John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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God of Mercy and Love.
Thank You Jesus for wonderful testimonies on this forum!!!
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  • gracefilled
A friend of mine lost His phone and I took it to God, reminding Him of His assurance, promise of making me a blessing to people and of being favoured. I begged Him to extend the same favour and blessing to this friend of mine and that I surely will testify knowing He will not fail me. Here I am, testifying as I promised. My friend has got his phone, though am yet to get the details of how it happened but first, I must testify because my prayer has been answered; He got back his phone intact! Praise God!!!
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He never changes, never disappoints.
Today, I tried learning how to ride a bike but fell off it while struggling to control it. I sustained a little injury but it could have been worse, I could have ran into an oncoming vehicle or rode off the cliff nearby. I could have broken some bones while I tried to jump off. But I was able to fall flat on my tummy with the bike falling away from me.
Thanks to God who keeps his promises.

Thank God with me brethrens!
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God always protect His own. Praise God!!!
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  • gracefilled
Amen, thank You Jesus
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  • gracefilled
I got a gift of laptop! Something I had always bothered on how to go about having for my business. But I didn't know God had the best plan. Severally I had tried to save to buy one but couldn't. He, the awesome wonder! God of surprises! Faithful father! He did it for me today. He will do it for you too, for everyone who believes testimony awaits.

Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!!!

May God bless more the family that gave me this gift. A little did of goodness from them shall open numerous doors of greatness, favour and fulfillment. Amen
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This is a month of manifestation of God's blessings and great testimonies in my life and family. Amen

This morning I was clearing and cutting off some dried banana leaves when a very mature centipede fell out from one of the tress. It could have fallen on me but to God be the glory, I saw it and took care. I killed it though.

I bless the name of the living God who does wonderous things in the lives of His children.

May we all testify soonest of the blessings of God and His protection. Amen.
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  • ebankole, kunmius, sparklekay
I also want to use this opportunity to testify of what the Lord did for me TODAY!!!... if not for God, I would have been dead, some hours ago!..

I wanted to cross over to the other side, on a busy highway. An SUV stopped for me & a girl to cross. However, since it's a dual carriage lane, the other lane was still free. So, I thought I could quickly run through the road & stand on the other side. But as I passed by the SUV, a car almost swept me off my feet!... I only had a second to move back, for the car to pass, before I could finally cross. Lord, I thank You!...Lord, I praise You!... Thank You Lord for Your little mercies, which are indeed very great!...

Pls, someone should praise the Lord for me o!...And to think that I almost forgot to testify about it??.. God help me!...
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He does great and wonderous things. Praise the Lord! Alleluia!!!
Praise God Hallelujahhhhhh!!!! Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness.