John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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my wife's dream
She was cooking rice. While d rice was still cooking d elder will go and b fetching it from d fire. in d dream he came to our house. He was also taking from the meat she fried n kept. At a point she wasn't happy with his attitude n scolded him, he got took his things n wanted to go but she apologised n asked him not to. Meanwhile my neighbours were cooking also in preparation for their daughter's pre-wedding ? party, surprisingly they didn't tell us about it. When their guests started coming some of them came to our apartment instead n she gave them from d rice she cooked.
What a woman with open and BIG heart.
But, the lord cautioned that she should be wise and never allow neither her brother or anybody take advantage of her humility and generosity,and must stop people around her from taking her things without consent or behind her.

Bless you.
Thx slot sir.
She had this dream again.
She was sleeping at night and a woman came around,though the woman was outside the house but was pressing my wife but my wife was praying inside since her voice couldn't come they couldn't that way until eventually she was able to voice out her prayers n d woman left her.
The scene changed she was in a vehicle but noticed the vehicle was moving but there was no driver, she then told a woman seated by the drivers seated to control d steering but d woman said she didn't know how to drive. Scene changed they r on a bridge the was broken not inside the car. They were told to pick a partner each n hold hands but the lady who was her partner fell down d bridge n so others kept falling until she was d only person left. All that fell,fell into a dirty water beneath but my wife held unto a wood on the bridge n told herself that she must never fall into that dirty water n b drown again. She kept swinging to catch an object at the other end to enable her cross over but each time she gets hold of d object it will remove ,she kept trying till she woke up.
It's called " shadow/arrow of destruction/death".
As the lord refer your wife to the book of..and it say :

◄ Matthew 13:25 ►
But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

Indeed, the enemy came in the middle of the night to steal,kill and destroy your wife but to God be the glory she overcame.

Praise God!

She should appreciate God for her life and for been counted among the living today!

Bless you.
Tnx n God bless u sir.
More grace sir.
My wife had dis dream.
We were living in Kano in an apartment of blocks of flat.She liked d place cos the apartment we occupy was not close to d gate (on like where we presently stay).She noticed that we were living with a friend(ken we know in real life) n his family in d same apartment.Ken's wife wasn't at home n ken was plannin on cheating wit another woman so my wife went out of d house to see her younger sister that is living in kano.
She noticed that just behind our house was a big rice farm(over a 1000 hecters) owned by an alhaji(we don't know in real life).The rice had been harvested n there were machines gathering the grasses from the farm to feed cattles with.
Opportunity abound in the North/kano but It comes with a "but" which you may both be able or may not not be able to bear or endure.

Bless you.
Tnx sir.
1)My wife saw herself back in her secondary school n been taught by a female teacher who detest her so much,always condeming her classworks n exercises even the classwors n excercises are always correct.On dis particular day,they went on break n she noticed later that other students were given their test script but she wasn't given hers,on return to d classroom after d break period d entire students in her class n herself went to d female teacher n pleaded wit her to forgive my wife in whatever way she had offended n my wife knelt down b4 her crying n asking for 4giveness too.As if that was what the female teacher wanted,she then held my wife up n she(teacher)too crying told my wife that it's ok n gave my wife her test script.
2)She went to their family house n they mum accused her of eating the chicken she kept.The mum went n told a neighbour,the neighbour came checked the house n saw the chicken there n gave it to d mum.The mum apologised but my wife told her that she would nv pay them visit again
Both dream means the same.

Your wise may soon experience affliction of :

• Shame.
• Dishonour.
• Demotion.
• Limitation.
• Set back.
• Disappointment.
• Spiritual/physical implication/accusation.

..because the enemies has inflicted her with the arrow of retrogression and shame.

There is need for restoration and prayers to restore her and destroy the evil arrow asap.

2days night vigil with fasting.
• Every arrow of demotion, shame and retrogression fired into my life to frustrate me/it..come out by fire and go back to your sender(s).

• I shall off every arrow of shame, disappointment and demotion in my finances, blessing,at my work place...dieiiii

• By the power that's above every other powers, O God arise and destroy every source of powers and evil agent of this arrow of affliction by fireiii

Psalm 24,27,4 and 119

Bless you.
Tnx n God bless sir.