to your sender.

Set your alarm to 2am. Two nights.

Bless u