John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Strange exam result
The lord warned/called : instead joining bad gang,cultist or trouble makers choose to be wise lest the sorrow,destruction and agony befalls such be your lot too.

Be wise!

Bless u
Good evening Pastor
I saw one of my old classmates Victoria.. Immediately she saw me she started running and I chased her but she was faster than me and that surprised me. We got to a corridor and she stopped I lifted her and kept her on my laps she was angry I didn't call her since all these days and I told her I didn't have her no again cos I flashed my phone. She then hugged me..
Thank you very much Sir..
The wary of the kind of friends you keep lest you lose those that are important to you.

In essence, I see misunderstanding but peace between you two. But flee,don't entertain lust.

Bless you.
Good morning Pastor
1. I was at school with a friend we got outside and found out lectures had already started and the lecturer was on track suit and he said if we don't have tracksuit we should not join I saw some of my mates there he was playing worldly songs and they were exercising/dancing.. I'm an Engineering student and there no dancing lectures in my curriculum Sir.

2. I was in a crowd with a girl I like(Yomi) I held her hand and we were walking.. I stopped and look straight into her eyes and she was very beautiful. I think she wanted to know my house.

3. I saw my exam results again but I can't recall what I saw.

Thank you very much Sir
1. Be wary of bad friends,bad company,influence or worldly activities.
Dress,behave well mannered less you miss the purpose of why you were sent to school in the first place and frustration, failure overwhelm your life/academics.

2. Falling in love isn't a bad idea as I can see her taking over your being. Son,you don't need this now but you can nurture your love for her without..

3. Loosing your future/academy concentration.

Be careful and be wise. Always remember how you made it into that school,your struggles,battles..and the son of whom you are.

There is time for everything under the sun.
Therefore, do not do the right thing at the wrong time.

Bless u
Good morning Pastor
1. I was in my Uncle's hotel.. Anytime we go there we always sleep in the second room.. So I entered my cousin's room(he's in Russia now) I saw a lot of things in there I saw phones,glasses, and few electronic gadgets and I was like he's gone for long how are all these things still there.. I wanted to take some.. I stood on the weight there and I was weighing 73kg and at the moment I'm 68kg..

2. There was fighting everywhere I was with some people and we were defending ourselves with guns..
When I got home they wanted to take my mom so I quickly took her away and we got to another location and those guys wanted to take me.. I can't recall the rest Sir..

Thank you very much Sir..
◄ Romans 6:23 ►
For the wages of sin is death,
but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Indeed,the (weight) wages of sin/greed is death. Therefore, the lord warned strongly to desist and never to give in to sin/greed.

2. Violent beginnings have violent ends
That is, violent begets trouble, violent begets violence.
Do not join bad gang,desist from ungodly friends and flee from bad influence lest you bring trouble into your life and into your family and/or your mother.

He that has ears let him hear what the spirit is saying.

Bless you.
Good morning Pastor
1. This one just happened now
NEPA took light and I woke up and checked the time(anytime they take or bring light at night I always wake up immediately.. I don't sleep deep) Immediately they took the light I woke up partially and experienced sleep paralysis.. I heard a voice like my younger brother call me once I called me name lightly(Demola) I was very scared but was still paralyzed I tried to pull myself out of the paralysis and I did..
I closed my eyes again and before I knew it the paralysis held me again and I had my name with the same voice but a little loud(Demola) I was very scared tried to pull myself out but wasn't successful so I let out a few moans.. I could hear myself moaning but I later came out of it.. Immediately I woke up and got scared and started saying Jesus fast.. something then told me in my mind that "that was the spiritual world you're now in the physical world do not fear"
I don't want to close my eyes again.. I'm scared

2. Prior to what happened I had a dream in the dream I was at my of church and it was Christmas day so they were sharing food I volunteered to shared the food to the congregation with my cousin he wasn't too happy that I wanted to be where he was sharing cos we don't get along well in reality but the Pastor said yes and gave us the place we will share to people we finished sharing and it was remaining so I reserved one for myself.. I went to the teens church I saw two guys that were late for the service the teacher sent them out.. I entered and everybody started shouting they were happy to see me.. I went out back one of my close friends then(Timi) came out to greet me and we entered together. I noticed a
White guy at the front of the class speaking raw pidgin fluently he wanted to collect his food.. I can't recall the rest Sir. But looks like I ate the food..

3. I saw my neighbors(Their room is very close to my window) they're students too. They were like four in the room and naked girl was there she climbed one of them and they started having sex he friends were watching and hailing him and the guy said after this one there's another girl waiting for him.. In the dream I was peeping at them through my window..

Thank you very much Pastor.. God Bless you Sir
1. Yoruba call it " Àpèta".
Yes! The white/english man call it " sleep paralysis" but it's actually spiritual attack.
I see the kingdom of darkness fired evil arrow to incapacitate and inflict you with pain both spiritual and physical. But fear not for you've overcome them,the world if not you wouldn't be here now.

But there is need for prayers :
Ps 119,91,42.
• Evil arrow fired from the kingdom of darkness to incapacitate & render me useless I am not your candidate go back to your senders.

• O God arise & visit the source of attacker,the messenger, sender and their source of power with fire, consume by fire.

2. The lord is pleased with you.
For committing yourself,time,energy and life to serve the lord and do his will wholeheartedly and despise all odd just to please the lord.
How can serve the lord and would let your enemy prevail over you? Never! Therefore be rest assured they won't success...fear not.

3. I see the spirit of lust round about and hovering you. You were lucky you didn't experience wet night during or after the dream.
In essence, the lord warned strongly to be wary of bad influence and flee from anything that attracts lust. Flee lest you are caught unaware.

Bless u
Good morning Pastor
1. I was in a class at school, then this female lecturer came in.. I don't know the course she's taking.. She told me to stand up and collect everyone's paper.. Looks like she made me her course rep..

2. I was going to get something outside school, then I saw my sister with one of my roommates.. he was walking with her.. later they stopped where they sell indomie and bought it for both of them.. They started eating, I was at the other side of the road watching then one of my course mates called my name.. I went to meet him he was inside a kiosk with lots of shoes he later told me it was his shop(In reality I noticed 7 gbere mark on his wrist on say at school)

3. I saw my 1st semester result I was so happy I passed looks like I got a 3. out of 4 .. I saw distinction in some courses I didn't perform well..

Thank you very much Sir