John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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It's ok.

For now, concentrate on the guide provided on WhatsApp, and if the need arise to book another appointment with you I will inform you.

Bless You.
Ok thanks sir

Good morning pastor
I dreamt i was sitting in church, but sitting outside, where bible study is normally conducted, I always sit there on weekdays to read my Bible whenever I go to church to do personal prayers. So in this dream, my husband's brother called me, that I should come and join them to celebrate my husband's birthday on my husband's behalf, but I could hear my husband's voice in the background , so I told the brother to tell him that his phone and wedding ring is in my hands, they were in my hands in the dream, but I noticed the phone was switched off, I don't know if its as a result of low battery , but I noticed it was off. Was very short dream.
Congratulations. For,the lord has placed and established in your hand the power and foundation of this marriage.

In essence, the lord said, your husband heaven,celebration,life and marital glory/heaven has, from today been placed on your hand.

Meaning,it means henceforth any attempt by your husband to leave you,hurt you,fight you,live without you and/or seek happiness outside will result to him losing his joy, source of blessing,happiness,marital failure,sorrow and infliction in all ramifications.

This is serious!
And now that the lord has placed upon your hand his life don't use it against him because right now if you get angry or go as far as cursing him? He's doomed!

Bless you.
I had a dream about 4 nights ago where I was lodging in a hotel with a man, we didn't have any sex act , unlike former dreams, but he said we should exchange hotel room with his friend and his friend's girlfriend, their own hotel room that we moved to was better and higher standard , and we did, but I later saw the man walking away, very tall, I stood and watched him walk away, I was looking at his back till he walked to a reasonable distance. I have been praying against spirit husband, there was a time he left me though, when I just repented and after a very long period of deliverance program , 2014, where I dreamt i saw him crying and begging me to wear the wedding ring I rejected, and I also saw myself with my sisters and distant relatives tied under a tree being guarded by the giant man dressed like a groom, but the rope on my legs has loosened and my half sister asked me to run away, I did, but a force kept pulling me back while running and I woke up and even felt very very weak when I woke up, unfortunately I went back to sinful life, I didn't have the slightest idea how those things work or even had any understanding before, until recently. Well, after I saw the man walking away I later saw myself in a motor park and the driver was calling out mosogar, mosogar, like conductors do and I went to him and told him I was going to mosogar, he said 320 naira, I gave him 500, I entered the taxi back seat, two people were in front, one at the back, we became three and short woman joined and we became 4, the car became very tight, then we started moving, all of a sudden I saw that I was in a long bus with lots of people, very raggedy bus, old and I was very uncomfortable, then the bus started Sinking with the back going down first, somehow I saw I have alighted, and started trekking, that instead of me to Sink i will trek, I started trekking and passing many corners but it was a village , I even saw my primary school class mate along the road grinding something on grinding stone by the staircase of a building, we exchanged pleasantries, I passed, as I came down from the Sinking bus I came down with a concrete block, for building houses, it was heavy, I dropped it down somewhere, to rest, the destination I rested at, is mosogar and I stood there waiting for another vehicle to convey me to lagos, from where I stood I could see a very big pedestrian bridge ahead, not too far. I knew in my mind that I may need to pass there, whether on foot or by vehicle is what i don't know. I asked someone where I can find a bus to lagos, she said I was already in mosogar, that I should just stand along the road I will see one, I also saw one of my university class mate, she asked me where I was going I told her lagos , where I was standing and waiting for lagos vehicle i saw the long bus, all the passengers alighted and where going to their various places, seemed they have reached their own destinations which is mosogar, then I went to the conductor of the bus and collected my 180 change from him, this conductor is the driver of the taxi I entered before . In real life mosogar is a village not far at all from the town I reside, and it's the next village after my husbands village, I don't know why on earth I would be dreaming of mosogar, or concrete blocks and why after dreaming I was driving a white sports car over a week ago, where those homosexual people were slayed, that you said God has delivered me from those types of sin. I was unhappy when I woke up from this recent dream , I have continued praying against them, these days i now dream and forget, which is u usual for me, now I managed to remember the one of last night, I saw myself in gathering of my father's family in the village, my father's first son, he is a member of mfm, he was trying to gather the family members and they were making an arrangement for a family deliverance or something like that, they were trying to cut off all the females in the family from their village husbands, seemed some of us have village husbands and Township husbands, and one of them old drunkard men was smiling and looking at me, and my elder brother seemed tired of the huge num of us that has village husbands, and he said essa why is that one smiling at you, you have a husband in the village too, and I said no ooo, that he is my uncle, he looked like my mom's twins brother. That's all I remember now

I really hate to dream about Village or any form of sexual harassment man in the dream, I have carried all the prayer points papers mfm gave me during deliverance 2 years back and praying them again , but these dreams are just back and forth, I don't know if I am progressing or not
Why not relax and stop worrying about the meaning of your dreams before pastor interpret them?

In as much as this dreams has little or no more significance and I don't support posting old dreams. I do believe I should interpret this one to erase your fears and worries.

And I hope you are reading the guide I sent to you the other day, essa?

Now,to your dreams :

• I see you overcome the strong man that's troubling destiny.
• I see spirit husband,spiritual of homosexuality, lust and adultery departs you.
• I see you escaped from destruction,untimely death.
• I see a group of people gathered in MFM to destroyed inherited infliction of foundational idol and spiritual husband. (actually it runs in the family) thank God for your life and every female child of the family.

• I see you escaped HELL and leading a life that please God and man now.

Should you raise up your hand now and shout halleluyah to the king of kings and lord of lord instead of complaining, panicking for no reason?

And yes, everything that happened to you,that strange passion for the flesh, strange habit and addiction wasn't ordinary the strange or the spirit husband was the power behind it. I don't have much to say on your behalf than thank YOU Jesus.

Wow. Wow. Wow.
You are FREE now but love God more and don't go back to sin ever again.

Congratulations from me to YOU essa.

Praise Godiiii

Bless you.
Halleluyahiiii yes I'm reading the guide you sent, it's helpful. That evil man runs in the family really, you are right. I will stop being afraid or worrying too much, but having faith in God instead . Thanks always.
Halleluyahiiii yes I'm reading the guide you sent, it's helpful. That evil man runs in the family really, you are right. I will stop being afraid or worrying too much, but having faith in God instead . Thanks always.
Good day pastor.
l had a dream this afternoon, after my 12 noon prayers, it's kind of vague in my head, I didn't remember it at first, then I remembered afterwards

My father's first son dressed in agbada, bright colored, it's milk color, like white, he sat on a chair and my family members and extended family members present, I was in the gathering, sitting not far from my brother, i carried a little baby on my thighs, I don't know what the occasion was for, there was so much money on the ground , I think everyone was dropping money and adding to what was on the ground, I noticed there were so much coins, very much, with notes too, i wondered in my mind and asked myself "why did this people come with so much coins" the people I was wondering about were our guests, I didnt see them though, i wondered thathat coins are no longer i. Circulation, brother seemed happy, in real life when any serious family matters arise he is the one that is in charge , he represents our father, then everyone stretched their hands towards the money, the prayer points where mostly about prosperity, then they prayed for good matrimonial home. After that people were coming out of the house gisting with each other, when we went outside I realized the gathering was inside my mom's house and we stood outside her house gisting ,in the dream my elder brother has helped us floor the frontage of my mom's residence with cement and concrete but there were holes, like when you cement a floor and someone steps on it before it dries and the footsteps remains when it has dried, but these holes looks like the footsteps of an animal like a cow or maybe I donkey. Then I later saw i bent down looking under some kind of edge , I could see where a wedding ring was kept, it was shining in the dark, I called on my younger sister to come see how the ring is sparkling in the dark, I was trying to remove it from where it's stuck, then I woke up.
I see, the stolen :

• Joy.
• Happiness.
• Marital breakthrough.
• Love/peace.
• Celebration.
• Prosperity.
• Honour.
• Blessing.
• Heaven-of Grace.
• Heaven.
• Harmony.
• Salvation.
• Wedding/marriage.
• Glory..

..Of this family being restored,rebuild, And I see the powers and strong man of her foundation/family withdrawing one after the other. As the foot steps signifies : withdrawal of household demons,strong man and/or foundation strong men.

Now, this is the most amazing part of this dream :

I see you locating where your wedding ring(marriage)and glory has been chained and held captive. Therefore, here come your marriage/marital deliverance,glory that's long been stolen,held captive or chained down by powers of your father's / mother's house. For this reason you shall pray this prayers (because now that you've just located where your marriage,marital glory has been tied down you must release it.

• My marital glory, in the name of jesus locate me now by fire.

• I release the glory,peace, blessing and heaven of my marriage from captivity, break free and locate me.

• I recover by Fire, my marriage,her glory from wherever the powers father's house,mothers house has chained it down-break free and locate me NOW!

Psalm 119, 8,4 ,24.

Bless u
1) I had a dream last night, I can't recall everything now, but i remember my aunt (my mom's elder sister, her only sister)was making so much trouble with me , fighting me even hired boys against me, then I remember there was a list she was preventing my name to be written on, I made wahala that my name should be on it, it's like a list for people who should be given a job, employment, I can't remember if my name was finally written. I find it difficult remembering my dreams these days, since about a week plus now, which is unusual, I forget most, if I even remember it would be just some parts, it's unusual. Well in this same dream I later saw myself walking down the road, not far from my mom's residence, where I stay now and I saw one of my half brothers(elder ) on the way,(in real life, this brother of mine ,his mother and all his mother's children were banished never to step foot in my father’s village again ,And the rest of the family has been banned from communicating with them, but I do exchange pleasantries with them if we come across each other on the way ) he asked me where I was going I told her to my sister's place to cook, that my sister wants to teach me how to cook buns, I also mentioned other things, I can't remember , I carried pot and other cooking utensils.

2) I dreamt this morning around 9am that I went to an office to collect a document, I didn't know what the document was for, I stood at the reception, when the young man gave the paper to me I complained to him that the letters were not clear, the writings were very big and bold, but faded, white paper and black prints, but faded like a photocopied paper from a machine with little ink, as I complained the boy took the paper back and the rewrite on another paper, but with a biro, a blue biro, but this time around on a sky blue paper, this one looks like a very big invoice , he signed and also showed me where to sign, he then said the paper is now ok, I asked him if I can get a soft copy, if I can print it from the Internet on my own, he said I should go use the one he gave me like that, that the Internet copy is nothing to bother about ,but at this point I still don't know who the paper was for, it didn't seem like I was getting it for myself, as I was walking away I looked at the paper and saw that it was a plane ticket, I do not know the destination, but the price written on it was 1,900 usa dollars, in my mind I was like, wow this is quite expensive, then I saw myself at a place I wanted to buy clothes that I would wear to travel, seemed like it's a very important and great place I was preparing to go, the woman selling the clothes was my aunt, my mom's only sister, as I was getting close to her she was packing up all the clothes from the ground where she spread them before and locking them in her bag, she refused to sell to me, she said the ones she has will not be suitable for me, for where I am going, I persuaded her to sell to me she refused, she said she had closed, that she is no longer selling ,but I saw few other women still selling on the ground, in the dream it seemed I used to buy these types of clothes from her before, they were okrika clothes, I mean used clothes, I was then thinking of how and where to get clothes for my trip, then I woke up.

In real life this aunt of mine doesn't sell clothing, she works as Secretary in a maritime schol before she got sacked last year, and she doesn't like me, for reasons I cannot understand, no matter how respectful I'm to her, but in this dream, she didn't act hateful as usual, weeks ago I have also dreamt of going to buy new clothes but a woman persuaded me to buy okrika instead, almost forcing me , so I wore them, and very big yellow blouse and big yellow skirt, then I took them off and gave them back to her, that they were too big, I told her that I prefer new clothes that I don't like buying okrika anymore, she was displeased, I was trying to look for where and how to get the new clothes I wanted, when I woke up, the other time I dreamt of of okrika clothes was almost 2 years ago when I was very very ill, I saw myself dragging a very big bundle of okrika clothes on the road. I see my aunt in real life on rare occassions, and nothing concerns me with okrika clothes. Please sir, interpret for me, thanks.