John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Good morning prophet sir.

I had a dream last night, confusing, but I will narrate as best as I can
First I saw mother and a former university class mate of mine(male, his name is Ken in real life) went to a prophet(a fake) to do something for me, to make my life better, they paid the prophet 8thousand naira for the work he did, the money given to the prophet belongs to me, seem that Ken was owing me 8thousand naira, as the prophet demanded money from my mother for the work, he decided to pay with my money so that it would be as if he has already paid me. It was Ken who took my mother to this fake prophets place.
The scene changed and I saw myself cleaning a house I just rented, cleaning and putting the place in order so that I can move in, this course mate Ken was also with me there, as if we want to be staying in the house together, then I climbed a stool to clean the ceiling fan, I noticed a crack in the part of the fan called canopy, that part that looks like cup, used to cover the joint where the fan is hooked to the ceiling, as I opened it I saw a small golden padlock, that was tied many times with a green rope, it was tied at the joint of the fan to the ceiling, I was shocked, I came down angry, sad and confused at same time, because I knew the padlock was used to lock areas of my life, it felt like it was my mother and Ken that did it. I left the house and went to a quiet place, sat down on the ground, with my head on my knees and started crying, then I started praying and calling on God, but the language wasn't English but a language I don't know at all,(as if speaking in tongues, but when I speak in tongues in real life, it's just few repeated words that just come out like bababa, dadada... , but in this dream I was talking fluently, I remember I said rheema kaaya Kaata) it was as if I was having a conversation with God and Crying same time concerning the evil things that has been done against me, then Ken came to me and was asking me what the problem is and I didn't respond but kept praying, he didn't know I was angry with him and I have found out what he has done. After I finished he asked me what I was saying, I responded by asking him if he thought I was drunk and speaking gibberish?. We started walking back to the New apartment and on the road we met a man dressed in white flowing garments like a rob, looks like an elderly Jewish man, he held in his hands something like a scroll, like bible but in form of a scroll, he seem to be a prophet, but like Old Testament prophet, he started warning Ken and said "let my daughter worship me" , by daughter he was referring to me and in a way telling him to leave me alone. Ken asked him in an insulting way who he is, the man got angry and said I will show you the power of God, he said some words in a strange language like Arabic and commanded the winds, next thing i saw winds in full force moved into Ken's belly and Ken started shouting and crying in pains, he couldn't move from the spot he stood, when the man released him he went to sit at a corner and started insulting the man again and was saying the man is not from God almighty, that the name of the man's God is Allah. I laughed at him and told him Allah is the Arabic/aramaic word translating to most high God. The man heard Ken's insults again and started walking towards him, Ken took to his heels and ran away. The man said to me that it's my fault that the padlock worked against me, because it was my money that was used, I told him I didn't go there and never asked them to do anything on my behalf and it was my mom that went there, he said my mother is same as me, so what she did on my behalf with Ken will work, then I woke up.
The confusion I have here is that I don't know what concerns me with Allah, the man saying let my daughter worship me, and in real life my mother will hardly ever meet a man of God for prayers, she rather go to church and fast and pray herself, as for Ken he is a my university course mate I recently connected with concerning business that we have just started doing together, we are not even close friends
Please help sir.
I will go straight to the point : you gave somebody money, perhaps a close friend,colleague or family member infact this person is more lie you blood. He or she took it, your name to a Dominic person on your behalf. Yes! The evil man that did the work has been using it against your heaven, prosperity and blessing manifestation but rejoice as I see the angel of the lord destroyed that evil works and the doer.

Learn from these. Be careful whom you give,lend money to or borrow.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole
OK. Thanks for interpretation sir