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Edited and compiled and re-arranged for all dreamstorlight members

Page one

I smile whenever I see very young ladies and guys uploading more than 60pictures in a month on social media just to get attention,but do you know that you can make thousands of dollars from your photos or photos of Anything e.g objects,animals,humans,infact any living and non-living thing....??

Sit back and relax as I teach you how to achieve is totally going to give you the details for free..
First of all you can use any kind of photos but it must be a photo you took by yourself and not a random picture you took from the internet or from someone's phone ,also public domain photos are not allowed....public domain photos are photos which has no copyright so anyone can use the picture for free without any legal we are going to be talking about where to upload photos and Start earning money....
The next step is go to am sure some of you might have seen different pictures on the internet with the word "shutterstock" written on it.......shutterstock is a website that allows people to download photos for a certain will earn money each time your photo is downloaded...they pay up to 0.37$ per download......that means if your photo is downloaded 1000 times you will earn up to 370$ (60000naira and above)from just a single imagine if you get more than 100000 downloads??
that will be about $37000.....
or just imagine if you have up to 100 approved photos??
and you get thousands of downloads on each photos

the good news is that there are millions of subscribers on shutterstock that pays fees to download be able to upload your photos on the website you need to register as a register ...when you get to their website scroll down and you will see where they wrote "become a contributor"
Another good news is that shutterstock is not the only website where you can make money with your photos...there is also another website called istockphoto ,they too also allow you to earn money from your photos....and there are several websites that offers this service but shutterstock and istockphoto is the one I have tried and got payed from....let me inform you that most of these websites have conditions your photo must meet before it can be approved.......your photo could be anything,it is not compulsory you must snap fact 70% of pictures on shutterstock are pictures of objects,flowers,animals,etc....but a human picture could get more all depends on how nice the pictures are...The next thing we will be talking about is how to get more downloads on our photos because we are not uploading photos for fun but we want to make money from it though some people upload their pictures on the website just to get famous because the more pictures downloaded the more popular the picture will be and that could make the person inside the picture popular..
[Oh good...young ladies could make more money from their photos especially if you have nice selfies...]
Now the thing about these websites is that the more popular your picture gets the more downloads you get,now you do Not need any stress or secret to make your picture popular,just snap a good picture with a good camera and trust me the popularity will come naturally....anyways this is not a get rich quick scheme though you can get rich within 5 days making money with this online business but that does not mean it is a get rich scheme....if you have attractive photos of anything that captures the attention of people the more downloads you get....and the more downloads you get the more money you is a pity that you won't see so much people on this thread because they prefer unrealistic online business that will tell them "how to make 10000$ everyday" and that is why they continue to get deceived.....they do not want a realistic online business,they only want an overnight money making ATM......
Now here is another way to earn money from your photos,in fact this one is easier than the first method I mentioned,what you are going to do in this method is to create a photo book means a book that contains all your photos.... you can then sell the photo book on sell your books on amazon you will register at after you register you can start publishing your am going to explain to you how you can simply set up your photo book.....
When you want to create a photo book you can create a photo book that contains photo of anything including yourself,you can even create a photo book with pictures of places in Nigeria and sell it as a book,first step is create a PDF document and add all your photos inside it,when you upload the PDF file ,amazon has an automatic software that will concert your PDF file into a book format so you do not need to stress yourself over conversion of your document into a book....there are thousands of photo books on amazon....and there are photo books on amazon sells thousands and thousands of copies...imagine you selling your photo book for 4$ which is the average price or usual price and you sell just 1000 copies that would be equal to 4000$ from the sales which is about 800000 naira.that's a good income if you ask can create several photo books If you can create your photo book Even with just 40 next I will explain to you how you can create e.g a 50 page photo book with ease...
E.g to create a 40pages photo book you will just have to divide your book to one picture per page so that if you have 40pictures you can create 40pages photo book,if you have 100pictures you can create a 100pages photo book....someone with 100pages photo book might set the price of his/her book higher than that of a 40pages photo book...someone with a photo book of 40pages and decided to sell it for 4$ ,another person with 400pages photo book might decide to sell his/hers for 20$ because he or she feels they have a bigger book....but sometimes it is not the number of pictures in your book that matters but the quality of the pictures...and let me remind you that the lower price of a book the more sales it gets so try to balance the price for your book....high price book has his advantages and disadvantages the same way a low price book has advantages and disadvantages....
A book sold at 20$ means that 100 sales will equal $2000 while a book sold for $2 will have to get 1000 sales before the person can earn $2000 but does that mean that you should just set the price of your book at $20 or above so you can earn money quicker?? hell NO!!!a 20$ book will not get quick sales as a book of 2$...a 20$ book might not sell more than 20 units in a month while a 2$ book might sell more than 2000 units....but that does not mean an expensive book cannot sell a lot of units,if your book is a bestseller then you can sell thousands of your book no matter how high the price is....but high get limit...imagine selling a book for 1000$ and you expect it to get more sales than a book of 1$ offering the same quality and information....
