John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Good day sir, there r 3 sections to dz dream
In d 1st part, according to wat I cn remember, I saw ulises(a movie character) and I was hz girlfriend, he didn't want me to break up wf him, and the I went downstairs, I saw my dad, he asked us to look at the gutter, he was complaining. The gutter was almost full and the dirt was immensely heavy just by looking,. Then he told my elder brother that any time he is coming to the house, he should pass the other road and he shouldn't drive at the middle but on the edge(the road was 1 way and the car would be d 'intruder' on d road) the he let us go.
The 2nd part, daddy was 'chiefly rich'(dz part didn't seem like d modern day world, it was a village setting of sort) , there was a guy that bought a GOTV decoder 1.2 version it was in a transparent nylon and in dz dream, daddy had bought a higher version 1.3 4 some1.The guy bought it as a bride price. SO I wanted to get to knw him, so I went to d room, I found my sister and we spoke a Lil, them I went to hz room with my wrapper tied to my chest n I sat on hz bed n we began to speak, then I laid on hz bed and he face me, in BTW d conversation, he said'you knw women love spending 'n I replied with' I wouldn't want my man to think all women r the same and include me in dat school of thought '. The nxt thing that happened was he touched my arm and said he wanted to feel me n I said no but he wanted to force me n I fought hard, I remembered some prophecies I was given in reality n I fought harder, I escaped but he held my leg buh I still escaped and I ran n ran, (when he was forcing me, I called 4 ma sister buh she couldn't hear me) then I ran to the parlour, my aunty was lying on d couch buh cos of d commotion she sat up wf ha phone, I was heading 4 d exit, daddy was sitted on a chair close to d door n he asked wah d matter was and I said 'he wants to sleep with me cos of 3 million naira and my daddy returned d money to him. He(d guy) was begging n I remember asking him if he would sell hz daughter or sister 4 3million naira.
In d 3rd section, we all(my family) went to the fish pond in d compound, my aunty was with us and I went bk to the place near d kitchen door, whr d line 4 clothes is located and I saw sth scary and weird:A very big snail, not the normal size m, it was extra large and I began to wonder why it fell from, then everyone saw it too and they were wondering too, then I saw the blood on one of my slippers and then a part of the snail(used 4 attachment to surface) was running off, my sister took a broom, ran after it n killed it, then the snail was carried n was being chopped/sliced. Then I brought out sth from my mouth, a round mass of flesh of the snail, then from my upper gum, I tore out a gummy - like material and threw them to the place they were slicing n my aunty made a statement saying : 'Ah! that part (the gummy like tissue) dem no dey eat am ooo, the part is too soft and then I woke up. Plz Sir help me understand dz dream

Thank u so much 4 ur time, sorry it is dz lengthy.

This was frightening
In this dream, I was walking on a road, it wasn't Nigeria buh looked like an American road and a psychic was present in the road, standing in d middle and asking people what's up and telling them abt their future. He told a few of then abt their future, he also saw a little girl with her friends n asked her what she would like to be in d future and she said sth abt wanting to become a stripper and she mentioned sth abt a bar. He wanted to speak to me but I didn't answer him, I walked away and I remember telling my sister 'I didn't patronize him bcos it would av been a slap on God's face'. MA sister and I went to a church together to see the man of God, we sat down and we spoke a little, and I think I remember people leaving the church, I wanted to leave too bcos I was skeptical abt d man of God, I was wondering if he was a real man of God or if he used Juju, I stood up but sat down again, then he proved to me he was a real man of God just by sth he said so I stayed bk. The man of God's son came into the church with his knicker n bare chest, he looked 5 years and he was singing worship but at the same time playing, it wasn't a Sunday programme buh looked more like a weekday programme. We all prayed privately b4 we went forward. Then d programme started buh I cnt really remember wat happened in d programme, I only remember A DEMON IN HUMAN FORM coming to warn me : he was angry that I stayed in d church, 'they', didn't want me in d church and they didn't want d man of God to speak over my life and he said 'You dz girl' and some other things n walked out
Then I appeared in d dinning setting of my former house. There were a lot of demons like 5 or so, in human form, they happened to be busy playing cards but their aim was to torment me, it was like a test and a battle of words.( They seemed unperturbed, they just wanted to get over wf their aim cos wen they started d disturbances, they were still playing d cards)
One mentioned DEATH n I replied with 'I will not die but live to declare the works of the Lord these r the words of the Lord and he has spoken it/them'
REGRET was mentioned, WITHCRAFT written on a card was thrown on the table and I said 'For there is no enchantment against Jacob n no divination against Israel'. As they threw words, God helped me remember his words from my subconscious. These r the only things I remember but I knw some details r missing but praise Jesus I could remember all these

Thank u 1ce again 4 ur time.... God bless u Sir
Welcome to the family, church,ministries : Dreamstorchlight

• Why are you so in hurry, for marital life(marriage), material things?

Daughter, the lord warned strong, be wary of this American, lifestyle, mentally. Stop being brain washed, stop allowing this foreign movies influence the reality of life.

That is ? All that glitters is not Gold.

• Once again, the lord warned strong, daughter, be still,be patient, flee from greed and take your eye off worldly possession in the name of marriage lest regret be your lot.
All that glitters is not Gold

• I see a long time battle,struggle,infliction with stagnancy within/in this family especially in your life. But I see the lord setting you free,disposing that out of you now.
But still, wage war :

O lord my father, arise,finish what you've started in my life : Any affliction,struggle,infliction, damage and captivity of stagancy plaguing my life,dispose&destroy them completely by fire.
Psalm 119,4, 27.

