John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Why not relax and stop worrying about the meaning of your dreams before pastor interpret them?

In as much as this dreams has little or no more significance and I don't support posting old dreams. I do believe I should interpret this one to erase your fears and worries.

And I hope you are reading the guide I sent to you the other day, essa?

Now,to your dreams :

• I see you overcome the strong man that's troubling destiny.
• I see spirit husband,spiritual of homosexuality, lust and adultery departs you.
• I see you escaped from destruction,untimely death.
• I see a group of people gathered in MFM to destroyed inherited infliction of foundational idol and spiritual husband. (actually it runs in the family) thank God for your life and every female child of the family.

• I see you escaped HELL and leading a life that please God and man now.

Should you raise up your hand now and shout halleluyah to the king of kings and lord of lord instead of complaining, panicking for no reason?

And yes, everything that happened to you,that strange passion for the flesh, strange habit and addiction wasn't ordinary the strange or the spirit husband was the power behind it. I don't have much to say on your behalf than thank YOU Jesus.

Wow. Wow. Wow.
You are FREE now but love God more and don't go back to sin ever again.

Congratulations from me to YOU essa.

Praise Godiiii

Bless you.
Good day pastor.
l had a dream this afternoon, after my 12 noon prayers, it's kind of vague in my head, I didn't remember it at first, then I remembered afterwards

My father's first son dressed in agbada, bright colored, it's milk color, like white, he sat on a chair and my family members and extended family members present, I was in the gathering, sitting not far from my brother, i carried a little baby on my thighs, I don't know what the occasion was for, there was so much money on the ground , I think everyone was dropping money and adding to what was on the ground, I noticed there were so much coins, very much, with notes too, i wondered in my mind and asked myself "why did this people come with so much coins" the people I was wondering about were our guests, I didnt see them though, i wondered thathat coins are no longer i. Circulation, brother seemed happy, in real life when any serious family matters arise he is the one that is in charge , he represents our father, then everyone stretched their hands towards the money, the prayer points where mostly about prosperity, then they prayed for good matrimonial home. After that people were coming out of the house gisting with each other, when we went outside I realized the gathering was inside my mom's house and we stood outside her house gisting ,in the dream my elder brother has helped us floor the frontage of my mom's residence with cement and concrete but there were holes, like when you cement a floor and someone steps on it before it dries and the footsteps remains when it has dried, but these holes looks like the footsteps of an animal like a cow or maybe I donkey. Then I later saw i bent down looking under some kind of edge , I could see where a wedding ring was kept, it was shining in the dark, I called on my younger sister to come see how the ring is sparkling in the dark, I was trying to remove it from where it's stuck, then I woke up.
I see, the stolen :

• Joy.
• Happiness.
• Marital breakthrough.
• Love/peace.
• Celebration.
• Prosperity.
• Honour.
• Blessing.
• Heaven-of Grace.
• Heaven.
• Harmony.
• Salvation.
• Wedding/marriage.
• Glory..

..Of this family being restored,rebuild, And I see the powers and strong man of her foundation/family withdrawing one after the other. As the foot steps signifies : withdrawal of household demons,strong man and/or foundation strong men.

Now, this is the most amazing part of this dream :

I see you locating where your wedding ring(marriage)and glory has been chained and held captive. Therefore, here come your marriage/marital deliverance,glory that's long been stolen,held captive or chained down by powers of your father's / mother's house. For this reason you shall pray this prayers (because now that you've just located where your marriage,marital glory has been tied down you must release it.

• My marital glory, in the name of jesus locate me now by fire.

• I release the glory,peace, blessing and heaven of my marriage from captivity, break free and locate me.

• I recover by Fire, my marriage,her glory from wherever the powers father's house,mothers house has chained it down-break free and locate me NOW!

Psalm 119, 8,4 ,24.

