John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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◄ Matthew 6:12 ►
..and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us.

Child of God, if you want your glory to shine,prosper and experience the power of inner peace, grace and joy,happiness? It's time to learn the act of forgiveness, love..forgive your father, love him, build a good relationship, and/or forgive whoever had offended you.

Yes, it's time to embrace love, peace and act of forgiveness so that your joy, glory,joy,happiness and peace may be full. So that you can prosper and experience the power of love and heaven.

Bless you.
Thank you sir but what do I do when I forgive and he keeps hurting me? I love my father but all he does is hurt me. I have tried countless times to build a good relationship with him but he puts up a brick wall each time. My childhood was a mess sir, he made my life a living hell. I do not hate him but I long for the day I will get away from him and not see him regularly. God bless you for the interpretation sir, more anointing in Jesus name
You need some counseling. Monday is often busy and hectic for me in that case I await your call on Tuesday,2pm.

But for now, pray God to heal your heart and give you the spirit of forgiveness and love. You need these now more than ever as I can see you'd had a very experience in the past(which the lord won't permit me to talk about here).

Also, I want you henceforth read our " dailymanna" thread on the forum.

Bless u
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Okay sir, thank you very much sir. I will do as you have said. May God empower you the more to help many souls in Jesus name.
Good morning sir,

1. I went to visit a friend (a guy) whose mom just passed away (his mom just died in reality too) everywhere was sad. I saw some of my possessions I had been looking for so I started packing them because I wanted to take them along with me. I told him i would be back, i left in a white aeroplane to return my possessions. I came back, my younger brother and sister were also there. He offered to cook for us thinking I was incapable of cooking. I laughed it off and told him i could cook. In the kitchen, my brother caught us trying to make out and we were so embarrassed. We said our bedtime prayers.

2 . I was in an office with my mom and sister.There was a pastor that had the appearance of kumuyi. A certain lady had wronged him so she came with a parcel. my family had left the office so he offered me the money and prayed for me. He prayed all my prayer points in reality. I cried out of happiness.The parcel turned to salt and money occasionally. People saw this and demanded the man of God pray for them.

3. Someone erected an X sign on an abandoned building beside my house. The X sign was wooden painted wine. I helped a woman travel with her child across the border (america)

4. My pregnant friend asked me to go by 3 eggs for her so she could use them to wash her hair. I went to buy them and when I entered the shop, I saw to tall men, lanky, dressed in black suit and it seemed like they had been waiting for me. They offered to help me select the eggs and as they selected, we spoke. They offered to escort me but along the line I thought I had lost them but I saw them again

Thanks in advance sir.
1. I see your full potential, next level released but the lord warned, be wary of the spirit of unconscious,conscious lust lest you lose this privilege.

2. Indeed, for henceforth shall you be called " blessed, the salt of the world, life. For I see another man's wealth,favor and prosperity, blessing transpired to you.
I see anointing of uncommon blessing and prosperity.

3. That was a symbol of cross : for the lord has cometh into your home,life to established his glory and kingdom so that, henceforth through you many shall be blessed and experience the power of breakthrough. Yes, many shall seek you, and through you they shall be blessed.

4. Pray that whatever help, sacrifice you want to make for your friend, any of your friends or this particular shall not attract evil agent, agent of darkness into your life,abode and peace.
In essence, the lord warned, [ if indeed this friend is physical and pregnant] be wary of help you render to her lest the powers that be(agent of darkness) following her will find no place to locate or dwell round about your life as well.

Bless u
Thank you very much sir. God bless you sir
Good morning sir,

1. I was working in an office and it was my first day of work and I was learning new things about the work. I was to go and submit a document but when I get there I forgot the actual page of the document. He signed the wrong page and he knew he immediately so i apologized and kept searching. Eventually I found it and he signed and I said something referring to him as sir and he commended me for according him respect because most people would not. When I went back to my desk, my Co workers were just staring at me, they were envious. I had a close Co worker who was also being envied.

Thanks in advance sir.
Humility will take you places, pave ways for you and unlock doors opportunities. Embrace it,adopt it now and love it like your life depends on it.

Bless you
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Thank you very much sir.