John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Yes. Why won't the dogs(spiritual wolfs/attackers and mother's house strong men/demon turned away?) withdraw after the power of your prayers have exposed every loopholes and their hidden places used to penetrate and inflict this family and every member of her?

I must really thank God for this family and say,thank You Jesus for your deliverance.

In essence, the lord said, for so long the enemies and powers of your mother's house has terrorised and inflicted, afflicted this family and every member indeed including you essa. But I see a group of people(your sisters et al) rising up to wage war against the powers of your foundation, these has indeed finally paid off as I see every spiritual wolfs, strong man and foundational attackers exposed of every loopholes/hidden places-disgraced,disposed and rendered powerless -as I see them withdrawing with shame and letting go of this family members and everything therein.

Yes, you all should continue, the battle is almost over,your victory is come. Continue to cover these loopholes and dispose every strong man(foundational wolfs/attackers) of their hiddens and every loopholes they use to penetrate and attack before now.


I rejoice with this family. Your victory is come, here to stay forever this time.

Praise the Lord!

Bless you.
Good morning pastor,
I dreamt last night, I went to meet my mother at her shed where she sells food, ( in real life, she sold food there for 3years , about 13 to 14years ago, now she works with the government, its close to a riverside where people come to buy and process woods, there are sawmills there, so there are so many young boys there , that loads lorries and vehicles with woods bought, we call them loaders, they were the most of our customers then, close by is a big warehouse owned by my father in law for storing drinks for brewery company, he is a distributor, he has his own loaders too, that offloads trucks carrying drinks and load customers vehicles too, though when my mom was selling there I hadn't known my husband,and I was still in secondary school) and she looked unhappy and worried like she used to look back then, when she was still selling food, I asked her what the problem was, she said she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to sell all the food she cooked and brought to sell, but she had already sold everything, remaining little number of fufu that she didn't sell cos soup finished, i wondered why she was still unhappy cos she had sold almost everything, most of the wood loaders where standing close to the shed, just watching, there was a clean looking and responsible man sitting in the shed, normally you dont find such people around there, he seemed like my husband's former boss, I have never met him in real life but he calls to greet me on phone once in a while, since my husband told him about me, that his wife is in Nigeria, as I met him there, I smiled and went to meet him, I introduced myself to him and also introduced my mother to him, he handed a book to me, there were information and knowledge of somethings written on it, I read them, some of the writings were printed and some written with biro by himself, i wondered if he has the authority to write such things or if he is a professional in that area , I read some of the writings but can't remember now what I read, then I stood with the man by the side of my moms shed, we were staring at my father in laws warehouse, the man asked me if the warehouse is a 2 or 3storey building, I said I don't know, that i only know they occupy the whole building, then I saw one of the drink loaders jump out of the warehouse window, and this warehouse is very big, so the windows are very high up, he was on duty, that is, carrying drinks from trailer into the warehouse, but instead of passing through the doors downstairs, he jumped down from a window high up, I was wondering what kind of strange behavior was that, that he had to be jumping through window from such height to carry drinks, instead of passing the normal door, then i woke up.
Sir please does this dream mean anything?
◄ 2 Corinthians 5:17 ►
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

Indeed, your mother, you and/or this family as a whole has had her share of pain,struggles, poverty, limitation, fear,victim of society and a close death experiences among others.

But to God be the glory, for sorrow has lasted for the night but cometh joy now has the morning has come.

Praise God!

Bless You.
Glory be to God! Thank you sir .
Good day sir
My friend said she dreamt she went to see her in laws to be, and when she was leaving the elder sister of the fiance gave her 3 bulbs of onions
She will be loved and wholly welcome into the family, especially by her fiancè's elder sister. But remember, as sweet and tasty onions can be it can also hurt the eyes? Therefore, be wise among your in-laws and pray so that you won't experience another side of them.

Bless you.
Thank you
Good afternoon pastor and God bless you
I dreamt last night that there was a gathering in a house, it was as if the meeting was a peace making meeting, for settlement between us and some other of my father's children that were banned from communicating with the family, I saw myself, another of my stepbrother that is not among the banned woman's children, my father's first son, and also one of the banned children, there were other people there that I didn't take note of but, mostly family, seemed we just finished the meeting and some of us were coming out of the house, me and one stepbrother(not banned ) and another stepbrother(banned) went to the banned stepbrother's car, he opened his car boot and brought out a very very big fresh fish could be as long as an adult human leg, expensive scaly fish, but the scales have been removed, he also brought out 4 other small ones, he said they were the offspring of the big one, these ones could be as long as the elbow to the palm of an adult, he was giving them to me, he said I should garnish them and barbecue them for the family to eat, seemed like it was just his own gesture for bonding the family after the peace talk, I didnt touch the fish, I told him it was to big that I am not used to preparing such quantity of fish, that I will call my mother to come do it, that she is the one that is used to preparing food for many people, and I left there, I saw myself walking down a road thinking in my head if it's appropriate for us to start eating food given to us by these cursed and banned brothers and sisters, since they have not really broken the curse and removed the ban as it was just preparation we were doing, and now they have started sharing food already with us.
Then the dream changed to another scene,
I saw myself on a balcony of a very big and beautiful building I don't know the number of storeys, but either 2 or more, i was standing on the first storey on the balcony with a very long stick with hook at the tip, I stretched it into the backyard of another compound close by, demarcated from the one i was by a fence,there was a rope hanging in the compound with clothes hung on them, I was trying to use the stick to collect mine, I was struggling hard to collect my own from there, there were some women gathered under the rope cooking, they look like women that belongs to a particular group, like a meeting and they were cooking, I don't know if it was for a party or whatever occasion they were cooking for, but they looked relaxed in the compound backyard, they were not young women, they look as old as 60 years and above, one of them was angry with me and quarreling with me for no reason, she looked ugly in a way, she said I didn't greet her or show her respect, that I asked her to help me get my cloth from the rope, I told her I greeted her, she didn't reply and I never asked for her help, we kept arguing and quarreling, as I couldn't get the shirt I dropped the stick and came downstairs to go turn around, to pass through the main entrance to get my shirt, it then seem the way to the entrance is very long, on the road I met an old friend called chinaza who stopped talking to me in university years ago, for no reason, she was with another girl, they were wearing sunglasses, they started raising up their hands and hailing me,giving me praises, I don't know what for, so I was surprised and chinaza was saying that I look very fine, that I'm shining, she asked me where I was going, I told her, she said they may not let me get in, I told her I will, I kept going and saw other young girls on the way discussing about other girls who have been locked in prison for something they did, I passed then got to the entrance, there was a security man at the gate, he wouldn't let me in, he said my receipt /application for me to get inside was not in his file, I told him to check, that I applied before , that my shirt is inside the compound, he was about to check the file when I woke up. Help sir.
Indeed, there is a curse upon those cursed ones both spiritual and physical that may operate this family and defer one segment from getting along with the other-until the curse remove through the power of deliverance/blood of jesus you may continue have nothing in common with them. But the lord said, if your want your glory to shine, you want to be remember and not be rejected/rebuked like those ones? If you want to prosper,want me to make way for you where there is no way and open doors of favour, honour and you? Don't rebuke them, don't despise those cursed ones, don't hate them nor keep malice against.

Bless you.
Thanks sir, sir what about the other part? Where I was trying to collect cloth