Bless u
1) I had a dream last night, I can't recall everything now, but i remember my aunt (my mom's elder sister, her only sister)was making so much trouble with me , fighting me even hired boys against me, then I remember there was a list she was preventing my name to be written on, I made wahala that my name should be on it, it's like a list for people who should be given a job, employment, I can't remember if my name was finally written. I find it difficult remembering my dreams these days, since about a week plus now, which is unusual, I forget most, if I even remember it would be just some parts, it's unusual. Well in this same dream I later saw myself walking down the road, not far from my mom's residence, where I stay now and I saw one of my half brothers(elder ) on the way,(in real life, this brother of mine ,his mother and all his mother's children were banished never to step foot in my father’s village again ,And the rest of the family has been banned from communicating with them, but I do exchange pleasantries with them if we come across each other on the way ) he asked me where I was going I told her to my sister's place to cook, that my sister wants to teach me how to cook buns, I also mentioned other things, I can't remember , I carried pot and other cooking utensils.

2) I dreamt this morning around 9am that I went to an office to collect a document, I didn't know what the document was for, I stood at the reception, when the young man gave the paper to me I complained to him that the letters were not clear, the writings were very big and bold, but faded, white paper and black prints, but faded like a photocopied paper from a machine with little ink, as I complained the boy took the paper back and the rewrite on another paper, but with a biro, a blue biro, but this time around on a sky blue paper, this one looks like a very big invoice , he signed and also showed me where to sign, he then said the paper is now ok, I asked him if I can get a soft copy, if I can print it from the Internet on my own, he said I should go use the one he gave me like that, that the Internet copy is nothing to bother about ,but at this point I still don't know who the paper was for, it didn't seem like I was getting it for myself, as I was walking away I looked at the paper and saw that it was a plane ticket, I do not know the destination, but the price written on it was 1,900 usa dollars, in my mind I was like, wow this is quite expensive, then I saw myself at a place I wanted to buy clothes that I would wear to travel, seemed like it's a very important and great place I was preparing to go, the woman selling the clothes was my aunt, my mom's only sister, as I was getting close to her she was packing up all the clothes from the ground where she spread them before and locking them in her bag, she refused to sell to me, she said the ones she has will not be suitable for me, for where I am going, I persuaded her to sell to me she refused, she said she had closed, that she is no longer selling ,but I saw few other women still selling on the ground, in the dream it seemed I used to buy these types of clothes from her before, they were okrika clothes, I mean used clothes, I was then thinking of how and where to get clothes for my trip, then I woke up.

In real life this aunt of mine doesn't sell clothing, she works as Secretary in a maritime schol before she got sacked last year, and she doesn't like me, for reasons I cannot understand, no matter how respectful I'm to her, but in this dream, she didn't act hateful as usual, weeks ago I have also dreamt of going to buy new clothes but a woman persuaded me to buy okrika instead, almost forcing me , so I wore them, and very big yellow blouse and big yellow skirt, then I took them off and gave them back to her, that they were too big, I told her that I prefer new clothes that I don't like buying okrika anymore, she was displeased, I was trying to look for where and how to get the new clothes I wanted, when I woke up, the other time I dreamt of of okrika clothes was almost 2 years ago when I was very very ill, I saw myself dragging a very big bundle of okrika clothes on the road. I see my aunt in real life on rare occassions, and nothing concerns me with okrika clothes. Please sir, interpret for me, thanks.
1. I see you breaking free from household enemy contending with your breakthrough.

I see you living up to your life's expectation and breaking free from every yoke and bondage of limitation and barrier before you and your progress/potentials.

Your mother elder sister? Hmmm. Be wary and careful around her and watch your back.

2. What kind of evil people has taken over our world by the way? This is disheartening, very sad to say the least.

Yes, I see an open door of opportunity, I see you preparing to travel out of the shore of this country into a foreign country/land.

But there is this enemy within who's standing before you and frustrating every blessing and breakthrough that's ever come your way.

I want to believe you know whom the lord is talking about now?

Anyway, you shall add this to your prayers :
• You, household enemy standing on my path to progression, breakthrough, testimony, I say enough is enough, receive the judgement of God & die.

