John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Strange exam result
Good mOrning Sir. I had this dream I saw my recently concluded first semester result I had an A, a B, a C, and about 6 E. The C I had was from ICT but with my total score I had 83 which is supposed to be an A but on the result I saw C. I did well in the exam I only did below par on only two courses but I saw E in courses I was expecting B or C. Thank u Sir.
You will make it but slightly between failure and pass/success.

That is, slightly between success and failure but over all you will scale through to proceed/succeed.

Bless you
Thank u very much Sir
Good morning Sir I had another dream today, I was in school I think we were writing exam I not sure but we were in class doing something.. Suddenly high ranked military officials came one was a naval officer and soldiers were there they came with an helicopter a very high ranked officer came down probably a general his uniform was full of stars. He told me to get something from his car. Then i went back to class but nobodtv was there, i saw my friends textbook on the table i then took it for him. I think I saw buhari in the dream but I can't really recall the dream. Thank u Sir.
I see honour and favour before you but don't let it get into your head so much that you forget your academy activities/responsibilities.

Bless you.
Good morning Sir. I had these dreams this morning.
1. I went to the school I wrote my ssce not my real school. I then saw this girl I liked then, I jumped down from where I was sitting and almost fell on her but she just continued to go without looking back one of my friends now shouted and told her she's very beautiful.

2. I was at winners chapel suddenly after the service I saw a tall fair guy who started reading a note to the whole church(how he just finished his nysc and studied at the university of london) them he went beside on aunty who was kneeling beside her friend I think they were gisting.. the guy also knelt beside her and said "will u marry me" and before he could talk finish she said "yes". I was sitting beside my sister and I was surprised that she answered immediately. I then saw two of my course mates they were choirs and were preparing to go home. I was now telling my sister that those guys are missing a lot at school due to their absence my sister then called one of them olodo that he knows nothing.

3. I was at school and It was raining n I wanted to go and buy fuel at alagomeji.. I was contemplating whether to go to alagomeji or onipanu(I think the fuel I wanted to buy was I wanted to go and withdraw cos that the only reason I go to these two places when I didn't have atm). The first driver didn't carry me he sent me down and said fuel the fuel will pour on his sit meanwhile I have not even bought it, the keg was still empty. I started walking maybe I'd see okada, the rain got heavier I was wearing a sweater. Most weren't going but I managed to see one who said #100 but I wanted to pay #70, we were negotiating then the okada man saw a girl he knew then they started talking. The we were in a compound my brother and sister were there, few of my neighbors were there too. Then I saw the girl that okada man was talking to and I liked her wanted to go and meet her but was very shy. In reality i'm very shy around girls. Some of my friends now pushed me we just talked for a very short while and I asked for her no which she gave me immediately.
In the same dream there was this small girl holding my phone I dragged it from her and ran my younger sister followed me and said if I continue to do like that the little girl won't like me. Thank u very much Sir.
1. I see spirit of distraction accompany with shame.
The lord warned strongly : flee from every form of direct or indirect flirting/lust lest shame and degradation overwhelm you. And if at all you come across her or..apply wisdom and be slow to speak so that you won't be disgrace publicly as a result of your thirst for fade-able beauty.

2. If you want to grow in your spiritual life and lead a victorious life in christ? That church isn't [meant]for you. Disobey at your own detriment and find yourself at the bottom of spiritual grace and growth.

3. Lust,lust and love for girls.
The lord warned strongly (again), if you don't want to experience hard life, frustration, delay and set back accompany with spiritual/physical oppression and failure? You don't want your grace and heaven to be hijack and become a game for the devil to rob of your virtue again? Flee from lust,and mind You? Be warned be found given in to pressure to please friends --chasing girls.

Flee. Flee. Flee.

Bless u
Thank u very much for your support Pastor, may God continue to bless u.

I had these dreams last night
1. I was at school and we just finished writing a test/exam. Everyone was given their script except me.. I walked to the invigilator and told her she ignored me and said my script was not among the scripts on the table I asked herto check and she said she can't that it's not there but my spirit strongly believed it was on the table.
2. In reality..Yesterday night I was with a friend talking then suddenly this little girl of about 5 just came to us stopped and greeted us then ran off. I was a bit surprised. Then last night I had a dream i saw this same girl buying akara on my old street, she saw me and immediately hugged me tightly and asked If I cared for the akara, which I ignored. Then i followed her and she entered my ołd house. Thank you very much Sir.
1. I see an evil force programmed to frustrate your academics.

You shall wage war against it, psalm 119,121:1-2,19.

• Powers assigned to frustrate my academy success, be frustrated and die.

• O God arise and dismantle every strong hold of the enemy and evil agenda against me academy success.

• Powers that want to frustrate my success,academy, life, scatter & die iiii

2. I see temptation before you but you've overcome one but I see you falling for the other.
The lord warned strongly to be wary of temptation,lust lest you are inflicted with retrogression.

Bless you.
Good evening Sir.. I couldn't post yesterday phone problem..
1. I was going somewhere.. I met two of my course mates luckily we we're heading the same way we started talking.. it was raining heavily.. in reality we don't talk.. we got to where we we're going, I didn't see what I was sent to get.. we we're going back together.. I was looking for where to get card to call my mum and tell her I didn't see what she sent me.. my two course mates couldn't wait for me so they left.. I started looking for card.. I now saw a place they sell was a small house they we're cooking.. I knocked and told them I wanted to buy card..they shouted at me that they did not have.. as I was about to go this very old woman came out and told me she'll give me her phone if I follow her..she was scary and ugly she had long navel like there was something pointing it out.. I also saw a newspaper on the floor beside the house and her picture was there I can't remember what was there.. my spirit told me not to wait for her to come out so I ran..
I can't recall the rest..
But I think in that dream I was on top of Christ embassy roof the roof was new but I couldn't understand why we we're walking on the roof.. I think it was also slippery.. Thank u very much Sir

2. I was going to my secondary school with my family friend there was a party/anniversary, we got there and we were asked to park outside by a policeman (he was driving his dad's car) we we're trying to park but the place was too tight dolapo got angry and drove inside the school the police told him to stop but dolapo didn't answer the police shot in the air but dolapo still didn't answer I sensed danger and I got down.. the police ran to dolapo and wanted to shoot him other police men tried to stop him but eventually he shot dolapo and dragged him down he was soaked in blood.. I was shocked and confused.. I ran outside the gate suddenly I saw Whitney my ex classmate looks like she also came for the party.. we hugged and started talking.. we went inside the school compound and started walking around.. we went upstairs and saw a lot of balloon with three written on them so kids bumped into me when trying to take the balloon and I told them to be careful.. we left the place and went down.. suddenly I saw this fierce looking guy smoking by the wall.. Whitney brought out cigarette and went to him I asked her where she saw cigarette but she didn't answer me.. I couldn't stand the smoking so I pecked her lips and told her to be careful.. I left there and started walking around..

I can't really recall the rest. Thanks for your support Pastor.