[The pictures you use should not be a public domain photo...e.g photo which you just randomly took from the internet...if you use a public domain photo their software will detect it and even know the website where you picked the picture from...they want unique pictures and not public pictures which someone just took from the internet...]
[i personally do use the ordinary camera on my phone and simply edit it to make it more attractive....i use camera360. which can be used on android or ios etc....Trust me there are very good camera apps that you can install on your phone to quickly edit pictures and make it even more attractive and detailed the way it would be even with the most expensive DSL camera..
[@tafrica you can upload picture of anything,it is not compulsory that you should upload human part culture,you can upload picture of anything both living and non living thing....but excluding porn..
well recently I discovered that the amazon pays more ....concerning the app I use camera360
I earn an average of $1500-$2500 on shutterstock.....the minimum cash out depends on the withdrawal method....
secondly it is not compulsory that the photo book must be converted to pdf
It is not compulsory to use a human can put any kind of picture...I only used human picture as an example...but if you still insist that you want to use your picture then you have to remove the picture from Facebook or Instagram because shutterstock will flag it as a public domain photo and public domain photos are not allowed by them..
concerning camera app...camera360 is not the only camera app on earth,there are many free camera app you can use on your phone without paying a dime...infact if the camera of your phone on its own is good then using a camera app is not necessary....
if your phone has camera what else are you looking for??use your damn phone and start making your Money..]
amazon do not accept public domain photos you either put the photos on shutterstock and do not put that same picture on a photo book...or you put the picture on a photo book and do not upload on shutterstock...just pick the one you want to do and focus on it.if it is photo books you want to create focus on it and do it,if it is the shutterstock u prefer focus on it,jack of all trades master of none...but from experience creating photo books and selling it on amazon is now more profitable...
[You can get paid into a US bank account or PayPal...I know you might be thinking how will you get a US bank account...well through you will get your US bank account which you will use to receive payment on amazon or shutterstock...a card comes with the payoneer account when you open it,it is that card you will be using to withdraw money from the payoneer account if you have been can create the photo book and start selling on Amazon,I discovered recently that it is more profitable...]
Amazon.....concerning shutterstock I started about 2years first earning on shutterstock the first week I started it was just $5 which I uploaded a photo of a flower...and I was like "what is this"!!??5$??what do I want to use this chicken change for but the following week I began to discover that the more visibility a picture gets the more money the owner of the photo will make so I started working on how to get traffic to my picture because the more views it gets the more visibility I will get on shutterstock because shutterstock displays pictures according to ranking...if your pictures get a lot of views it gets more ranking on shutterstock which means if for example your picture which is a flower is ranked as number 10 according to the secret ranking by shutterstock and people search for the word "flower" to download pictures of flowers then that means my own flower picture will be among the first 30 pictures that will be displayed to the the following week I earned about 200$ just from a single picture...then the earning continued.::there are very good strategies on how to get more download of your picture...but for those who are not ready to be patient to create a strategy then they can just simply create a photo book and sell it on amazon...that one is easier and straightforward..
The good thing about Amazon is that they do not have a requirement for picture quality,you are not selling the book to them,you are only selling the book to their customers visiting but that does not mean you should post rubbish book because posting rubbish book will affect Microsoft word paste your photos on it and upload it to Amazon,amazon has softwares that will do the conversion for stress yourself...
[after you and more people have successfully uploaded their books on Amazon I will now share another secret on this thread on how you can make money from your photo books when someone reads the book even without buying it...yes people can read your book on Amazon without buying it and you as the owner of the photobook will still collect your money..:
amazon do not allow public domain books and if your photo book contains public domain pictures it might be rejected...the trick is that if you know u want to use a public domain photo then just download the photo and re-edit the picture with any camera app so it will look a lil different and Amazon software will not detect it as a public domain photo..because when you edit the picture it becomes another version of the picture..e.g changing the colour of the picture to black and white..
that is why I said you will re-edit the picture if it is a public domain photo u want to use,but you can go to if you are looking for public domain photos,the website is meant for public domain photos which can use for private or commercial purpose without paying a dime or any legal problem./::..concerning your second question the number of photos you want to use will be determined by the number of pages you want your photo book to be,if you want a 50pages photo book then u will need 50 photos...etc if you want 100 pages photobook you will need 100 photos ...]
There are many samples...go to there you will see things for sell on Amazon,click on "kindle books" when you get to the place where it brings out kindle books it will show different categories ,click on the categories that shows "photography" from there you will see thousands of books that are under photography...infact under photography there are still sub categories depending on the kind of photography book u want to see...I intentionally typed this so that you can have the "do it yourself syndrome"so that in the future you can also teach people..
[Renaming photos ??I said place your photos on Microsoft word you are talking about renaming...who renaming don help.....
well using an eBook cover is good to make ur book more attractive...u can get free eBook cover from amazon ...yes u need to give the book any title you like and u need to fill the name of the author which is u or if u like u can decide to use any other name,it is allowed...

