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my wife's dream
In my dream,A sister E(married in real life with children) was telling the dreams she's been having.that she is married to me(I am also married in real life) and another man(I know him in real life,he's also married).But that the man always dies in the dream(meaning,he's not her husband) but in my case,she's the one always(meaning we are not romantically connected).
Pls help me interprete it sir.
..she's the one always.. what?

You didn't complete the sentence.

Anyway, if you mean ; "she's the one always...." in the case of the man according to her own dreams/narration,in yours?

Then it means God is speaking in parable, and that is : that if man fit into a woman's future, through revelation doesn't mean the woman fit for the man through his revelation.

Love and marital, or any decision in life for that matter that involves two must have something in common or share something in common or in accord if there is such? Then they have nothing to do together, in common.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Sorry I omitted it.
She's the one always dying.