John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Good morning sir,

1. I had a fight with my father because i was tired of his ill treatment and threatened to leave. He said something very nasty so I shove him roughly. my sister tried to yank me away from him but I would not let go. There were 3 beautiful horses by my window side. Two were black and one was white. The white one sat at the middle while one of the black horses at the left hand side was angry, it refused to stay still. The white one and the other black one tried to calm him down. (the white was female, the black ones were male)

2. I was given and ID card, I had waited long for it but it did not contain my first name, instead it contained Ruth but it did get my second name right. The card had my picture so I knew it had to be mine. I took it and went home.

3. I was in a class and did not like what I was wearing, after the class, the supervisor marked our notes and I quickly dashed off and on my way out I got into a fight with with a boy and I beat him silly. He threatened me but I was unmoved. He wanted to follow me home but I dodged.

4. (this is my mom's dream) In reality the house that we are living in is close to an uncompleted building and the fence demarcating the two houses is low. They recently commenced work in that building. My mom dreamt that chicks were in the compound and as we tried to lure them away they multiplied and the workers from the other compound jumped the fence and demanded for my mom's children.

Thank you in advance sir.
1. You represent the white house while the other sides of you ' two blacks" represent either the evil sides of you or the devil. That is, you have two evil/black sides,and one is about to be provoke or give in to the spirit of anger.
This is a parable as the lord warned that the spirit of anger is about to get hold of you against your father maltreating behavior.

2. The lord said, ' there will be a mixed up in one or the card you register for. But it's manageable. But this can be fixed if it's yet to happen, and in that case you should always endeavor to fill your information correctly when you want to fill a form for such..

3. Dress how you want to be address.

4. I see your house/household and family invaded by thief or kidnapper through the laborers of that building. But they will set a trap and try to penetrate through the trick before they finally strike. She should pray against this and henceforth be security conscious and vigilant these days lest she's caught unaware.

Bless u
Thank you very much sir. More anointing sir. I will watch and pray against anger.
Good morning sir,

1. one of my tooth removed on its own and I found out that on that same spot were two or three others growing but still very little. I held the removed tooth, I did not dispose it and it did not look decayed. Please am I in trouble? If I am sir kindly assist with prayer points.

2. An old class mate of mine told me that she hated me when we were still in school and I told her that I was not very mature back in school and that I finished school at a young age which is true in reality. I found she hated me too cos of my beauty, brilliance and the attention I got from guys. (In reality back in school she did not like me much because of my long hair. She always wanted to be better than everyone else, she wanted to be the Queen.) Does this hatred have any effect on my life now? I had a dream last week where I was told an old classmate did something to me diabolically. Are these dreams intertwined?

Thanks in advance sir.
1. Restoration of a broken heaven.
Indeed, the enemies invaded your heaven and rendered it, you powerless spiritually hence you were inflicted,and in darkness for some time. But I see power of restoration now as I see the hand of God restoring your heaven and grace.


2. It does indeed!
But be still, as I see confrontation between you and the said girl spiritually. But I am yet to see the end nor the beginning of this encounter. Hence, I will be following your thread, dream to identify where to come in and where need be to fight - if indeed the battle hasn't yet been settled/won.

But you'd be permitted, to seek the face of the lord what's this about and if there is anything unsettled,that need to be done.

Ps 19,51,42, and Joel 2:28.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you very much sir. God bless you sir in Jesus name...
Good morning sir,

1. I was in an alumni gathering at the secondary school I attended. My hair was unusually long that the hair band I used to pack it cut. I started looking for another way to pack it. A family had been wiped out by house hold enemies and I found out that it was an ex classmate's family. In reality that lady was my coursemate back at the University and I was sad to find out about her death and her twin brother's death.

2. A light skinned guy, not overly handsome but overly charismatic noticed my countenance and decided to cheer me up. He started singing and he sang about us getting married. It was weird so I walked briskly to the rest room and close the door so that he would not see me.

3. His pitch was so high, he sang till and white NYPD car pulled over. They came because of the guy's voice and they had to evacuate us because the voice was disturbing the school. It became rush hour and everyone left. I had to go back to do something, my university friends left me.

4. I found out about an alternate exit that was not crowded so I began to walk. As I walked I noticed three guys, they were following me. The guys were alumnus too but I knew they hated me. Their leader was light and very handsome. They were talking bad about I and another lady. They wanted to intimidate me. I got so angry and I confronted them. 'do you think you are better than us because we are females?' the guy froze. I continued. 'I know you and your friends got the best result in your time but this lady and I got the overall best result and we did whilst being females.' THE guy and his friends became embarrassed and unknown to me people were watching and they cheered me.

Thanks in advance sir.
All your dream fall into one message except number one:

1. I see household enemies, affliction,affliction and strong hold of retrogression dismantled,wiped off and destroyed over your life in all ramifications.


2. Married or not, I see a young madly fall in love with you such that will attract attention and envy/jealousies hence contenders shall rise to embarrass or disgrace you as a result of envy and jealousy but the lord shall disgrace and embarrass them instead. Yes, they will be humbled and subdued.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Amen... Praise the Lord.... Thank you sir.... More anointing sir....
Good morning sir

1. We were attending a programme and we discussed how Indian celebrities should not profess Christianity in their marriages. "People's radar will be on your and they will do everything possible to make that marriage falter so as to prove a point." I said.

2. I left the venue because I saw one of the organisers going somewhere. I followed and I found a compound with uncompleted buildings and I looked inside one and I saw big werewolf, black and capable of flying. It flew out and I quickly ran for cover but on getting to the second building I saw two werewolves asleep. One had cream colour and the other white. those were his parents. The black werewolf looked at the building and walked in. I had to jump out through the other way and I started running. The cream werewolf got injured and the black werewolf stopped to help his father but I was still in the compound I was running, trying to leave.

3. I was in the kitchen cooking. I walked outside and saw a gorilla that had a slight resemblance with a man. It was as if as man had shape shifted into a gorilla. He was as jumping from the first compound (uncompleted building) that sandwiched our house to the other compound that sandwiched our house at the left. I confronted him and told him to stop. He stopped what he was doing and we got into a fight. He was choking me, we were in the kitchen and I said "oh Lord that they may believe that I serve you do something. she that you are powerful in my life." in my mind's eye I saw a second gorilla is an the first house the gorilla was jumping from. (the first house is an uncompleted building.

N/B: sir the house that the gorilla was jumping from is uncompleted and the owner keeps trying to build it but all to no avail. Each time he starts building cats start disturbing the place at midnight and the spiritual tension becomes high.

Thank you in advance sir