that tags is not compulsory,tags are just a search terms that u can select to make ur book appear when someone searches for a book relating to your own genre...

descriptions means you describing what ur book is about...if ur book is book containing photographs ..describe it that way..]
35% royalty option is for books priced at 2.98$ or lower..while 70% royalty option is for books priced at 2.99$ and above...if u read the instructions on their website you should have known this by now and select ur royalty option based on the Information....
[There have been a lot of questions here about copyright issues with pictures from the internet. Why do you want to go that route? Why don't you use your phone to take original photos as the OP advised?

Yesterday I was able to follow the instructions provided here and did the necessary registrations - payoneer, kbp and created a photo book with 50 pictures which was approved and published within a few hours. I received a mail before 10 pm yesterday congratulating me that my book was now live and available in the Kindle store. I used photos I already had. I hardly did any editing!]

[]You will actually bypass the coppyright problem even if it is Google that owns the image and you don't even need to edit it! Software? Yes. It is a software that does the whole magic. I usually use this software to get any image that I want from any website without having to worry about editing or coppyright issue-

After setting up all the necessary accounts, the next thing is to get pictures and start publishing. With this software, you will never run out of pictures. You don't need to worry about picture quality as the pictures you get remain in their original state - no editing except you just want to add your thing to the pic. No coppyright issue as you will completely bypass it and owned the image.
Note that it is not automated, it is a manual process. You will actually do it yourself (DIY)
It works with your laptop/desktop. Not available on mobile phone.
Free software here ,below or goodgle " anti-copyright pictures software :[]
on a serious note the best and number one website where you can get pictures and use the pictures for private or commercial purpose is the website is dedicated to public domain photos which anyone is allowed to use without any copyright problems or whatsoever....
now I can see some people are already publishing their photo books let us talk about how to make the hard copy of our books available on amazon..when I say hard copy I mean our photo books available on do that just visit ,on the website you will be able to create a print version of your books and sell them on amazon...I want us to have all our books both the E-book version and print version ready then we will now talk about how to promote our books and get more sales...we will also talk about kindle unlimited and we will talk about benefit of the kdp select program offered by amazon...

