John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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my wife's dream
I was in d market(major market in d city where i live).
A man(I don't know in real life) came and was giving everyone around me 1k each but when he got to me he gave me 2k.I was surprise y he gave me 2k,i said to myself,maybe for me n my son.He was giving out dis money in appreciation to God for d multimillion naira contract he got.After giving me d 2k,he called me n started blessing me(i will prosper,have a glorious future,God will bless d work of my hand etc),while he was still blessing me,crisis broke out btw Christians n Muslims,so everybody ran to safety.I asked some people after my child,they said he n my husband were killed in d crisis,d pain was unbearable so i fainted
No. Your husband and son(children) will not die.

In essence, the lord say, in this economy crisis, chaos, death and destruction ; I shall bless you, your helper will locate you, you shall not die, you will survive and I will lift you up.

• Instead of death you shall live.
• Instead of sorrow you shall celebrate.
• Instead of hungry you shall eat to your fill.
• Instead of lack you shall have in abundance,plenty- for the lord shall bless you.
• Instead of poverty I shall cause the rich/the blessed one(s) to bless you.

Lastly, pray for the safety of your family and ask God to increase his grace and shield of protection upon the life of your husband and son(children)and/or family a as whole. Psalm 91,24,23,27.

Bless u
Tnx n God bless.
Gud day sir.
I dreamt that I was on d bed sleeping but there was a frog petching on my leg.I woke up scared.
Weariness has creeped into your spiritual life as a result of this agent of darkness has capitalised on that.

You are find sleeping when you should be praying.

Wake up from your spiritual slumber now and wage war against agent of darkness in your home/room/life.

Psalm 119, 24 ,23.

Bless u
Tnx n God bless Sir.
My wife's dream.
She was in d church n everybody came wit a bottle of perfume.All the perfumes were taken together to d Pastor for prayers.After praying over them he sprayed it on all those in d service.Therafter a woman was given cake to share amongst all those present cos it was a special sunday. As d woman got to my wife,she SKIPPED her n moved unto d next persons. My wife's mother then came n gave my wife double portion for she n my son.
I was sleeping n a boy i know n teach came very early(6am) n knocked at d door.He opened and asked me to please give him d assignment he asked me to help him do.I went inside to get it but couldn't find it,it occured to me that i had not done d assignment.
1. ◄ Matthew 5:23 ►
"Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you,
leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.

•If you want to experience bread in the lord presence.?

• You want to experience the power of his blessing and glory?

• You want the lord to touch and reach out to you while in his presence and not miss your blessing while others are receiving theirs?

Go and make amend with your mother. There is mystery and hidden or open chaos between you two,and until she pray for you or settle this case with her? The lord may continue to pass you by while blessing others in your presence.

2. Be sacrificial and committed to your words or whatever you promise anyone.
A covenant breaker is like a man without purpose in life. Be sacrificial and learn to always fulfil your vow with God and man.

If you can't meet up or fulfil a promise/vow with God or man? It's better not to make one at all.

Bless u
Thanks sir
She saw herself harvesting ripe tomatoes from her farm.On her way back home,she saw a man(she doesn't know in real life) in his own farm(ripe tomatoes with weeds) clearing the weeds with stick instead of cutlass n d stick was very effective in cutting the weeds.
She continued home n on her way she saw people selling tomatoes n she bought more n added to d already harvested ones.
She was sweeping d house n removing cobwebs