John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Strange exam result
Good morning Pastor
I was in my former house. My current Pastor stay there. We were neighbors then. Seems I left my toothbrush in their room. I went to ask for it in the morning but I don’t know why I left and came back for it in the evening. Pastors wife was not around the kids too. I told him I left my toothbrush and he went inside to bring it for me. I remembered there was not toothpaste.
He called me and asked of my admission processing I can’t remember my reply but I said something like we are hoping. He gave me #500 to go to the cafe and help him check the admission status of one of his people that just gained admission. I took the money and left.

Thank you very much Pastor
Your academic retrogression and victory can only be established and conquered by lending a helping hands to those who are striving for admission just like you.

In essence, I see the power of sacrifice and humility rescued you from the grip of that academic retrogression and disappointment.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Pastor
I had a dream yesterday, tried to remember till now I did not remember but I had this one today

I was in a room and I noticed there was a presence, tables were shaking, things were moving. I just ran outside. I noticed as I was running there was a direction. It was a circle painted with green and it had something like a gravitational force. If you climb one with proper direction it bounces you unto the next circle. I did it till it directed me to my old house(My pastors apartment) I entered and I met my mom there. In the dream it was like my mom was occult and her people needed my pastors last child. I like the boy a lot. Immediately I heard it I shouted that they can’t take DAVID. I noticed his mom quickly agreed for them to take him cos he was like a sacrifice. Before getting to their house there was like a rumor that those people need DAVID in particular. I was like they should take their female child instead of DAVID but they told me it’s David they wanted. I noticed Pastor was not in the dream just his wife and I was surprised how she let them take the boy so easily. I don’t know if I was able to stop them or they took him

2. Still in my old house our old apartment. I saw this girl that stays in a house on this my current street going into my room in my old house, I followed her and I noticed she dropped her towel and was naked. She climbed the bed and I went close to her and held her but she let out a very feint shout she could not shout well. I just left her.

That same girl her brother was doing anyhow like a mad man, his friends were scared to hold him(In reality since I came back from school I don’t talk to them I just go on my own) The guy saw me I don’t know what I did for him he just came towards me to attack me. His friend was like he don start how I go hold am like this. The guy was very tall. I quickly defended myself and attacked back he fell down stood up again I beat him again. I think he was scared to attack again and left with his friends. This also happened in the sitting room of my old apartment.

I was with one man that screened us went for my Lagos indigeneship claim at LASU. In the dream I was asking me if he could assist me with my admission and he told me there was no way he could do it and that it’ll look somehow if a name just comes from nowhere into the admission list.

I was in my old secondary school. I saw one of my old teacher and we were very happy to see each other. Me and my friend carried him and rolled him. He jokingly chased us.

Thank you very much Pastor.
1. Well, I saw it all in your yesterday's dream but I chose to await the lord further confirmation.
But well, I will go straight to the point as the lord wouldn't permit me to go into details ; Son? If you want your life to move forward and don't want to experience unusual failure and disappointment in your life, academically and otherwise ? Leave that church now! now!! Now!!!

I mean , NOW!!!

2. Leave that church.
In essence, the lord warned to be wary of lust,temptation. ..

3...And steer clear of that family for your own good.
In essence, I see spiritual attack aborted.

4. Academic failure and disappointment again? For how long shall you continue ? Well, now you have the solution as..

5. . here is another retrogression. Therefore he warned again, flee,flee and flee from that church lest the circle of your failure and academic disappointment continues.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Pastor
1. I was somewhere I can’t remember but there was this man that looked like guru maraji. I can’t remember what happened but we fought and he started to look for how to catch me. I kept running and he kept standing at corners I was very likely to pass but I did not pass. In the dream he was dressed like a spiritualist and was holding something. I managed to escape him and as was going one Alfa almost hit me or something and I said something like he should carry his okada and go. I noticed the man turned and was coming towards me. I ran and he’s started to pursue me. He was also a spiritualist. He chased and chased me he was throwing something as he was chasing me. I entered a building and it was like celebs were having party. They were movie celebs or so. I saw a car and I hid under it. The man cane and was going round the car with his Okada. It seems his Jazz was telling him I was around there. He later saw me and came to me under the car. He couldn’t enter cause there was no space. The other side of the car was tight I couldn’t pass and escape fast. I started making sounds and those celebs noticed. I used my strength and lifted the car and ran. I ran and ran till I escaped him. The Alfa was dressed like those Ifa priests.
A rat started to pursue me. I can’t remember how that one started to chase me but I started to run till I ran inside a church service was going on, the ushers saw the rat and quickly kept it inside a basket. I ran to the back of the church. The ran managed to escape and came towards me again. They tried to catch it and one of the ushers was like let’s catch this rat it needs deliverance. I ran outside and closed the church door. It ran towards the door but there was no way for it to pass. I saw a hole and I quickly blocked it before it passed there. He later passed a pipe that was going outside. That was how the rat went. The ushers came out to confirm it has gone too.