[Four books published!! wheew!
Now let me give back to the community...
For those using PC
•Go to
•Download Pics from it.
• Edit! Edit!! Edit!!! (I heard the pics are "copyright-less"....but to avoid stories later sha)

• There are hundreds of picture editing softwares on the Internet. Picasa works best for me (I recommend it.
For smartphone Users
•Follow the steps above.
•Edit using Picsart,Camera360 e.t.c
Just carry out a little research and everything would be clear. Have patience and do everything yourself so you won't have issues or fall for scam.
hello, do you mean changing the background colour as editing? Because i know it is easy for photoshop guru to do this, but learning never ends,Can you summarize the what to edit?
And i am just trying trying to follow crazymommy tutorial, please concerning the picture, i just copy the pics each by each into microsoft words am i right? But they have little dimension like 496 by 562. Sorry for the question. Thanks.

You don't need to change background. Just add filters that's all.
You place 1 picture on every page.
little dimension? Go to ,the pics there are of high resolution and dimension.
infact this is the kind of photos that oyinbo like them pictures of everything in Nigeria,things about Africa looks strange to them because they are not things they usually see so when your photobook contains what they usually do not see they will get attracted to the book and want to see the pictures..e.g pictures of a boy selling gala on the street,pictures of people dancing shoki,pictures of calabar carnival....I just used these as examples ,it does not mean u must use such pictures..
If your books on amazon is published already,enroll it on kdp select and also use to create the print version of your book.....Google "kdp select on amazon" to know the benefit of kdp select...]
[Bro, pls post a link to the picarts editing app you talked abt.
Just Google "picart free download" you'll find it or check playstore
Hello akashi01 and crazymommy,
While going through stages involved in uploading photobook, there is a section "4" which asks "select your book release option"
Which one should one select between "I am ready to release my book now" and "make my book available for pre-order"
Also, section 6 states "upload your book file"
Which do I select between "Enable Digital right management" and Do not enable digital right management"

Though I would go with 1st options in both cases, but wanna be sure, thus I'm asking.

yes release the book now..
guys i dont see uk account on payment option on shutterstock and this prevent me from completing my registration.pls what can i do
The US account option is for amazon..PayPal or moneybookers is the option for shutterstock..moneybookers is available to Nigerians Now..u can open one...]

[Happy sunday to everyone.
Hello crazymommy, I have added my photobook to KDP select. Is there any other way to drive traffic to my photobook on amazon?
Also, kindly elaborate on how to make a print version createspace, I'm already trying to publish on createspace also.
go to register and upload the book u want to publish...
How does one make a picture to be up to 4.0 megapixel which is the requirement for shutterstock
Blessed Is ye who go visits to get a simple answer to the the book of nairaland chapter business section verse 15..
let me add to it that people can also sell their photo books at
pls explain how to use Istockphoto, it like all I'm seeing is about pricing and others not getting the means of loading pictures to make money. And about shutterstock after my ID uploaded it requesting to see 10 samples of my photos t proceed, am I doing it the right way?
Scroll down the page, at the bottom, you see "sell stock" or something, click on it. From there you start.]
[Please what are the top selling caategories of pictures and photobooks?


Does anyone know which other type or topics that sell well?

Please share..
Nature and people...]
for those that now have their books on amazon and has enrolled it in kdp select,if u have not done that then do it now,now,the next step is to create your author page which will contain your profile as an author including your create an author page visit authorcentral. amazon .com after registration you can complete your author page...on the author page u will add your book/books to it..when u people have done that.we will go to the next step..
is up to a week now ... dnt think they ll reply again.
i even tried to chat them but each time i open d page.
it says chat not available at d moment.
Re-apply then,when reapplying you will use your national ID number when you get to the page when it is asking for identification method during registration..

So haven uploaded it means that I can't see it again or edit it ??
you will go to the "bookshelf" tab on your kdp account page then you will edit your book..from there you can edit it...that is if I got ur question right..

[quite looks like the question I ask the Op, but unfortunately she didn't see to it, I downloaded a picture and re editted to upload on shutter stock but was told its not up to 4mp. I tried (googling) on how it can be increased but not helping. I'll be happy if u or anyone can help out
Dude they said minimum of 4mp then take the pictures with a camera or a phone camera that has at least 4mp camera...the mp means mega pixels....]

