John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Strange exam result
3. I was on my old church street.. I was going around looking for battery but all the aboki there didn't have.. I then saw this woman looks like I've seen her before in one of my dream she was always fond of pampering her kids.. I think one of her sons came to look for my trouble and I scolded him.. I went home and it looked like she was living in my house with her kids.. One of her daughters saw me coming she quickly pulled down her pants and started touching herself for me to see(she should be around 14).. I ignored her and entered the kitchen when I came out I saw that she was already sleeping on the corridor..
Thank u Sir
• Don't follow that church,pastor nor be found in that church. As the lord compared it heaven's with destruction/unstable.
• Indeed, it's said that a friend in trouble/in need is a friend indeed. But those are not friend in need. Be wise and wary of them.
• I see witchcraft manipulation aborted. These as a result of spiritual awakening/consciousness and dream interpretations.

2. The lord warned strongly : desist from dolapo lest he implicate you or draw your life backward or bring trouble into your life. As I see death, destruction before dolapo. His ways are destructive and deadly so any communication with him or friendship means :

• Backwardness for your life.

Be warned!

Bless u
Good evening Pastor
1. I dreamt I was at school, me and my friends we're talking, then I saw this my old classmate (she's in Unilag now). Immediately she saw me I wanted to shake hanks with her but she pushed my hands and hugged me very tight like she wanted to lift me.. we started talking and when we got to unilag gate she brought out her phone and told me to put my number..

Recently most time I wake at midnight that same seconds I wake I see strange thing I can't even explain sometimes on the cotton sometimes on the door.. I see it until my eyes clear.. Thanks u very much Sir.
You may come across her or one of your old friends soon.

In essence, pray, call on the holy ghost fire to break every link between you and your past.

..That is because you are sleeping while you should praying. You need to wake up from your spiritual slumber.
Learn to pray in the night as there are strange forces in that environment/builder. Wake up,pray instead of panicking.

Bless you.
Good morning Pastor.
1. I was with Davido.. In the dream he was very arrogant.. he wanted to drive out of his compound and he bashed two other cars and didn't care.. I can't recall the rest.

2. I saw my friends sister getting raped by a white man and she was crying in pain and there was blood.. my friend later came and took the white man away.. I tried to follow them but I didn't see them again.

3. I saw my Uncle(he's a very wicked man) he was with his son.. me and my siblings we're eating on the same table with him in a party, looks like he gave us the food..
In reality he's having a function.. he's about to be given a title next month..
Thank you very much Sir.
1. He's a bad influence to your life, spiritual growth and your destiny. Quit following him and such like him.

2. The lord warned strongly to steer clear of such/that friend(s)--don't allow him to influence you as his thirst for money is beyond comprehension and so much that he can trade/betray his own blood (sister) for money.

3. Well, prepare as you,your family may also be invited too.
In essence,wage war against night caterers and declare the fire of the lord to dispose that evil deposit(what you ate in your dream) without delay.

Bless you.
Good morning Pastor

1. I was at my former church with all my siblings, there was a big program.. There was this our church member then that died he was at the program too.. My brother now went to ask him for money and the man got very angry. I and my sister got angry too and we started asking him why should he go and ask the man for money.

2. There's this very big blue school I often see in my dream. I dreamt I saw the school it was in a street close to my old street as I was going with my brother I saw military men sitting. Then I looked at my shorts I found out I was wearing a camouflage i started walking fast so that they won't call me back I told my brother to be checking if they were coming and he said yes.. I started running then my brother changed to my sister and entered a shop and sat there. I started going to my old house and I later found out the key was with my sister, I couldn't go back because I feared those military men would catch me there.. I saw one boy and was trying to tell him to go and collect the key from my sister for me eventually he knew Her which baffled me.
Thank you very much Sir.
1. I see spiritual retrogression through manipulation of anger. Therefore wary of anger as I see the spirit of anger hovering you,and pray against spiritual retrogression.

2. I see a great potential for your spiritual growth but power of fear is robbing you hence battle with spiritual retrogression.
You have a great potentials to grow and develop your spiritual life and be useful to God more than you are now but the power of fear and battles with the flesh is denying you this potential.

Prayer :

• Anything in my life, within me & the power of fear denying,robbing me of my spiritual growth & inflicting me with spiritual retrogression, in the name of jesus, be expose,dispose,come out, dieiiii

2timothy 1:7, psalm 42,19.

Bless u
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Good afternoon Pastor..

1. I had a dream someone died on my street and the woman selling provision near our house was looking very sad.

2. I was in my Pastor house, after a while they wanted to start serving eba and I left.

3. I was dressed in agbada n I was in the Senate house I think I was in the upper chamber/ red chamber I can't remember what that place was called. We we're very few there.

I was looking for something a day before yesterday and when I slept I dreamt of the exact place the thing was n when I woke up I found it in the exact place I saw in the dream.

Thank you very much Sir.
1. I see death here. But whose death? rest assured it's someone you may know,in your neighbourhood, environment, a neighbour,friend or..? Time will tell.

2. It's not every word, idea of your pastor might fit into your spiritual life, growth and physical being.
In essence, I see infliction/arrow of witchcraft/night caterers rebuked.

3. You have a great future, as I see a powerful and honourable one here.
In essence, I see honour round about you. You shall be honour.

4. What can I say? Says who there is no God?
He's just proved to you that he's God and that,your dream is your tomorrow, your prophesy and the voice of God, what he has put in place ahead et al..

Bless u