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Dream update
Sir I am grateful to God for his grace upon your life and your total dependence on God
After praying the way you instructed with my husband, we both had a dream
Husbands dream
He saw a fair lady being flogged by people on his behalf in the dream

In my dream I was in a shop were my children wanted me to buy things for them as I looked at the things they wanted me to buy I discovered the prices where too high so I didn't buy it as I was leaving the shop I spotted beautiful ripe plantain I packed a lot of them in my trolley and then I sighted the price which was ridiculously expensive so I called someone working there to come check the price for me then I woke up.
1. ◄ Deuteronomy 28:7 ►
"The LORD will conquer your enemies when they attack you. They will attack you from one direction, but they will scatter from you in seven!

I see a strange but strong,evil woman(strong man) behind your marriage, husband's and family spiritual/physical predicaments but I can see the power & mighty hand of God fighting on your husband's/family/marriage behalf and waging war against the strange woman now.

Hmm..What a mighty jesus just within 24hrs that lord has started fighting for you? She's in trouble.

Congratulations to your family/hubby and congrats in advance as more is coming.

2. Praise God! Praise God!! Praise God!!!

Your victory and harvest of blessing is this close manifestation.
Read psalm 1, 19 and isaiah60 tonight,separately from the last procedures given to you-with this prayer points :

• My blessing, my heaven of harvest, listen to me in the name of jesus burst forth and manifest by fire.

• I,my marriage, husband, family refuse to live below our financial expectations, blessing and potentials, therefore, our blessing, heaven open up locate us by fire.

Note : Always number your dreams, each.
By the way you may not need deliverance, well time will tell as I am still following you.

I celebrate with this family in advance!

Bless You.
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We bless the name of the Lord. We shall pray as instructed. Thank you sir, God bless you richly.
Please help interpret sir
1. In my dream I was standing with a friend who makes my hair then her daughter ran to her with poo in a potty she poured it in a bowl in the hallway and I told her why not pour it in the toilet near there she said she can't be bothered and it happened a second time.

2. My sister ask me to thank a lady on the phone as I was speaking to the lady on th phone I started choking I gave her back the phone.

3. I was walking with my dad, sister, step brother and step sister. My step brother was rude to my sister so I got in the middle trying to advice my step brother (using parable of a needle) as my sister was older than him but he refused to heed
And then my dad started polluting my mind against my mother and saying how perfect he was as all this was happening in front of my step ones I wasn't happy so I confronted him and told him the plain truth he angrily or embarrassingly walked away. So as I walked to my mothers apartment in my fathers house ( even though she doesn't live there anymore in the physical ) I noticed it was raining, I entered my mum's apartment and she comforted me by saying the truth had to be told to him and also that I shouldn't worry that my dad will soon forget I confronted him (physically my dad hates confrontation and can even lay a curse on any child who does that).
1. That woman's hand has been polluted. It's filled with sin/filths. Therefore, her making your hair inflicts your glory and bring about unseen spiritual manipulation/attack.

2. Be wary of whom you offer to help,intermediate or stand as a guarantor for one of these days.

3. You are the spiritual head and indeed the mediator for this family. Whom the lord has assigned to bring about peace, harmony, love and restore her back to glory. That seed is just in you.
Be you need to embrace patient and wisdom as or when this seed/anointing to heal this family begin to manifest in you.

Without doubt you are a gift, blessing to your family.

Bless you.
God be praised!!! Thank you sir for your help.
God empower you more sir
Good morning sir
I prayed as instructed the first two days with my husband and then we had a disagreement and he chose not to join in the prayers with me, I carried on anyway. Below are some of the dreams I can remember
1. Saw my younger sister trying different sandals on and dressing up for school she didn't wear school uniform so I asked her and she said she can wear what she want. I started looking for a comb for her and I found one with hair stuck in it.
2. My mum and her aunty were sitting on my bed and they both help me take my baby to nursery so I was worried they may take my baby to the old nursery so I decided to ring my mum aunty phone (but my husband was very worried and decided to go look for them but I told him there is no point as I can easily reach the on the phone but he ignored me and set off). I rang her and found out they were in the right place and I could hear my baby playing in the background.
Hope to hear from you soon sir.
• Ofcourse, that was expected. For, two is better than one,and the kingdom of darkness having realised the power of deliverance, restoration, salvation and grace being restored and manifestation attacked the peace of the family. That wasn't ordinary dear daughter.
You must wage war against " agent, spirit and arrow of confusion and chaos in your family. Psalm 119,19.

To your dreams now :

1. It's called " manipulated or broken glory " as in hair.
Your sister may experience affliction set back/retrogression and failure or disappointment.

2. Indeed, what caused the misunderstanding between you and your hubby makes little or no sense.
You weren't wrong after all but your hubby but not as a whole too. But note that, indeed what ever happened wasn't ordinary. But the lord warned you to do away with fear and how much influence you allow or give in your immediate family your marriage-as that often provoke your hubby.

Bless you.
Ah God bless you sir, you are so right as you have summarised all we are going through physically in the second dream interpretation. Wow God be praised.
Good morning sir. Sir I am so encouraged by the last message you wrote that I should fear not so I have continued praying on my own.
These are some of the dream I had
1. I was in my family home in my mums apartment. I saw myself walking in the rooms. As I got to my brothers room I saw him sleeping in a tight corner on his bed even though the bed was so big, the window was exposed with no curtain so I put a big cloth like curtain on it, then I moved to the passage I saw insects so I was thinking of how to kill them, then I moved to the sitting room and saw swarm of insects so I took insecticide and began to spray them but I was thinking what if my baby inhale the insecticide then i woke up
2. I, my husband and children were walking then we saw a play ground we walked into it but it just one ride under construction but all of a sudden it became many different ride before our eyes with lots of food that we can buy but we didn't buy any as we thought it wasn't to our taste. In this dream I wasn't happy with my husband because he wasn't sharing something with me but I can't remember what it actually was( maybe drink or something like that)