John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Good morning pastor.

1.) In my dreams this early morning, I saw my elder brother (step brother), came to look for me where I'm staying presently, because since that attack few months ago I have not gone home and no one knows where I am except my mom, he came there and was saying so I have the guts not to be picking his calls, that they have been looking for my location, that it's a pastor that traced my location in a vision, the pastor he was talking about is a distant relative of ours, so he came to confirm if the location the pastor gave them is true, as he was going I saw he came through a bush path, and entered the compound through the fence that broke down at the backyard(but no part of the fence is broken down in real life), then I went to the people I'm staying with, telling them that my family has found my location, that I need protection.
Another scene I saw a friend from secondary school came with little children to greet me. This friend looks weird and not someone I would want to deal with these days, I knew the children as her relatives, I was saying they have grown up, then I woke up.

2.) I slept off again and dreamt, it seemed like night time, and I saw my roommate spraying insecticide in the room and focusing on my clothes that I hung on the hanger, she was opening the spaces and spraying the insecticides, I was staring at her, in my mind she was killing mosquitoes hiding there.
1. It's called " spiritual breach ".
Yes, I see breach through which you,your location can be located both spiritual and physical.

The broken fence represent the breach while the informant is someone within probably the source of the breach.

You must take this to God in prayers that " Every spiritual,physical informant, breach,monitoring persons,spirit,evil eyes,gethering and mirror trailing and closing on you must come to naught and be disgrace".

Ps 19,24,8,65,91,27,23.

2. You are indeed blessed to have such a person as your roommate as I see the lord's hand upon her exterminating witchcraft,blood suckers and household territorial powers/agents troubling your peace, your blood and life.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening sir.
In my dreams, I saw some women with new born babies, at first I saw one carried a new born baby wrapped and put on something like a platter, and coming out of somewhere that looks like the hospital where she had the baby, but the baby looks dead, I was wondering where she was taking the baby to next o saw another woman with new born baby again, but alive, coming out of same hospital, then I saw another again, up to 3.
A true divination of life's mystery ; many are fortunate but some are unfortunate. Meaning , it takes divine mercy of God and grace to be counted among the fortunate. So then, what's life without Jesus,God???

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening sir. We had a a day dry fasting and prayer recently at the place where I'm staying, the other people included are also young pastors, evangelists, etc, one of the people included in the prayer session said during the prayers he dosed off and saw in a dream a big pale of water, a hand holding something like a stick or pole was stirring the water in the pale, then he saw that I was angry and charging against the person stirring the water and also angry why the person is stirring the water.
What does this mean sir?
You were the center of attraction, the major threat against the powers of darkness during the prayer session or while the prayers was going on.

That is, your prayer was more powerful and your presence,holy anger was more fierce and of great threat against the kingdom of darkness. In a nutshell, that was exactly what happened when the battle was going on.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir
I just dosed off and dreamt that one of the young pastors that stay in the same place I am staying with other evangelists and pastors, I saw this one pastor telling another one that he is looking for a place to have sex with me, I was wondering in my mind that, for him to be saying so it means he has been having sex with his fiancee and for him to be able to open up to this other pastor like this, means they are all fornicating, I saw myself walking away and praying not to fall into such temptation.
Another scene I saw a tall man wearing completely blue clothes came out from near my room and went to stand near two of the young male pastors wearing same blue clothes, I was also wearing blue gown, I wanted to go join the males in blue, because it seem the tall one is someone that has helped me in the past. But I hesitated and said I will go greet him later.
What does this dream mean mean sir and the blue color.
The fact that you have something in common with those group of people ( evangelism,pastors) doesn't mean you shouldnt be careful or trust anybody. The common thing here ; the same outfit or color you wore with them. You hesitation signifies ; instinct warning or being careful.

Let me break it down ;

Many of them are holy without but behind close door? They wine and dine in sin and formication/adultery. And should you fail to be wary and extra vigilant ? You will be caught offguard and invaded without being prepared.

He warmed , trust nobody,be on alert and watch your back!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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