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Quote:100 Proven Ways To Make Money In Nigeria Starting With Less Than N 46, 300 by avonoshi: 4:59pm On Oct 24

There are many setbacks to starting your own business and to make money in Nigeria, and i know for sure that not having money isn’t one of them.

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? If so, what’s holding you back? If not having enough money to get started, then I’ve got some excellent news for you. You can start countless businesses for under N 46, 300.

Over the years I’ve done many odd jobs to pay bills. While it’s not always easy, there are ways that you can put your skills (whatever they are) to work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a handyman or an online marketing expert, you can make extra money on the side.

You may think that’s crazy, but you’ll be convinced after reviewing these 100 business ideas that can actually be launched with less than N 46, 300.

Direct sales representative
Being a local sales representative for companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Spectranet, Smile, Ntel, Jumia and many more, they require you to spread the word about their products by hosting a party, meet up zones or selling them online. Most starter kits cost around N 45, 000 or less and some of these companies will provide you with everything you need to become a sales rep.

If you already have the knowledge or experience in a specific area, such as providing legal advice or showing business how to become more eco-friendly, then you can easily start your own consulting agency. The main costs involved are marketing your business and networking. So invest in a low cost website and business cards.

Senior home companion
There are currently more than 10 million people in the Nigeria alone who are 65 years of age or older. That figure is expected to grow to around 58 million in 2060. That means that there are lots of seniors who looking for someone to keep them company or families looking for advice on how to care for their loved ones. This might not even cost you more than designing and printing complementary card.

There are lots of students who need assistance in every subject – whether if it’s in primary school, secondary or university. If you have this knowledge, then starting your own tutoring business can become an appealing business idea that requires almost no capital. After all, the students already have the learning materials with them.

Whether if you’re a writer or web developer freelancing is a lucrative business idea that pretty much requires nothing more than your talent, laptop, and internet connection. Thanks to the numerous websites that post freelance gigs, e.g. Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer, you should have no problem starting out.

Vlog with YouTube
Since 80% of laptops, tablets, and smartphones come equipped with a built-in camera, anyone can start creating videos and posting them to YouTube. If you have knowledge you want to share, or are just incredibly charismatic, then you can start profiting from your vlog through adverts.

Auto repair/detailing
If you have a garage, tools, and knowledge, then why not start your own auto repair shop? Even if you don’t have a garage, you could start a mobile auto repair business where you go to the broken-down vehicle.

If like the idea of working with vehicles, but aren’t a mechanic, then start washing and detailing cars. I have a friend who do this on the side. Eventually, he was able to make this into a full-time through word-of-mouth recommendations at work.

Sharing economy rentals
Thanks to the “sharing economy” more and more people are opting to rent items instead of purchasing them. You can rent everything from your car, parking space, and household items like furniture. I wouldn’t get too carried away. I would start with a niche and slowly work your way up. For example, you could start renting out yard equipment like rakes, shovels, or leaf blowers. If you don’t already own them, you can purchase for under N45,300.

Managing web design
There are also countless sites out there that teach you basic web design. Learn a new trait today. Even if you aren’t a web designer, you could find a designer affordably and still charge less than professional web design firms. They key here is managing the process; most businesses don’t want to do this and are willing to pay.

If you’re able to make minor household repairs, like switching out a broken electrical outlet or sealing a pipe under the kitchen sink, then this is another business that doesn’t cost much to start, but is also in-demand.

Menu planning
I know plenty of people who are indecisive when it comes to their meals. That’s why they’re willing to hire someone to help them plan out their meals. This is a low-cost idea for anyone who enjoys working with food, but doesn’t have the resources to prepare and serve it.

House sitter/pet sitter
This essentially requires no initial investment. You can start asking your family, friends, and neighbors if they need someone to watch their home or pet when they go-out-of-town.

Lawn care
If you have a green thumb, enjoy being outside, and have the tools to get started, like a lawnmower, weed wacker, chainsaw, then this is a no-brainer of a business idea. The only main cost is advertising and marketing your business.

Homemade foods
Whether if it’s soup mixes, jellies, or chocolates, people love specially crafted meals. And, since you already have a kitchen, you just need cooking supplies, packaging, and basic marketing materials to get started.

Professional organizer
We live in a materialistic world. And, it’s easy to start getting overwhelmed by all the stuff that’s consuming our homes. Professional organizers can help people get their homes back-in-order for no more than N5,000 or so on classified ads site like, Olx or .

Green cleaning service
Cleaning services are a dime a dozen. You can stand out from the competition by offering a green cleaning service that uses eco-friendly and natural products. Some of these you may be able to make yourself and even start selling.

Grocery delivery
Some major grocery store offer delivery services, but not all of them. And, there’s a chance that your local mom-and-dad grocery store doesn’t. That’s when you can charge customers to go to the store for them and deliver their groceries to their home.

Personal concierge
A personal concierge takes care of everything from taking clients to the airport, the dog to the vet, or managing their schedules. It’s basically being someone’s personal assistant.

Creating information products
If you have experience with a specific niche, then you can start selling your knowledge by creating products like eBooks or instructional videos. The cost is usually no more than your time, domain name, and a cheap web hosting.

As with creating information products, if you’re familiar with a specific topic, then you can launch a blog where you share this knowledge. You can earn money by selling ad space, becoming an affiliate, or starting a subscription service.

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