John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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No wonder the bible say ;
◄ Psalm 25:14 ►
The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.

Yes, the lord has just revealed to you what's hiding and the mystery behind that building ; There are demons and evil altar that lives and dwells on that building, land.

That land and whatever is build on it is cursed.

There is need for spiritual intervention : deliverance on that land (building) lest it remain like that forever.

In essence, it's called " wrestling with the demons of that land ". But you have nothing to worry about as the encounter was aimed at revealing how many and powerful these demons therein are. But they are nothing before jesus anyway.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you very much sir. More anointing upon you in Jesus name
Good morning sir

1. The electricity was fluctuating and we decided to turn off the power supply in our house to protect our appliances but our neighbour did not do the same. They still left their light on. my father warned them of the imminent danger.

2. I live in a close, I was in that same close in the dream when I saw a lady. I walked closer and noticed she was having sex with a man but when I looked at the man, he was like a corpse. His body had been ravaged with small pox and chicken pox. He looked dried up because the shape of the bones were visible. There were circular bandages on his eyes, shielding them.

3. I raised an alarm and alerted her saying, 'look at the man you are sleeping with.' she looked and almost died of shock. I helped her to carry the body to a hospital but I started worrying that I may get infected with whatever the man had.

4. on my way somewhere a man wanted to shake me, that was a way to transfer the sickness and threatened to kill him if he touched me. He left me. I found out through social media that he had released a video on how to get the disease and he had infected certain others.

These dreams below are my sister's dreams

5. my sister had a dream that she almost fell inside gutter , she didn't fall but an antennae saved her. The antennae slid her into the right path. A man told her to thank Jesus for saving her which she did.

6. She got to her destination and sat, a two year old baby boy came to her and wanted to play with her phone but she declined. so she showed the baby some pictures but he was not satisfied, he still wanted the phone but my sister apologised and said no.

7. There were 3 guys inside where my sister was and she bought a blade but the blade was without pack and rusted. The sales girl just sharpened it to make it look sharp. my sister objected but she ended up paying a hundred naira for the blade. The sales girl wanted to complain about the money. My sister vowed to give her the blade back if she complained about the money.

8. The sales girl tore the money a little and my sister regretted buying the blade for a hundred naira. My sister prayed that God would pay the sales girl back in her own coin. The blade broke as my sister used it to sharpen her pencil.

9. Water started flowing from my sister's mouth and at some point it was low but it increased. my sister tried to use all the materials present to stop the water but all efforts were futile. This was the second time it happened and my sister could not pray because the water was overwhelming. The water later stopped. my sister was almost almost in almost in tears and she told our father that she will have to do medical check up.

Thank you sir.
1. The lord said, your neighbor are physically and spiritually unwise.

2/3 : Many are blind in our world of today. Indeed, the children of today sleeps,fornicates around,about with demons, agents of darkness and animals but they see not because they are spiritually blind.

This is a great and strong message for the youth of today who sleeps around and have seen sex as a way of life but unknown to them that the devil and it agents occupied the world in human form to hijack many destinies and glories of today's youth through sexual intercourse or fornication. Well,i can only thank God for you life, truly, your spiritual eyes is widely open.

4. This confirmed your number two/three dreams as your spiritual consciousness, alertness is widely open and conscious hence you trust none but God alone, and always on alert spiritually/physically.

I celebrate with you for such rare grace and gift.

5. You have no idea how,when this actually happened (perhaps you do). But listen, the lord said, I have just rescued you from one of these " ember months' destructions,and it's all thanks to the lord jesus. You must appreciate the lord for this and acknowledge his mercy, lordship and love upon your life.

6. I see the devil manifest inform of Christ, angel to rob you..and of your heaven but being a very conscious,alert person and one who trust none shall/has saved you.

Yes, they devil failed.

7/8/9 • Trust none.
• Don't curse with your mouth no matter how provoked or cheated you feel.
• Learn to control your anger, especially inside.
• Cultivate the habit of letting go, forgiveness, leave your battle to God.
• Keep no malice, anger inside for too long, and lastly..
• Leave vengeance to God.

All of the above you must lest you use your hand to destroy yourself and your heaven.

Also, whenever you feel cheated don't curse but handle it over God and let it go because you possess a powerful tongue capable of causing spiritual mayhem to yourself(the offended) and the offender.

Be wise, and lastly, pray for forgiveness, wisdom, spirit of forgiveness, patient, meekness, dominion over anger.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you very much sir. May God continue to use you. In Jesus name
Good morning sir.
Compliments of the season
May God bless you for your efforts in Jesus name.

I was a big writer in my dream working in the film industry. I worked with the likes of Funke akindele and her husband. There was a time people wanted to see me by all means but I was allowed to see only VIPS. I saw my old school mates and saw the look of I wish I were in her shoes. I had a pen and that was my instrument of writing great scripts for movies. There was an audition so the place was crowded. One of my colleagues in reality was auditioning for a role so I went to greet him and suddenly the crowd rushed to leave because the audition was over. That was how I lost my shoe/pen. I started looking for it and I blamed myself for removing my shoes. I stayed back and I informed Funke Akindele so she gave me brand new shoes and I begged her to help me report the case to her pastors and she asked me what I punishment I wanted upon the person responsible. 'death' I replied. There was a pregnant woman who was a huge fan. She liked my work and her husband hated me. I went to his house because I knew he was responsible for the theft of my biros. I told him he would die but he did not flinch. I begged and begged it was dark already. I asked if his wife was expecting a daughter. He said no, he went to call girls prostitutes. 'it shall be a son.' I figured out that the man hated me because of my gender. He did not still give me the biros. A school boy passing gave me another biro and I prayed for him. 'may the Lord remember you for this great deed. May you never lack.' I said.

Thanks in advance
God bless you sir.
NB: You create and leave room for confusion and misinterpretation of your dream when your split one dream into many.Take note and make amend

Your dream :

I see a glorious future, especially in the firm industry but the issue of gender might arise as you grow and soar higher even better than those before you in that industry. But cheer up, the lord said, you will prevail,and even though many shall be your enemies that want you break and fail because of your conspicuous glory but you will conquer them all, eventually.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you very much sir. Note taken sir. More anointing sir.
Good morning sir,

This was not really a dream because I was fully aware. As I prayed, I saw a vision. It was a red midget-boy who looked like a cartoon character. Afterward I saw a man dressed in leaves around his loins. It seemed like ancient times in Africa. His hair was long and rough like dreadlocks. He was lying on his back on top of a mat. He looked like an ancient warrior, he sat up. Sir, I have been trying to think about what this could mean but I am at a loss. Please help sir. Thanks in advance
Indeed, it was a vision.

Surely, the time draw near when all nations shall return back to primitive days, world : this is a call to (true) resurrection and salvation.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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