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7 Clear Signs You’re Ready For Marriage
The big question if one is Ready For Marriage keeps reoccurring and most people do not have an easy and direct answer to this question. Though you would need to know that there are some noticeable signs which can help one get a concluding answer. Marriage is not a bed of roses as many people imagine and it is a life long experience full of its own highs and lows making it is a very bold step for you to say Yes to that special someone in your life.

In this post we will be discussing the 7 signs that shows you are ready for marriage.

1. You Decide to Focus Only on One Person: This is quite different for everybody but switching gears and lanes from one individual to another can be very exhausting as relationships take a lot of time and energy. So when you finally decide you are fed up of jumping from one person to another and decide to give one person your undivided attention, this is a clear sign that you are ready to focus only on one person and is the number one sign you are now getting serious about a relationship and ready for marriage.

2. You Are Happy With That Person: When a person finds true happiness, it is extremely hard to hide from people around you as your facial expression and body language can show numerous signs that you are happy. When you discover that you are always happy around that special someone then it is a good sign you are not in for just any relationship but that person impacts positively into your life. And someone who make you happy would surely make a good life partner.

3. You Are Nervous About Committing to Marriage : Commitment is never a easy thing to give no matter the level, even when you tick all the check boxes of this list you might still get nervous about committing your life and future to that one person. This can be seen as a good sign as it also shows you care and you do not want to disappoint that special one.

4. You Have Gained Knowledge to Sail Through the Bumps : Arguments and disagreements are statics in every relationship and they are sometimes healthy. So when you develop the skills or ability to resolve this issues without any sign of aggression then you are ready to face the storm when you finally commit the your life to that special one person.

5. Life With Your Partner is Better Than Without: When you are in a long term relationship you should be able to tell if that person is making a positive or negative impact on your life. On the long run if you realize you handle difficult times, or make better decisions with your partner then it is a good sign that you two are good for each other and ready for marriage.

6. You Can Sit in Silence Together : This is a bit awkward but it happens a lot of times. Sometimes we meet with a friend or a colleague, and talk but at some point we run out of topics and there’s this silence that feels so awkward. This happens a lot but when you meet that person you can just lay back, do nothing, not even talking and yet still feels great with then you guys are perfect fit for marriage.

7. You Have the Same Vision about Life: It’s very hard to make a relationship work when your visions on life and views about this are different and the both of you want different things out of it. This can make relationships though and marriage even thougher. When you find that someone who looks in the same direction as you, has the same life goals as you and works together with you to achieve the same things; then you should know it’s a sure sign that the person is suitable to be your marriage partner.

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