• Oh God arise and let your fire visit & consume this strong woman,household enemy frustrating my breakthrough « hijacking your good promises for my life by fireiii

This aunt of yours? Hmmm..may the lord continue to expose your/our household enemies in jesus name.

Bless you.
Good afternoon pastor, I had a dream last night, and remember just fragments of it I only remember the end of it just before I woke up, in the dream I saw white bowls of water ( like iron basins of water) on a table, I was having a discussion with someone standing close to the waters , only what I remember is the person telling me that I should be reading psalm 73, so that the blessings of God can reach my husband through me ...
Yes, that's an order from above, the lord.

Therefore, each day, everyday at 12am or 11:30 pm -you shall read the book of psalm 73 into a bowl 7times,pray into it, ask God what you want for your husband, your family.. sprinkle around your home ,and/or most importantly for your husband bathing, yours and, infact you can all drink of it as well.

Do this and see the power of God in your home and her financial life.


How merciful can a father be than this, giving you instruction and telling you what to do exactly to experience breakthrough, through your dreams?

Oh, thank you jesus,God you are so merciful.

Praise God.

Bless You !
Good evening sir
1)My younger sister dreamt that herself, another of my younger sister plus me went to Togo, to her former hostel of the school she attended there ( in real life, she studied French and did part of her university years in a university in togo), when she got to the hostel where she stayed back then, she saw that the place now looks like an old, ugly house and deserted, also it has been burnt down, so she went ahead to go to the hostel of her friends then when she was schooling there, (these friends were her departmental friends in Nigeria, they all schooled for a while in togo ), as she was going there she saw that she couldn't find the road to the friends hostel, she kept finding a way to go there when she woke up .

2) this my same sister also dreamt she carried her baby on the back and the other one she held his hands walking down the road and saw an old classmate (male) , the guy was meeting her that he wants her to be his girlfriend, he was driving a car , she refused, and told him she already married and the kids with her are her kids, he wouldn't listen, started forcing her, she was running away from home him, and she woke up.
1. No more ichadod : inglorious.
For, there shall be no room for your her-life in in her past/retrogression, nor a place to be confine at the back.

Indeed, i see infliction and power of retrogression failed over her life and burnt to death. I see her life moving forward,and the manifestation of her blessing through her credentials.

2. I see strange men around her. She must wage war against evil men/agents and agendas of the enemy aim/sent to frustrate and destroy her marriage.

This is urgent.

Bless you.
Good morning pastor,

I had a dream last night, in the dream there was a hole like a well (but not actually a well), at the backyard of my mother's residence, there were similar ones at the side of the house too, and my sisters were filling them with sand and covering them(I didn't see them though, but I knew in my mind that they were at the side covering same holes/wells), then I was helping a girl cover the one at the backyard, it seemed the one at the backyard is her hole or her responsibility to do whatever needs to be done to the hole, I don't know who the girl was to me, whether friend or relative, but it seemed she is close to the family, her mother was inside our house and not happy with her because of the hole, I didnt see the mother though, there was water in this hole/well, it was really deep, I carried a long stick to know how deep the hole was, it seemed very deep, because if I let the stick in, the hole will swallow the whole length of it, so I asked the girl to be bringing sand, I noticed we had filled it half way with white sand and the water wasn't showing anymore, then I put the stick in, it stood firm in the middle of the hole/well, I asked her to go bring more sand, she brought more in a container, the sand was so white and fine that I asked her where she got it from, she pointed somewhere at the front yard, at that part of the compound stood 2 white dogs, one very big, the other small one is the puppy of the big female one , I was surprised that she got the sand from the part of the compound where the dogs stood and they didn't harm her, I also noticed that the dogs turned their faces away from us and they were not looking back, they refused to look back towards our direction, because we were standing not too far behind them, I was wondering that the dogs used to be fierce, how come they are no longer bothered, so as I was carrying the white sharp sand that the girl brought to go continue covering the hole behind the house I woke up .