John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Good morning prophet

I dreamt last night that I was looking for a bathroom to have my bath, I got to a place looking like a bar, the seller at the bar looks like one of my half sisters. Seem I had taken a bath there in there before or I was used to having a bath there, something like that, she showed me the bathroom, I refused to take my bath there, because I felt the place was to exposed and filled with drinkers, I just felt it's not OK for me to take a bath there, then I left, to find a better bathroom.
The scene changed and I saw I was in a car, the driver was one of my elder brothers, my father's son, one of the calm ones, the direction we were coming from was from our old house, where we resided with my father in the past, like he was driving me to find where to take a bath, we got to a junction, at the right hand side I saw a tall man wearing a noticeably very white garment, I asked my brother to drive me to meet him, that he is my friend and will not hesitate to give me a good place to bath, instead my brother drove to the left and said I shouldn't worry, as we were going we passed his(my brother's) wife and kids on the way, their clothes were very white, I asked him to stop so I will greet them, he didn't and kept driving, he got to a point and reversed back to his wife and kids, I then realized it was me and my mothers last born that has been sitting at the back of the car since, while my elder brother was driving, I was getting down to go greet the wife and kids, I woke up
None, I mean, no man should be the driver, be at the steering of your life. But what's this brother of yours doing, at the steering of your life? For if a man be in control of your life they do as they wish and determine your path and purpose in life at will without your agreement : this is what I am seeing here.

The lord( the man in white) want to reach out to you, want to minister, have a great encounter with you but this strange man controlling the steering of your life wouldn't let you, Why? To rob you of your encounter (deliverance) with jesus ( the man in white) and frustrate you from reaching out to your angel (the man in white) whom the lord has sent to deliver you.

• First rule to your deliverance in the physical never let no man control your life especially relation(s) directly or indirectly. Allow none to influence your life's decision or whatever you want to do both spiritual and physical henceforth etc. It affects your life and limit your spiritual power and authority to reach out to God.

2. It's time to cry out to heaven against whoever, that strong man (be it spiritual and physical) controlling your life and dictating what it pleases for your life.

I say, enough is enough!
Still following you!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Jesus is Lord! I have read this interpretations over and over again and I'm so amazed. Because this interpretation is perfectly true, I say this because of the circumstances going on presently, and I think I understand . Thank u sir for the interpretation and counsel. I will start the prayers immediately
May almighty God continue to bless you
Good afternoon sir

1.)My observations: Everytime I go for deliverance or finish a fasting and prayer program, I will have dreams and visions of being blessed or being delivered and God promising me of God things to come. Then a few days later, I will have dreams of me eating rice and this rice will be given to me by a woman, I never see her face, or I will dream that I'm eating Eba with eguisi soup, in a restaurant or anywhere else. I will then be praying against it
2)I do fall into a kind of uncontrollable very short sleep atimes, and I always have significant dreams, good or bad. I dont understand this type of sleep at all, because when it comes, I mostly leave whatever I'm doing to sleep or it could be when I am lying down and reading, then I will leave the book for a while and sleep

My dream this afternoon:
I was reading this afternoon and this sleep came as usual and I dreamt I left my mom at a site where we were both supervising like a building project, to go to the house, then I saw myself in a restaurant like a small buka, eating Eba and eguisi soup with dry fish, a man was sitting by me while I was eating, this man is a driver I know in real life, in the past he was driver of my ex, he was asking me many questions concerning how I'm coping job wise, if I have gotten a job, concerning my finances, I was also telling him that my maternal grandmother(late) works in a oil marine company, as I was saying so I could see my grandmother working as a cleaner inside a ship for white men, I said she is the one that took my job slot, it was as if I was seeing her on a TV screen, the driver was somehow talking me through so I can eat the food, when I finished the food he got up with his friend and left, I noticed the top I wore, I wore it inside out and the hem is loosed, its a normal fine top I have in real life, I was wondering why I dressed like that. After I finished eating, about to wash my hands and leave, a small light skinned dirty looking boy of about 9yrs old came and washed his hands on my body, then I gave him a slap for doing so, the father as what happened I explained and he said I shouldnt mind him. I was about to wake up and a strong force was pressing me down. Then I eventually woke up.
1. Then it's time to stop attacking the attacks but the attackers and her source of powers. Don't you think so? Wisdom is all you need and it's staring on your face now.

I am still considering your case if after all these spiritual journey it persists? You may have to under deliverance under this ministry(which you haven't directly before) therefore, prepare.

2. It's not crime to sleep whenever you feel so. Is It? Hmmm.. You are living in fear, of the unknown or what the enemies would do to you when you'd doze off? This isn't right you must refuse to bow and back down for the enemies.
Anyway, I am giving you,and these useless empty barrel power to let you be a week any thing else? It's then fire for fire. Prepare! This is an insult on the living, all mighty God you serve. Enough!

Count down begins..

3. I see an old woman in the kingdom of darkness, witchcraft exchanging your blessing for power,her financial increase.

OK! At this point I will say, ' no more room for wasting time in that case I want you to rest and recover from your recent fasting and prayer and prepare for a stronger one. Meaning, your deliverance is not negotiable. Do your normal prayer for between now and Saturday after which you will PM me or send me a message here telling me of your readiness with a title or message " I am ready for my total deliverance now

I'll be here waiting...anytime you choose.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Alright sir. Thank you very much
Good afternoon sir

1.)I had this dream last night, I was sitting somewhere waiting for rain to stop. And some other people were waiting too, I saw a former neighbour, her name Lucy, she goes to church alot now, I even see her sometimes on my way from church looking after children in the children section in her church, she was also waiting for the rain to stop, as it stopped raining, a guy came to her and talked to her to follow him home for a certain amount of money, as if she is a prostitute, I thought she would get angry at the guy and tell him off, instead she got up and went with him. I started leaving with my friend and my youngest sister, it was very early in the morning, I could see Lucy and the guy at a distance. I turned back and didn't see my sister again, she is 13yrs old girl, but very big and looks more mature than her age. I ran back, going from compound to compound looking for her, I got to a compound and saw some guys, some where smoking, I asked if they saw her, they said no, but I knew she was there, I started praying and crying, then I was swearing and saying God almighty should send down fire against those that have taken my sister, then I saw my sister walking towards me, looking sad as if she wants to cry. I asked her if she was beaten or raped, she said no. Then I woke up.

