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Shocking Experience Of Pastor's Relation
A Shocking experience of pastor's relation.

Dear Brethen/Members,

This is a real life experience, that happened today 28.7.2016 to pastor's relation.

Infact, as I write this I am still at shock, and not just as a result of my relation action but what the world has turned into and how far these so called men of God would go to deceive and take advantage of the innocents and spiritual ignorants.

The story/experience :

A relation of mine went to one(so called) man of God(a popular church-name withheld) for spiritual guidance prayers (still can't understand why she chose not to seek me though). Getting there the man instructed her to get a soap, native sponge, salt- and mix them together and rub it on her stomach.

According to her, while she was rubbing the stuff, fire or some sort of, was manifesting. Dumbfounded,she exclaimed to the so called pastor, and he told her that something was wrong or inside her that needed to be fix or remove...

But to her surprise the so called or demonic/fake pastor told her that she must have sex today before 4pm. My relation, hearing this was lost which prompted her(she was getting suspicious already) to ask the so called pastor what could be done, " isn't there another solution or alternative option to this?" to remove whatever he claimed was inside my relation.

..But to her utmost and most shocking surprise he insisted that it's a must for her to have sex before 4pm today(28.7.2016) but if she couldn't find or picture any man now(anybody) who could do it he will(-have sexual intercourse with her)
She left the so called pastor with annoyance but terrified fear of what he'd or have done to her life.

Brethen, you'd wonder why I decided to share this story with you? Indeed, it's personal,truly, to me but I want you all to learn from this and take note of this message.

Brethen, be warned and don't go about searching for one pastor or the other to save you (it's only jesus who can) because you have one or two issues in you life. All you need do is pray your way into your deliverance and/or seek the lord face to lead and direct you to the right place-ask him to direct your path so that you won't fall into wrong hands.

The so called pastor would have taken advantage of her and even rub her of her virtue and destiny through sexual intercourse or whatever he instructed to do (lucky for her). But not every person/victim that had ever fall for into the hand of these wicked men of God or so called pastor's ever lived to tell the story the following day.

The world is so polluted now and so full of evil man that it will take the grace of God and/or direction from above not to fall into the hand of these wicked men.

Brethen, watch your back, and any pastor that ask you to bring one or two things,call u into his bedroom et al for deliverance,prayer in his room and for you fast and pray for your deliverance to manifest, FLEE. Some even do fasting and prayers and but demonic. That's why it's important/good to seek the lord before you go to any man of God for your personal issues et al and church.

In her own case, I had to quickly intervene, pray for her and anoint her stomach.

Be warned! Be warned!! Be warned!!!..brethen.

Be warned and learn from this brethen.

God bless you.


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Thank you for the information sir. This is an eye opener!!!
Wow! May the Lord help us. This world is rotten to the core.