John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Strange exam result
Good morning Pastor

1. I was in my old street I think I was going to a house. On my way I heard policemen saying they’re going to raid the area at one particular time. I was like I’d still be there during the raiding. I continued going. I got to the place and I saw thugs everywhere. I was like no wonder they want to raid. I entered. I wanted to go out but on my way out I saw two guys fighting. The smaller one was the one winning he big the big one till he could not stand again. I walked past them. The small guy followed me and was like I should stop and all. I was like why. I don’t know what he did but we started to fight. I was hitting him hard but he did not seem to feel it. When I saw I was wasting time and he was about to start attacking. I started to use wisdom for him, I was able to buy myself out. I was now like I’ll see him when I come back and I called him back and told him not to stay in the area till night. I did not telling him about the raiding but I just warned him. He said ok. I went to where I was going but when I got back it have pass the raiding time but the police where not there yet. I was like maybe they won’t come again. I entered. Can’t remembered how it really happened but I heard shouts outside. It was brutal. Those thugs have changed to all those village warriors and were slaining people with long knives and swords. They started to come towards where I was. I ran outside and they started to chase me. I was getting tired as they were about to catch up with me some police came and killed them. Some came again the police came again and saved me. Another set came and killed the police. There was one very fierce guy in that set. He started to come towards me. He was about to strike me down with the sword when another set of police came and killed him. Can’t remember the rest but I knew I managed to escape.

2. I slept again and that Same dream continued I was in the midst of policemen reading or something. Was very comfortable there. Some of their OGAs also came and joined us

3. I was in a cafe I can’t remember what happened but I knew me and the cafe boy got into a competition on who can design something most. I designed the thing and he was making mouth that he could do it, I went to the other system where I did my own and copied it to the guys flash so that he could see it. Can remember all that happened after that the dream was not too clear.

Thank you very much Sir
1/2. I see divine protection upon you, your life but he warned to steer clear trouble zone and your past.
In essence, I see victory,....and destruction of the enemies of your life/soul.
Bible ref ; 91,27,23

3. The lord has given you wisdom and divine knowledge to beat your contenders/competitors.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Pastor

That girl I told you about I went to her place I don’t know whether we had sex or not but she was naked. Immediately I left her mom entered and saw her naked. The woman was very very mad at her. I don’t know what she did to her but she accused her of having sex. The girl got sad and started drinking. She was drunk on day and was dancing then this Senator Dino Melaye came and was looking at her bumbum lustfully wanted to have sex with her I don’t know if they did it cos that picture closed.

Thank you very much Sir.
The lord day you or any of you initiated sex into what's between you all hell loose so that she would become uncontrollable, sexually and otherwise.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Pastor.

1. This dream is long but can’t remember. I was in a church and in the church there were 2 churches. The one with the narrow way stairs and the one with the normal stairs. I missed my way and was climbing the narrow stairs. I saw a familiar pastor pass me. I knew I was not on the right path so I asked an elderly woman I saw going to the narrow way church and she told me the one I’m going is the other side.

2. I was in my old street inside the house next to my old house. I went to see my former neighbors that have traveled out(The whole family are in U.S now) In the dream I was playing with that my friend and there were these big stones his uncle used to cover a big hole, some of the stones were already falling off and blocking the way, I told my friend to let us arrange it but he went inside. I took the stones and started to arrange. I took the extra ones outside and threw them inside a big hole filled with water(look like gutter but bigger and deeper). His uncle came back and I thought he would be angry at me but he was happy instead he got angry at my friend for not joining me to arrange the stones.

This is not the first time I’m dreaming of them in Nigeria and they’ve gone for over 3 years now but I often dream of them in Nigeria and in that exact old house.

I keep forgetting dreams these days. I dream everyday I know I dream but I hardly remember or remember just bits.

Thank you very much Sir.