If not for God,your spiritual consciousness truly the kingdom of darkness and demonic prophecies/prophet would have prevailed and robbed you of your soul.
I thank the lord God for your life so far he's been faithful and keeping you away from destruction.

In essence, the lord refer you to the book of :

◄ Jeremiah 23:16 ►
This is what the LORD Almighty says: "Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD.


◄ Matthew 24:24 ►
For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.


◄ 1 John 4:1 ►
Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Indeed, you were this close to become a victim of demonic prophet but the name of God and your faith, fearless spirit came to your rescue. Therefore be warned. By the way, what were you looking for at the time, seeking for solution to something, marital or financial breakthrough or what? Be warned, be warned daughter lest this time there be no route of escape. Learn from your past.

Bless u
Thank u Sir.... God bless u
Good morning sir, please help sir father flogged by brother mercilessly and he ran to me as I was about to help, my father started flogging me too.

2.I was at a new University and they were welcoming new students. I was one of them, I found out that my mom registered me with a wrong name

3. I was angry so I left I went to change but as I left that was wen they were about to call and introduce me. I was not dressed 4 d occasion so I attracted a lot of publicity (admiration) I was famous. My mom registered my name as Ebi an Ijaw name but in reality I am Deltan.

4.I left and went to see my boyfriend I wanted to say goodbye to him cos I won't be seeing him again. I was driving a black Toyota car, it was my first time driving but the steering had a Mercedes logo.

5.I drove to his house and I was to attend a conference with my bf's father, it had 2 do with a conference in connection with University of Liverpool
I could not stay cos of my father it was getting late and if he found out I went out with one of his cars he would go crazy.

6.I asked my bf 'if I was not from a rich background would you even look my way?' he nodded and said yes but I was having doubts about it.
The meeting was taking longer than scheduled and I had 2 leave, it was almost time for the excuetives 2 arrive, about 30 minutes but I could not wait so I asked my bf to see me 2 d gate but I forgot where I parked my car so we were looking for it and I woke.

Thanks in advance sir.
1. The lord warned ' don't interfere nor get involve in what you know little or nothing about lest you are implicated. Above all,wage war against implication.

2/3 : I see great honor and glory before you but I see a 'but' standing between you and these--whose agenda is to rob you of your day of celebration or divert it away. You must wage war against unseen, evil forces and every but' fashioned against you on your day of honor and glory..

4/5 :..and truly your day of glory and honor can not be overshadow for the lord assures..but be warned never go against your father as this may stand against you on your day of celebration, glory and honor..

6. I see a bit of doubt and truly you may not be totally wrong. But the lord said ' see! He's with you in time of trouble and when you are down. And Isn't that enough? For it is said ' a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Bless u
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Thank you very much sir
Good morning sir,

1. A girl and I were going to school but something crazy happened and there was police raid so we lost our clothes. I was left with my pair of tights and a purple camisole. I knew we were not going to find suitable clothes before getting to school. Our belongings were confiscated during the raid. My friend told me that we should risk going to school like that.

2. As we walked back, an idea struck me. I saw an old friend of mine by the name Daniella and asked for clothes. Mine was a gold shirt and a red skirt. My friend also got clothes. We thanked Daniella and the clothes turned to prestigious uniforms (that was the only dress code that could allow us passage into the school)

3. People admired us as we walked because they recognized we were from a prestigious school. We were running late, a lady swept the road, she almost poured dust on us so I snapped and told her to back off. We took bike and we passed many points of entries to the school but we needed to stop at the school church. When my friend and I saw the points of entries we secretly thanked God because there was no way we would have been allowed entry without the uniforms.

4. We passed another point of entry, I saw the church and the bike man was speeding so he passed mistakenly. I fumed at him, we got to another point of entry and he stopped and I demanded compensation. The original fare was 100 naira for one person so I demanded 50naira compensation for myself and another 50 naira compensation for my friend.

5. I handed him 100 naira note and my friend handed him 200 naira note but the lady that was sweeping the road who almost poured dust on our uniforms showed up and told us not to pay. We thanked them and we even found out they were an item (the bike man and the lady) we made our way to the school gate, the church was few steps ahead.

6. I overhead a group of medical students discussing the death of a pregnant colleague's wife's death. She was pregnant but there was an out break of craw-craw on her skin which led to complications then death.

7. There was a girl whom I knew from secondary school, she was a junior. She was on the news, she had lost weight and was fighting her chocolate addiction. She was eighteen but in reality she is no longer a teenager.

Thanks in advance sir.
Congratulations! As I see every shame over your destiny,life and academics converted to glory,honor and unprecedented grace. For the lord has disgraced and defeated your shame, the strong man behind your disgrace, shame and dishonor.

Congratulations once again. No more ichabod/inglorious.

Praise God!

Bless u
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praise the Lord!!!! Thank you very much sir, more anointing upon you in the name of Jesus.
Good morning sir,

1. My father was complaining that I never talk to him, he also said because of our strained relationship he had to call someone he disliked to talk to. I snapped back and told him never to complain because he started it and I was only playing by his rules. I told him not to pin the blame on me, he looked hurt so i apologized.

2. We went to the market to buy garri, he drove and on getting to the market the garri seller smiled on seeing me, she said I was beautiful. she wanted to match make me with her son and I declined politely.

3. As we left the market, we saw a woman carrying a green flask of cooked beans. she looked sad, the flask cover fell and the beans slightly stained her face so I ran to pick it up, I gave her and found out that she was sad because she lost her son and husband of ten years.

Thank you in advance sir.