John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help me out
Good day Man of God
I dreamt I was walking with a female colleague on the road and all of a sudden my one leg of slippers cut and I was not been able to walk properly.As we where going I noticed I saw shoemakers by d road side and I beckoned on them to pls sew my slippers for me which they did.Later I noticed a small boy came to where I was sewing my slippers and asked for money or help in other to board transport or feed him self(I cant really remember).I placed my hands inside my pockets and brought out different domination of notes & I wanted to give d boy #5 note,I told him I will need d # 5 note & I brought out #20 note frm my wallet and as I was about giving him d #20 I said I plead d blood of jesus upon this money then I gave him.
I noticed a car was backed beside us with little children in it,I cant remember if I joined d car.
2ND dream
I dreamt like they carried a corpse of our office/ company and I was like telling people in d neighborhood that it was a female colleague that stayed in d neighborhood that just died and I was shedding tears and weeping when I look at a distance & I noticed she was been buried.
I later went into d office and I noticed a female called me on phone & was speaking to me and she was like I didn't recognize her voice.
All of sudden I noticed d female colleague that died was d one calling me bcos she came to meet me in d office& she said Her food was poisoned that I should just wait & see what will happen next.
Later I saw a male colleague of my,He walked into d office & I asked him why did you poison her food that it as not gotten to that extent & dat was wickedness but he kept mute & couldnt talk.
I have been dreaming of my cloth been stolen,missing & me given it out.
Wealthy,Welcome to DreamsTochlight Ministries

1. I see the power of giving, seed or sowing unto God and/or the poor come to your rescue against arrow of stagnancy.

I bless the name of God for your life, for using the power of seed to disgrace the arrow of stagnancy/retrogression over your life/finances.


2. What a world!
What a cruel and wicked world we dwell in.
I see evil attack,manipulation and arrow of death flying round about your work place, even you? Are not save.

Yes! I see arrow of death, I see death but it's the handiwork of the wicked within the company.
Where is there so much evil and wicked one in that company, because of what?
Expect death in that company soon but the evil doer shall be judge in no time.
But who knows the suppose victim might be spare if God open her eyes?

What a world!

3. Yes, you are not left out.
I see your garment of God taken away,and I see arrow of shame, disgrace,demotion, madness too?

You need to fight before its too late.

Visit threads : " spiritual clinic" for " video on " power of mid night prayers". And "prayer points " thread for " prayer points on " power of midnight prayers ".

Let's take it from there and see your victory/spiritual progress before I decide where to come me, if needed!

Bless u

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I dreamt a female friend/ colleague tapped me / was like wanted to take hold of my hands.
Later I saw my self at d reception,I saw different slippers of different legs & types.I put on 2 different legs of slippers and stepped outside our office.
Later I wanted to vist my friend works in the next company who are neighbors to our company but on getting to there company at d reception I met some people sitted who made comments on the slippers I was putting on & said I was putting on d wrong slippers.
later I went to that my friend office & I didn't meet him on sit and I noticed they was like a children party going on in his office then I went out.
later as I was going out I noticed I saw two legs of my shoes on d floor and I picked it frm there office and I left there office.
The lord warned strongly, if you don't want the kingdom of darkness, devil to rob you of your prosperity, job and inflict you with stagnancy and all round set back both at work and otherwise? Flee from temptation at your work place and otherwise.

Flee, flee and flee lest you lose focus and shame overwhelm your life both at work/career and otherwise.

Bless u
Good Day Man of God,
I dreamt that I was with a colleague/ friend on our way going we visted a shop where shoes was been sold later I observed my colleague booked for shoes & has we where going I discovered d slippers I was putting on cut & I went back to the lady selling shoes I requested for one & I got a Black shoe.Which I told her I will pay for later.I took the complete pair of black shoe and took it home & I added d new black shoes to the collection of shoes I'm having at home.
The lord shall take away your financial,prosperity,path et al reproach and do something new-- make a path of blessing,new opportunity/prosperity.

I see something new,unexpected breakthrough.

Bless u
Good Day Man of God
I dreamt that I was like in a public Hall/ canteen or Fast food Hall and I saw my self in boxer short and I saw my self playing with a small puppy & people where complaining why I brought puppy to the place.
Later I saw my immediate family my mum and my other siblings they went to bathroom to bath and I had to leave d Hall with only boxer On and people where looking at me and As I was going I saw my family comming out of the bathroom & I followed them and I went inside the bathroom but I noticed as I entered I noticed there was soap on the floor and one of my siblings came and told me it was the soap they used that I should use IT to wash my self.
I dreamt my my supervisor was giving me instructions on a job specification and how to go about a job & I noticed I was carrying ladder and I also noticed a female colleague was beside us tying & Adjusting her wrapper well.
Later it was as if we where traveling to akure,I saw I and another male colleague standing on a queue.
1. I see self inflicted spiritual/physical demotion and shame.

Prayer points :
• Anything in my life playing with spiritual wolfs and causing self infliction and spiritual loophole in my spiritual and physical life holy ghost arise --expose and destroy them by fire.

• Every manipulation and self inflicted spiritual/physical demotion, shame come out,catch fire & dieiiii
Psalm 121:1-2,42,51 and 24.

Bless u
Good Day Man of God
I dreamt I visted my cousin in the USA and it was like I was giving series of Cloth and they where all new and Much.
Later I asked d that my cousin that gave me d cloth & he said it was a free size and later I noticed as I was about taking d cloth noticed on of my cousin came to stop me from taking d cloth away but I noticed I was able to paralyse and over power him.I. cant remember if I was able to take d cloth away
I see overseas blessing, benefit and favour but the power that be within and contenders,enemies within shall strive to hijack it from you. But woefully shall they fail for the lord will arise for you and paralysed them.

Congrats in advance.

Bless u
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