If only people know the power Google possesses, they would be saved a whole lot of stress.

Based on what I've read thus far, I'm sorry to say that youths of today want to be spoonfed.

Crazymommy, you have the patience for this. Kudos to you.

For those who keep posting image MP upandan:
Image MP = Image resolution (width x height) / 1,000,000

If your image is less than 4MP, forget it. If you enlarge it, you will only distort the image clarity/sharpness. (whatever that's called)

If you want to use your phone camera to snap, adjust the camera setting to 4MP and above.

Please don't ask me how to go about it. You know your phone more than I do. So Do It Yourself.
Google: "Upscales pictures"
Online Image Enlarger
This free online tool allows you to upscale small images without losing quality or introducing distortion (also ...)
OK crazymom, this is the thing. Let me state how I upload my photobook.
First, I copy my 48pages image to Ms word and saved, size was 80mb. I try to upload my photobook but amazon kdp giving me error after many minutes. I try on my pc same error.
Solution : convert my saved ms word to pdf. Later, download kindle ebook converter or something as exe. Do my conversation to from pdf to .kdp. Later upload my converted file easily.
[if it is on amazon u are promoting the book tell them it is a book,but if it is outside amazon tell them it is a photobook..
The royalty type you can choose is determined by the price of your book...if your book is priced at 2.99$-9.99$ You will select and get 70% royalty but if the price is priced at 2.98$ or below you are entitled to 30% royalty..what you should do is that make the price of your book to be just 2.99$ and select 70% royalty...I said 2.99$ because the price is not too small or big .high priced books on Amazon gets less sales except your book is best sellers...
So 2.99$-3.99$ is a good range of price for your 25pages book..
price your book at a price of 2.99 and select 70% royalty...]

crazymommy nice work .....i just discovered an app where by they pay you 44% after sales of your pictures ...the "app is "clashot"....please google and see for yourself.
skrill is also use in withdrawing from clashot.
But my 40pages book when I previewed it, some pictures are 2 on a page while some are half the page.W hat can I do to correct it so that it will appear better. Thanks for being there.
If you still have your documents,open Microsoft word or adobe reader highlight all your images then click insert. All your images will be inserted into Word at a go.then ensure that you create space in between the images till the point that each picture covers one page each...or at least make a way to allow the number of your pages to be the same with the number of your images..,save it ....then go to kdp amazon to edit The book if you have uploaded it before,but if you have not just upload the book.
if it is a photobook you want to upload then the right category to select is "photography"
You have not selected the contributor which is where you will put the author name......then also under the categories you will select "photography" not "nature".......others are good to go..]
My reason for these questions stems out from the fact that I was reading an article on a blog yesterday and someone in the comment section told the blogger that she used her picture.

$2.99 seems to be the optimal price here, what if I have a book of 100 pages and price it at $5, will I make sales or is it too high?
sorry for all the questions ma, God bless you.
That is why I gave you the website called on the website you will find public domain photos that you can use to create a photobook without any legal issue or so......concerning the price of your book since your book is 100pages you can price it at 4$....
[Please, is it compulsory to create table of content?
Give reference at the end of my book?
it is not compulsory......but u can put it to make your book more professional...concerning reference if it is a photobook it not necessary but if it is any other kind of book you can put reference if u want..]
I cnt seem to find info on how u get traffic to ur Shutterstock page or do I say link.
I use many methods which includes google adwords(I pay for google AdWords),Instagram(free),Facebook promotion (free),and the biggest of them all which is (pixabay is free too)infact I got most traffic through .......if you read from page 1 of this thread to the current page there was a page where I also discussed a particular strategy which I use...I can't remember the page number...and typing can be stressful..