2. My neighbor, he apartment is beside our own. I was coming from the gate that day and she called me. I noticed her house was far bigger than it is in reality. I noticed plenty girl inside going for runs. Seems she was their boss. One girl came out and I noticed her. My neighbor told the girls it was time and we started going outside. I quickly pulled the girl back and told her started to ask her. Seems my neighbor takes them to meet guys. Collect the money from the guys and tell the girls to go and meet the guys. I asked her how much my neighbor pays them out of what the guys give her and she said she gives them 200 naira or so. I was shocked. The girl said she was not going to go to the guy. One of my other neighbor saw us and was shouting she’ll tell my neighbor what I did. I just ignored her.
Thank you very much Sir.
◄ Proverbs 18:10 ►
The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

Indeed, the lord saves the righteous from troubles and their foes but only those who obey him and heed to his instructions.
Listen, the lord wouldn't permit me to go into details about this revelation but you must run for your life and flee from that pastor or church now as you are under demonic/occultic watch. Flee, flee and flee now!

2. The lord strongly warned to be wary of that neighbor as her hands are not clean,her hands are filled with sin and wickedness against humanity. She derives joy and amass wealth in her fellow human beings suffering and sorrow.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening Pastor.
This is not a dream but i need insight. There’s this girl I know. She acts a bit weird. Like today at Unilag lagoon front. I told her we should go and see the lagoon she was not comfortable when I mentioned it. I begged her but she was acting somehow and was like we should not go. Her spirit is not with going. Sometimes when we talk she is looking but she’s not hearing anything she’s gone. Sometimes she just shakes. If I touch her back too she’ll just be shaking and she said if someone touches it too much her stomach will start to pain her. Very very sensitive person. I remember her telling me her mom always say she’s a special child and that they said she won’t see her 15th birthday or she’ll die that day something like that. She said she fell very ill that day. She also told me she used to talk to ghosts and spirits in her old school but it have stopped since she went for deliverance. She also said they said she must not be getting angry and she the type that gets angry easily. That if she does something bad will happen. She said she gets very hot sometimes and constant headache. Today when we got down from the car with her I felt very very hot like they just brought me out of oven and there was AC inside the car. I’m not feeling too well but I don’t know if that’s why I felt that hot. I think she also used her teeth to pull my hair. I’m not sure but I think I saw her do it. She plays a lot and seems she likes me cos she opens up a lot to me. Like tell me things she can’t even tell her mom. I don’t know if she needs another deliverance or she is fine.

Thank you very much Pastor
So,with all these strange signs and experiences you are still doubting she's possessed ?
Anyway, indeed her case require but not just a deliverance but monthly deliverance until these strange demons or spirits come out of her being. Oh yes, I must tell you, whether she's telling you the truth or not?? The truth is? There is a mystery surrounding her life and how she behaves some times.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you Pastor. I’ll tell her mom cos the mom was also saying it’s like she needs it.

I had this one this morning Sir
1. In reality I told my class governor some issues I was facing academically. So I had a dream that he wrote a message on the school group and the stuff spread. It was like a fundraising campaign for me. It was like Help Ademola. I was shocked

2. I don’t know what my brother did but he did something bad he now called me to assist him fall a big tree which I did. When my mom and Aunty came back they saw the tree and thought I fell on it’s own they quickly went somewhere in a car. I told my sister the truth but he tried to manipulate to make it seem like I did it(In reality too he does that and he’s the lying type he lies too much even when you catch him redhanded he will still look for lie). I carried the tree and I think I stood it back or something . I did not really understand the dream but “DEATH” have been coming to my head since I woke up from the dream. Like my spirit is telling me something. I’ll update if I remember the rest of the dream. Thank you very much Sir
1. Divine,overwhelming and unprecedented help is coming your way.

2. I see a great implication. The lord warned , do not give in to your brother request lest he implicate or use you so that a life would be lost.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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