John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Good evening pastor
My dreams

1.) I saw a young lady, slim and tall, I would say just like me, around my age, my height, I didn't see her face though, and she was wearing a long gown made of native material, ankara, she also covered her hair, it was inside a church, a number of people were kneeling and she was tapping all of them on the head one by one, some short persons would jump out from the people she taps and the short persons will be attacking her, people were not seeing the short persons but she could see them. She was using her right and to tap the people kneeling while using her left hand to fling the short people away. Then I woke up. This dream was so short that it doesn't even seem like a dream, because i had already woken up early in the morning, I think I dozed off a little and saw the dream.

I was in front of a supermarket, at the front they showcased boxes of make up sets and eye shadows, I was admiring them, then all of a sudden I started looking for my jotter frantically(i have this jotter in real life and it's very important to me), a girl joined me to look for them, then we saw a big black file, belongs to the girl, we saw the jotter inside and she apologized that she didn't know it was there, she gave me, and someone started bringing out photographs of people inside the jotter and showing me their faces one by one, they were up to 5 guys, but when I woke up I remembered only the face of one Called Austine, who lives in London and I haven't seen him for a long time, later I saw myself kneeling at the altar in church praying seriously, Some pastors came and climbed the altar, after I finished praying I got up and went to sit down, then woke up. I was surprised that as I was going to church in the morning ,I saw the guy called Austin, though he didn't see me, I saw him coming out of a compound and entering his car, I didn't even know he is in Nigeria. I don't know why such coincidence.

3.)I was walking on the road with my younger brother, then a man came down from a fence, seem like a building, he wore white garment, he walked towards me and said to me, "now you are acting right". My brother asked me if I know who the man is, I told him he is one of those that manufacture insecticide.

Thank you sir.
1. You represent the lady ; this is who you are, your annointing and how God has established you spiritually.

2. Yes! You are a prophetic dreamer. For, the lord had already showed you what's to come and what the future says,whats to come.

3. Indeed, you are now walking in line with God plans and designed for your life.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Wow. His will be done.
Thank you sir
Good morning pastor

I had this dream last night
It was as if I stood somewhere watching everything, it looks like I was watching a movie.
There was a ship in a big sea/ocean, this ship looks like a small city like Island inside the ocean, a beautiful small city, then there is a short bridge between the ship and another small spot on the sea too, like an island,
this other spot looks like a veranda, like a recreational spot, then a young lady seem to have escaped out of the ship and has crossed the bridge to the recreation spot, she wants to escape out of the ocean, like she is one of the people that stays in the ship, these people looks like white people, she has a male friend that is helping her escape from the ship, when she stood at the recreation spot thinking of how to leave the sea, a white man that is her father came to her, seriously fighting with her not to leave, the father brought crocodiles to attack her for her not to go or kill her, her helper then came out of the ship standing on the deck, he conjured something like a shadow of a crocodile and was acting as if he was killing it, which took the other crocodiles attention away from the escaping girl they started going towards the helper to fight him, in the process the helper threw helicopter to the girl for her to escape, that same moment, seem the helper bombed the island, there was a massive explosion, the island burst into huge flames of fire.
The scene then changed to land, people were busy going about, in front of a storey building, fine place with interlocked tiles on the ground, I saw the girl was standing on a queue, the building then seemed like hospital, then it was the girl's turn to go inside, she was there to visit the helper that assisted her to escape from her father and the ocean, because its was like the helper sustained injuries during the fight and was hospitalized. That's when I woke up. This dream seemed so much like a movie, but I don't even watch movies can't remember when last I watched movie.
What's the meaning of this of dream sir?
Thanks for interpretation.
God bless you
This is your story,daughter!.
This is how God fought for you, your guardian angel saved and set you freed from the fetters and captivity of marine kingdom.

I have nothing much to say than to thank the lord for your life. For the redemption of your soul and extermination of marine grip/kingdom that was ruling your soul,holding you to ransom.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Wonderful! I'm speechless. I so much thank God for all the deliverance I have been going through over the years and more recently and for the faith not to give up along the way. Pastor thanks for interpretations, it's always a great guide. Thank you sir.
Good morning pastor

My dreams last night
1.)I saw that my siblings and I were returning from church program(we actually have a program going on now that we are attending), but as we were coming home my late grandmother(maternal) was with us following us home, when we got to our street, the road not tarred, so some parts have water and sinking sand, me and my siblings easily passed, she started complaining that we are making her pass through difficult terrain, that she will sink, I said she should pass, its easy, because my sisters and I have passed easily, she then managed to pass, as we kept going she was complaining bitterly everytime about the difficulty she was having following us. Then we got to a storey building that we either had to pass through or stay, she couldn't pass through with us, me and my siblings had passed and stood on the other side, my grandmother couldn't come with us, I went to her and showed her how to pass, she still couldn't, she even had to take off her slippers so she can follow, then it seemed as If she was scared of passing through to continue with us home, I went to the other side and stood watching how she will manage, her slippers were in her hands, she was staring at where we passed and contemplating how to pass still, then I woke up.

2.)I slept again and dreamt that I went to buy something from a provision store in an area we used to live many years ago, a boy sold to me, as I was leaving, I hadn't gone far at all and remembered that I didn't collect my change, I went back immediately, as I got there the other persons that were there said the guy who sold to me has left, I should come back tomorrow and collect my change, another boy in the store said the one that sold to me is in a few compounds away with his friends, he went to call him twice that I have come back for my change, he refused to come and said they should tell me to come back tomorrow, I saw a primary school classmate of mine in the store sitting with the owners, I told him to help me talk to them to give me my change, that I have integrity and can't collect money that's not mine, he replied that all the people in the store are aware that I forgot my money, that I am not lying, they just don't want to give me, that aroused anger in me and I asked a boy to take me to the compound where the one who sold to me went, as we got there ,people around were telling me not to quarrel, because the boy is a cultist, he and his gang would beat me up, I replied that I don't care whatever he belongs to that I just need my money, a girl in the compound came to me and was dragging my handbag from me saying she wants to help me carry it, I held the bag tight and refused, told her I can carry it myself,m, the boy then reluctantly came downstairs with some of his cult members after I have caused so much commotion, he followed me to the store and gave me my money and left back to the compound immediately, then I said aloud, what kind of nonsense is this, how can he even think of not giving me my own money, someone in the store said I should not make noise there, that I'm just lucky, that the guys intention was to come and give me severe beatings in the store, that they are surprised he gave me my change, I replied that he should have dared it, if today will not be the day of his death, that it's like they don't know who my father is. Then I woke up.
In real life I'm calm and not troublesome at all, I don't know where such confidence came from in the dream.
Sorry for the long post sir.
Please help with interpretations, also with scriptures/prayer points and guide against seeing dead people in the dream, especially this my maternal grandmother, it's too frequent now, I have a strong feeling that I should pray against these.
Thanks and God bless you
1. Ofcourse, seeing your late grandmother in your revelations wouldn't stop until you stop assuming and understand the message the lord was/is trying to pass :
The lord said, your grandmother,past generations failed to endure and walk God hence many of them failed in life and struggle throughout, some even end up in HELL because they hadn't passion nor endurance to walk the path of life and salvation. Yes, the path of life and salvation many of your lineage couldn't bear or walk on is what you and your sister is leading now.

I must celebrate with you for breaking that generation jinx and limitation and being the first generation to walk the path of life and redemption that many of your past generation failed to endure and walk on.

Thank you jesus!

2. ◄ 2 Timothy 1:7 ►
For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

You've moved from being a retrogressive, toddler, immature,fearful and weak Christian into one who has authority in Christ and fear no evil. One who dare step on the tail of the cobra and stare within the mouth of the lion and no dare happen. Because? You are annointed now, you've possessed power and authority and the mark of don't-touch-my-annointing is staring on you.

Mind you,this is a rare privilege and is not meant for just a child of God.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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God bless you sir. You are very very right, everything you said is true, and it's this late maternal grandmother of mine that brought us into Christianity when I was 14, though she was a devoted Catholic and died as one. But we joined pentecostals few years ago. Sir you are a prophet of God! Thanks for the interpretation.
As for number 2. I'm grateful to God Almighty.
Bless you sir.
Good morning sir
1.)One of my half sisters called this morning and told me she dreamt and saw me peeling cassava, I was removing the skin and the white part is now showing , she said she dreamt this a while ago.

2.)Then last night dreamt she saw me washing pot, that I was washing it and getting tired so she told me to add vim and more soap, that the pot is about to be clean. She said the pot seem to have been given to me by my late maternal grandmother.

3.)I dreamt this early morning that I was in my secondary school class with few other class mates, the teacher was one of my fine arts teacher back in secondary school, I thought we wanted to write an examination, and was worried that I may fail, because I wasn't prepared, but instead the teacher went to the board and started teaching mathematics, the topic was "standard form". I decided to listen and I was willing and glad to start the class from beginning so that I will understand everything. He did very few calculations and wrote notes at the bottom, I tried to copy the notes, the writings were simple and clear, but I was finding it difficult to read it and comprehend the notes. I went closer to the board to see if I can read and understand it, I couldn't still pronounce the words even, I started smiling, because it became funny to me that I was finding it difficult to read and understand something that's written so clear and simple.

4.) my younger sister dreamt last night that someone gave her a small key, saying the key belongs to her. But it seems a man recently died and the key was collected from him and given to her, as if she inherited the key from the man. The key was meant for a locker, as she got to the locker she saw another padlock was used to lock it, she took a saw blade and saw off underneath the locker, and bundles of dollars started falling out, when she looked inside, she saw it was filled with bundles of dollars. She started jumping and screaming in excitement, she ran to me and told me she has become wealthy and started narrating everything to me. The scene changed and she saw herself on a road in a very beautiful luxury SUV, then a mechanic dressed in coverall, mechanic clothes, came into the car, then she heard a female voice from the back of the car shouting at the mechanic to get down, the mechanic didn't listen and the voice shouted again with authority and anger, then the mechanic came down immediately.

thank you sir