John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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my wife's dream
Tnx a bunch sir. God bless u too.
Guy day Sir.
She was going somewhere to buy something n gave our son to a lady who wanted to carry him. After buying whatever it was she wanted to buy, she came for our son but neither saw him nor D lady she handed him to. She kept searching but to no avail. She came home to tell me only to find me sleeping with a woman(sometimes back she dreamt in d dream she n D woman fought, but she does not know dis woman in d physical) and there also was D woman she gave our son to. She tried discouraging me from continuing wit D woman but I didn't pay attention so D two woman engaged her in a fight n she fought back using D word of God. She dealt with them seriously l, such that they could not even stand n then took them to BRO. VICTOR(she doesn't know him in d physical only in d dream). She felt since he is more stronger than her spiritually he will finish completely. She handed them to him.
Be wary of strange woman or strangers in your home and whom you give into or share your family issues with lest your home is destroyed and your hubby finds another woman outside as a way of paying you back for you mistake. And, lastly, trust none with your marriage, hubby especially your kids/son. And remember to always pray for your home,marriage, son, hubby and/or your family.

Be wise!

Bless you.
Thx n God bless.
She went to d salon.She saw other ladies fixing(weavons n attachment).She told herself that attachment n weavon is no longer her thing,she is only going to wash the hair n park it.The scene changed,he elder broda came around n took her out for shopping.OK boutique,she saw d types of trousers she used to wear n was tempted to pick from those but she resisted.Got other clothes mainly for our son n some women were admiring d clothes n wanted to buy but she told the women that it is not for sale.She felt it will b bad of her if she didn't show d women where she got those clothes from,so she directed them to d shop.The scene changed again.She saw a very long queue of people waiting to see pst. Adegboye.She joined d queue n somehow people started pushing n shoving n gbam she was in the front,entered n met wit Adegboye(Sometimes back she had a dream where people went to see Adegboye n he was giving them prophecies,telling them about themselves but when it got to her turn,just as he wanted to start giving her prophecies fight ensued on d queue she then woke up).He told n others inside to go to d altar there n tell God whatever they desire.She went and lied down on the altar,praying,crying n asking God to bless her husband.Adegboye then came spraying them perfume.As soon as she was sprayed she fell under the power of God.
When was on the floor,she saw women of substance in the society also in d church,with manner of make ups n she said to herself"why is he allowing such in his church?"
I was at place with some of my colleagues(can not remember where n what we were doin there).Suddenly armed robbers came there n asked everyone to lye down.I hadn't anything on me,i tried to complain but it fell on deaf hears.They accompanied me to a place(can't remember where.So that i don't escape) I wanted to go to wit their guns while i was doin whateva i went there for n they were supposed to keep eyes on me so dat i don't escape,suddenly there was shout of fire,fire n everybody started running,you could see black smoke from d building on fire.I ran too,while running,i met my colleagues they then told me that they saw those robbers swimming in a pool they were carried away by it n left me to do whatever took me to that place n i escaped.
1. Many are in the house of God, in the lord's presence but few encounter and enter the kingdom of God.

In essence, the lord say, now that you've dispose these worldly lifestyle[wearing make-ups, trousers et al) you shall witness my presence with ease,and I shall cause you to enjoy extra ordinary grace and blessing in my presence.

Many seek me, many run,cry out to be even in my presence but I will not listen to them until they repent and do away with these worldliness in them.

Now, if you are still a lover of these worldly lifestyle,ways? My presence and grace isn't meant for such like you.
But if not, honour, grace and my glory shall overwhelm you so much that with little you will become great and adorn with glory.

2. Halleluyahiii
Indeed, the lord is pleased with you hence his overwhelming grace,love, protection, heaven and security.
I can see that you are not among the wayward women above. Therefore, the lord shall cause you captor, spiritual robber and contender to die. They shall attack you you in one direction but flee in seven directions.

The lord shall preserve your comings and going, he shall guard and protect you from the evil one.
The lord shall arise and fight those who fights you, contend with them that contends with you.

"I see uncommon grace upon you"

Bless u
God bless u sir
I had a dream this morning that I and my younger sister found our self on top of a mountain I don't know what we are doing there but as if we are going away from our father on top of the mountain it started raining and we did not no were to go suddenly a man appear to use and ask us to come into his house for shelter so we enter then I told the man that when we are on top of this mountain we did not see your house he said that is because he can move the house from one side of the mountain to the other then he started telling me and my sister how we are looking for a way that our father will love us that there is no need to look for any body that he can do it for us.that all we just need to do is to give our father this fruit that has niddle ontop and but b4 that we shd down into a Small hut and decree that from now hence forth he is the owner of our soul.

Already I saw my sister doing it then it was my turn( I remember when I was doing a week deliverance program were you ask me if I have been to a native doctor I said no)than I now say what are my doing here so the man ask me go and do my own and then I pretended that am fasting not today some other time he knew I don't want to do it so he told his son to use the charm on us we forth and I use the charm on both the father and the son
Indeed, the bracket message explained it all.

Now, listen, the lord say, either conscious or unconsciously there was a dedication and evil covenant at the altar of evil doc or priest on top of a mountain. This could have been done on your behalf, before or behind your back.

You and your sister were dedicated to an evil priest and since then you'd been under the captivity and chain of evil doc and covenant.

But to God be the glory, I see that evil dedication, covenant disposed,broken and neutralised over your case/life.

Your deliverance paid off.


Bless u
Tnx sir n God bless.