Gooday crazymommy I have a book for publication on amazon but I dont know if it is necessary to include my biography?, please put me through submitting a better publication.
It a book of 10 contents, about 20 pages and it talks about Africa of what pricing can I give this out?
I will advice u to increase any book you want to upload to at least 40 pages but that does not mean a 20 pages will never sale but the probability is very low....including your biography makes you look like a professional author and that could attract more customers to your book so yes it is necessary but not compulsory...but if u still want to sell your 20pages book well honestly 0.99$ is the price that fits such pages except if your book is about all this money making information then you can sell even a 10 pages at 4.99$ sef because its about how to make money...but if its just a normal book trust me 2$ for 20pages will chase away more customers because they could get ur type of book with higher number of is on amazon that I discovered that even oyinbo sef like quantity ...
pls crazymama which pdf converter can i use to convert my pictures from microsoft word to pdf becos shutterstock don't accept microsoft
Just download word to PDF converter to your system, install the software.
Then whenever you finish putting whatever you want to put on word, click on the office button then select save as click on convert to PDF or xml then follow the little instructions. That's all]
pls how can edit the price of my photo book....
when you login at click on "bookshelf" on the next page you will see where you can edit your book..
[please how do you get free traffic to your pics for download via pixabay. 2ndly how does one make money from pics stored on pixabay when they can be downloaded for free.
Or do you advertise the link to your pictures stored on other sites via pixabay?
Please explain cause I have searched the pixabay site but to no avail. Thank you.
When your picture is already on shutterstock,go to pixabay and upload the link to your picture on shutterstock...pixabay is just used to promote the picture....on pixabay the picture will show as "sponsored images" with "shutterstock" written on it....]

1. Is it mandatory to write an acknowledgement and table of content since it's a photobook? If one does not add these to the book does it have any negative effect? What could be the effect?

2. Can i use my publishers acct to purchase a kindle book and use it to give review of the books i published?

Am asking to know if am on track or if i need to make amends to my book. thanks.
You can use your publishers account to purchase a kindle book or any other product on amazon but giving review on your own book page after you have published is against their policy concerning "reviews" e.g it is against their policy that you visit your own book and write a review on it with the same account which you used to publish your book,you can use another account which is fine....
concerning your first question it is not mandatory....and it does not really have a negative effects since it is just a photobook but table of contents would make your book look more professional and that could attract more reviews(good reviews)on your book and more reviews could lead to more sales.....]
After shutterstock another good website is
on pixabay you will register and upload just a sample of picture which people can download the sample picture for free,then on your profile on pixabay you will add the link to your pictures on shutterstock or any other company you are using to sell your photos..
Could you please explain how you create the sponsored image that contains the link to be uploaded to pixabay.
now back to your question on shutterstock every photographer that have their pictures on shutterstock can get the website link to their pictures by Going to their profile..the link is just like the page where the picture can be seen...when you are on the page of your picture on shutterstock just go to the address bar and copy the link ,after copying the link you will Now go to pixabay and edit your profile and paste the link there..
"Useful information"
[my payment for April was payed yesterday because kdp Amazon pays 60 days after the month which the sales occurred..I hate doing this but I have to do this today...will be removing it within 24 hrs...checking my payoneer account from my iphone6+ after I made some withdrawals today...though I don't focus on photobooks but I based on normal book but that does not mean someone with a photobook on Amazon cannot make money..people selling photobooks make money too,but if u want to make quick better sales on Amazon with your photobook then focus on the "animal" niche meaning that you should be selling photobooks that contains pictures of animals e.g dog,cat,etc...white people or should I say most Americans and Europeans love pets a lot especially dogs so creating a photobook in that niche will help thing crazymommy did not tell you guys was that this book publishing business needs patience,hard-work,intelligence,luck and GOD.....or maybe she told you people but I did not notice....Goodluck to you guys.even if you cannot write a book just go to and you will see people who can write books for you so u do not have to be a writer before you can start publishing books on Amazon..though my own niche is "languages"so I sell translated books..:.don't ask me how I get them translated,.do your own research too and think out of the box...think!!!!i repeat think!!!!!!!GOD gave you that brain not for fun but to use it to think..:.]
[well the thing about review strategy is that the results is not as fast as some publisher on Amazon will want so patience is the key and also such strategy might not give quick result for some book depending on the niche under which the book is,another method you can use to drive traffic to your author page is through on wikihow post an article about how to Create photobook and on that article you will include your author page or tell them about your own photobook and that they should buy it to know the examples of what a good photobook should look like ...through Google you can get free articles on how to create good photobook,you will publish the article on wikihow , gets millions of viewers every month so your article can get even get at least 100000 views within the first week and when people see your article most people among the viewers who saw the article will visit your author page....second method is you will register on goodreads as an author and create free threads about your book or books...those two methods are free...there are other methods but those ones involve spending e.g Google adword,Facebook advertising..etc...but paying to get traffic to your author page if you only publish photobook might not really be the best for a your book on createspace now??

