John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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my wife's dream
My wife was goin to fetch water from a well but noticed that a decomposing coprse was in the well n the smell was too much so she ran to another well n fell by the well.She dipped her hand into the well it was full n clean,n was fetching water with her hand to wash her face but noticed that everywhere around the well was muddy n she was stained.
It's called " polluted heaven,grace and salvation "

There is a blood in your wife's foundation or father's house crying against every member of her family especially her heaven, salvation and grace right now. matter how hard or many time she try to escape this blood it may continue to polluted her heaven and cry against her in the kingdom of God.

No wonder the bible says :

◄ Ezekiel 18:2 ►
.....The fathers eat sour grapes but it's their children's teeth that have become numb.'

What a world!

You wife must embark on one day white fasting and prayers :

Psalm 119, 19,51.

• Every blood crying in my foundation against my peace,heaven and my place in the kingdom of God, by the power in the blood of jesus. Shut up over my case NOW!

• O blood of jesus arise and separate from this inherited sin of my father's house polluting my heaven and grace.

• O you blood crying against me because of the sins of my's written that I am a new creation in christ, old things shall pass away, therefore -i command,get thee behind me,heaven by fire.

Bless u
Tnx sir.
1) She saw herself at d river(b4 she would but dis time the river parted n she was walking on dry land though wit potholes n our priest came,held her hand n took her out.
2) She was coming back home n it was drizzling but when she got to our area it was raining cat n dog n everywhere was flooded n people were running to higher grounds,our priest came again n took her to a safe place where everywhere is dry n only drizzling.
1. The lord will make a way where there is no way for you just like he did for the children of Israel before the great red Sea.
In essence, I see dominion and great victory over powers therein the seas or kingdom of marine.

Bible ref. For full interpretation : psalm 8.

2. I see the power of God lifted you out of the storm-of :

• Destruction.
• Oppression.
• Affliction.
• And over and above every storm and kingdom of marine/darkness.

What a mighty God we serve!

Bless you.
Tnx n God bless u.
Gud day sir.
She (my wife) was somewhere wit her former school mates.Suddenly they started running without asking y they were running she also joined them but discovered dat she left her shoes behind(on a soakaway).She went back to pick it n saw a lady(In real life,she died few days back n was buried ystday) n my wife was like,okay dis is d reason y they were running.She went to pick her shoes(She was concious dat she always falls into soakaways in d dream n had to b careful less she falls again).After picking her shoes d lady(that is dead in real life came n removed cobwebs from my wifes hair).My wife thanked her n left n that was when she bcame afraid too n it was like d lady was walking behind her.
Indeed, the deceased woman struggled during her life time and fought the infliction of retrogression and witchcraft attack with her limited but human/spiritual capacity but to no avail hence as the battles/struggles ensured her life was lost. But to God be the glory for your wife. She fought and she won and defeated the pit of death,chronic retrogression and destruction.

Congratulations to her.
Welcome to the land of the living. And forward!

Bless you.
Tnx a bunch sir.
She(my wife) was in d class teaching n when it was time to tell d pupils stories, she was telling them stories n there was this woman(she knows in real life) that stood by d door(supervisor) listening n correcting my wife's english. After all said, d woman(supervisor) brought 2 excercise books (a new one and am old one ).The old one carries her name and a former colleagues name where she used to teach n d new one was blank. The woman(supervisor) drew line on d new one where my supervisors will be entering report each time they come around n handed d new one to my wife n told my wife that there was no need for d old one. The woman(supervisor) was being nice to My Wife n espresso to know where my wife lives so dat she can be comin around but another woman(my wife knows in real life, a parent to a pupil in d school she used to teach) appeared n warned my wife to b careful of d supervisor. That d supervisor is acting nice cos she knows that things are now okey wit my wife.
◄ 2 Corinthians 5:17 ►
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

I see your wife glory,success,expectation,life and career released from captivity and book of retrogression,poverty, struggle, failure and lack of progress in her career life.

Hence, and now that now that she lord has restore back her glory and gave her a new live and begin she must be wary of unfriendly friends and people around her.

Bless u