John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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1.)I dreamt i was standing like in midst of a group of men of God including women of God, one a prophet, others evangelists, pastors etc I stood very close to them just observing, I don't know what they were talking about though, I heard one of the assistants of the prophet asking one of the other workers hand in marriage and she was surprised, I noticed i held both of my sandals in my hands, high heels, then I saw they held small books in their hands for sale, 500naira each, heard one say that people don't have money to afford the books, on the books were written "book of jobs", some others written "book of marriage".
The scene changed and I saw I was in a room with a friend I knew in university back then, I was pressing my clothes with iron, they were all long gowns, while she held a trouser that's hers in her hands that looks small, I was thinking in my mind that they are not her size. Then she told me that a man of God is asking her hand in marriage, she seem not to like or want it, I told her that she should be happy, that if it's me I will like it because one will be very sure that such men will not ask for sex before marriage. Then I woke up.

My mom's dreams last night
2.) Dreamt she saw biscuits as if she wanted to eat it, then she woke up.

3.)Slept again and saw she was walking down home on our street, as if she was returning from where she went to buy biscuits, the biscuits, milk and other things she bought to make tea were all in a nylon bag in her hands, then a huge trailer was on the road she can't tell it's direction, she was wondering where it was going to and it lost control and drove into a nearby poultry compound, the fence fell, in the process my mom ran into the compound of a duplex nearby, in real life this compound is secured with dogs and fence, they rarely open their gate, but in the dream the gate was wide open, the trailer reversed and was driving towards the compound where my mom ran into, she was walking backwards so that she can be observing the trailer for it not to hit her, the trailer still kept reversing without care to hit her, she then jumped to another side of the compound and avoided the trailer, then passed the compound's back gate and was taking another road home, then she woke up.

What do these mean?