photobooks are usually called "collections"on what you need to do to see photo books is that you will click "photography" under photography you will see "arts and photography"under "arts and photography will look for "collections"on collections you will see different books that showcase pictures of anything including pictures of great men and women... Concerning your second question if you are a female go for the "recipe or romance" niche...if you are a male you can go for the "business and investment or technology "niche..I translate outsourced books...I go to freelancer or odesk and pay someone to write a book for me then I on my own will do the translation...on Amazon there are more than 10000books uploaded every blessed day and most of those books are written in English making it more difficult than before to sell a book on Amazon because getting visibility on Amazon now requires more work...but books translated in for example Spanish ,it means that Spanish speaking readers on Amazon will prefer buying a book written in Spanish and there are lesser books in the foreign language section thereby making it easier for your book to get more visibility and more visibility of your book will lead to more sales ..]
[I tried loading my book on create space and from all indication, all my pix are bigger than the given dimension of 6"x9".
did that mean I will have to review it n kdp too?
2) Is there a way that I can change all the pix at once to the desired length?
Not like I'm a pro, but what I did was to dowload a .docx template from createspace, and used It to create my book, or just set your paper size to 6*9 before you start to insert pictures]
[i use irfanview to resize a 15kb to 2m size image
First of all check the current size of your image, in irfanview, click image=>resize/resample, under some sample dimension click new size dropdown menu and select 2560 x 1600 then change dpi to 300 or more then click ok then save your file and check the size]
I got some pictures from pixabay and compiled my photobook to submit. I was still making a few update and decided to browse some other author's book. I saw two of my pictures which I have in my book in another author's book. I was able to see this in the look inside page. The book has its normal Copyright statement which states that no part of this book may be reproduced or transformed etc.
The pictures are the same you won't notice any difference, yes I edited the pictures to get my final picture but they look exactly the same. Does it mean I am infringing on her copyright or she is infringing on mine? After all, we all got the picture from the same site except if she is the rightful owner.I know amazon closes people's account when somebody reports a copyright infringement, Please Crazymommy what would have happened if I had not seen that Author's book and uploaded those pictures? what if I upload my book and tomorrow, she comes and start claiming copyright on the pictures and reports to Amazon?
Are you aware of any issue like this where both authors use the same picture from pixabay and one of them reported, how did amazon handle it? there was this case that I read last week about a company that claimed the copyright of an image which they originally took from a public domain site and sued the lady or so. I can't find the link to that story I would have posted it here.

Please kindly clarify on this issue because it would be so bad to have invested time and resources(data, fue, other personal worksl etc) in this business, and then one day somebody just come and claim copyright and amazon would have the account wiped off along with money and books.
In such situation Amazon will remove the books of both authors....since they are both using a public domain long as it is a public domain picture then none of them is the copyright owner of the pictures except if that same picture is no longer on pixabay and that is not possible....but If the author that claimed to be the copyright owner has a book that contain his or her own pictures despite the fact that there is one or two public domain pictures inside the book well the person can claim the copyright of the book since more than 80% of the pictures inside the book is theirs maybe just only 10% or 20% is just public domain pictures..
well the thing about review strategy is that the results is not as fast as some publisher on Amazon will want so patience is the key and also such strategy might not give quick result for some book depending on the niche under which the book is,another method you can use to drive traffic to your author page is through on wikihow post an article about how to Create photobook and on that article you will include your author page or tell them about your own photobook and that they should buy it to know the examples of what a good photobook should look like ...through Google you can get free articles on how to create good photobook,you will publish the article on wikihow , gets millions of viewers every month so your article can get even get at least 100000 views within the first week and when people see your article most people among the viewers who saw the article will visit your author page....second method is you will register on goodreads as an author and create free threads about your book or books...those two methods are free...there are other methods but those ones involve spending e.g Google adword,Facebook advertising..etc...but paying to get traffic to your author page if you only publish photobook might not really be the best for a your book on createspace now??
How can I view the amount of download of my books enrolled for kdp select?
She had answered these questions several times and the answer is ''Yes enable it''

when your book is published, you can search for it to view the details about the book, there you would have an idea the number of sales you've made.
PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE Crazymommy! This is what I found under all my books - "THIS TITLE IS AVAILABLE TO UK CUSTOMERS ONLY". I want to buy my books and use it tp reviews my books as the marketing strategy you taught us. Why is this so? How do I make my books available for people all over the world but i clicked on the options to make it available for all...? This is making me feel relaxed about my determination.
During the publishing process at the end of the page,there is place where they will ask you to select the countries which you want or you select worldwide..::
[I have tried countless times to upload on istocl but can't how did you go about it
I use a mobile phone. Just use Google chrome to upload your files. Just CHROME]
Download "photo resizer" on playstore then convert your pictures below 200 pixel to 1600*1200. It may display fair on kindle app, but am not sure if it will come out perfect on printed version.
thanks, bro. but I noticed those pictures on are below the required MPIXEL.
Wht shld we do?
if you need to upload Original format then u must register on pixabay, but I recommend medium picture size when downloading for amazon photobook bcus you must nt upload more than 50mb file when creating ur book!. Besides after setting price I noticed my 12mb file became 3mb (amazon reduced d size) perhaps that fits the resolution.
[I followed your instruction. For example, the picture I tried to convert through your instruction,original size = 977 x 550. The highest Document size= Large (1024 x 768 px). Web= Large (640 x 480 px). E-mail= Large (314 x 235 px). Non has. (1600 x 1200). Pls what should I do?
you should select "custom" then insert ur preferred pics pixel.
Crazymommy, Doyinisaac, pls I am confused on my photos via MSWORD. My pictures are not centralized with the work sheet I can't move the images I am only able to increase which degrade it quality. Should I I paste and go to the next page or I should increase the image on MSWORD.
paste and go to the next page
well I use camera360 app which was installed from playstore. After you are in possession of the image you intend using, open your camera360 locate your image, click then it opens the image select edit, you will get several ways of editing but the one I use most are filter(to change appearance), rotate (to change position), correction (to zoom or reduce appearance).
[Thanks for your reply. Pls can you help me with any Pc or BB app that can simply do the same task. I'm using BB not android phone
use microsoft office for PC, just locate your pics then click to view, if it displays right click your mouse u will see "open with" On the list select it and choose "microsoft office". When you Are on ms_office check the top of your screen u will see "edit picture" click then navigate to the right select resize choose custom resize enter the resolution (1600*1200) and save.]
Try to search bb app world for "photo resizer" since u dnt own an android, I strongly would recommend PHOTO RESIZER app for android.
[yes you should promote for 3days, to check how it responds to the kindle store. Hope you also enrolled for tHe Kindle Unlimited?.
I Ve not done dt. pls hw do I go abt d free download now and Kindle unlimited?
Go to your dashboard. Look to the right side of the book and click on Promote and Advertise. On the next page choose Free Book Promotion then click on the yellow bar that says create free book promotion. Set your preferred dates and save.]
[pls on the book author page is there any need to design picture for that?
i haven't created my author's page, but if you meant book cover you should get a pro design. It best you leave blank, because those europeans are racist and if you are creating something that doesn't match Africa it best to use a pen name.
pen names are great if you want a better sale Americans prefer to buy from an American, like if you want to write a love story it best to use an American name as your author e.g 'The Love of My Life - Leonard V. Collins' they will believe you are an American or you from Europe so there are greater chances of getting bigger sales, or will you buy a book on how to prepare Egusi Soup from a Korean when you know Nigerians own that dish. I am planninng to use a pen name for my next book.]

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crazymummy, from NAIRALAND.


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