2.)This afternoon, I dreamt i was in a massive church, the custom of the church is that after the junior evangelists and ministers preach, the G.O will later come out to minister, my mom, my sister and her 3kids, with my nephew who is my brother's son, was also there, after the junior ministers have finished, the congregation was now waiting for the overseer, time has gone and he still hasn't come out. People started leaving, as they couldn't wait any longer, the church became almost empty, my mom went to meet an usher and asked if the senior man of God will still come out, she said she doesn't know, that she can't really tell, and said why not just wait till the church close, to be sure that atleast she waited till ending, my mom came to tell us, we agreed to wait till end, my mom picked up a broom and started sweeping some parts of the church, later the usher joined her to be sweeping, my nephews went out to play on the church veranda, my mom stopped sweeping then I picked up the broom and started sweeping too. Later I heard the man of God has come out, I dropped the broom and ran out to bring in my nephews, I asked the two big ones to walk and carried the small ones, as I was running towards the altar, from afar I could see the man of God sharing food and water to the less privileged people that waited till end, the church is very high storey building, the congregation was at the base, while the altar was high up like on 1st storey, the man of God do come out from the topmost storey where his office is, he was giving people bottles of water and jars of cooked rice, as I was running towards the altar I saw my sister walking reluctantly to the altar and wasn't even in a hurry, I told her it's because I went to carry her kids that's why I delayed, as the kids were slowing me down, she didn't show concerned, I dropped the kids and started running faster towards the altar, before I got there the man of God has finished sharing and was going back up, I started screaming and calling him, so that he can also bless me before leaving , I don't know if he heard my call, he left, I still ran to the altar, there was very long stairs to get to where the man of God is, so many less privileged people were on the stairs too, blocking the way, I didn't mind, I was making sure I get to him, I was running on the stairs going up, then I woke up.
1. Be careful of whom you trust with your life, with or without your sister, especially. As the lord warned, ' many are not who you see, thought they are, they are wolfs in human skin just like the lady in question ; she goes to church and serves God without but in the shadow of the night she's a chronic sinner, a wayward one at that.

Don't be deceived!
In essence, I see the annointing "of God of elijah " in you, and I see you set a captive freed from the mighty, your sister! Surely, there is no captive you can not set free, nothing you can not do when you are provoke spiritually.

2. Hmmm..
This is powerful! And listen attentively daughter, for your own good.
The lord said ; you deserve so much reward and ought to have encounter me,my visit when I come to bless or touch my chosen ones(which you are found among) in my house for being patient,committed to me and for your endurance and pure heart while in my presence but,you see? Each time I come to bless and visit you you are distracted away from me, you lost focus,and you allow the sacrifices,domestic responsibility you make for your household, especially your sister to slow you down and rob you when I come to visit you hence I am gone before you arrive.

This is deep!

Make amend now lest you continue to roam in the vineyard of the lord with nothing to show for it.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Truth. I understand now. Thank you sir.
Good evening pastor.
1.)Dreamt last night that I was at my late grandmother's(maternal)house, I saw my cousin, that's the daughter of my mom's sister, my mom is a twin, the twin brother has a son(Daniel) that has two kids,Daniel was in the house too, but in this dream seems I wasn't seeing clearly, cos I remember I was even straining my eyes to recognize daniel, I saw the kids were a bit grown and they all had the face of my aunt's only son(greg), I started wondering why all Daniel's Kids has the face of Greg's Kids, then I saw a cooler of rice and salad, and I was served, I asked who cooked the food, they said my mom's sister cooked and brought it. Then I saw her, she came in and hugged me in a friendly way, in real life this woman has strong hatred for me for no reason. Then I saw her carrying bible and preaching to the compound people, she has two younger girls that acts like her followers/assistants. I sat with both of them on a bench on the veranda outside, I sat in their middle while eating the rice, was as if the younger girls was observing to see that I eat the food, as she was preaching I was looking at her suspiciously, because I know she is not a true Christian.
Later I saw me and my younger brother walking down a road, someone was selling okrika clothes, I told him to buy that they are cheap and fine, but he refused and said he won't buy, that he already bought new clothes. Then I woke up.

2)My mom dreamt that my little nephew who confessed the other time was bathing in same bathroom with our last born, she went and was asking them why they were bathing together in bathroom, my nephew was using shower, while my sister was bathing from bucket on one corner, the scene changed ,she saw my nephew standing naked looking through the window, staring at something, she went there to see what he was staring at, she saw that he was staring at a bird that perched on a piece of zinc covering our pumping machine, a pigeon, she asked why he was looking at the bird, he said nothing, my mom saw that there was little opening in the window, my brother(my nephew's father) took nail and hammer out side saying he was going to seal the window. My mom and my youngest sister took nails to go and give him, as they stood by him, a bike was riding down the road towards them and the bike lights were very bright entering my sister's eyes and she was using her hands to protect her eyes, saying to my mom, "mommy see light" then she woke up.
Help sir, thanks.

I sent you a pm.