John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Thanks sir for interpretations and guide. These interpretations are true, I bless God for directing through dreams, I recently embarked on a fast , that's the dream I had on day 2, and God has immediately direct me on what to focus on. As for the interpretation of my mother's dream, you are very right also. God bless you sir, you are a blessing to me
Good morning pastor.

Dreams from last night :

1.) my dream
I dreamt that I was in a church that looks like the redeem church I presently attend, and a program was going on, seems like a new year service, I can't remember, but it's a special program, I sat at the back, the last row, of the church during the program, praises was going on, but many people were sitting, few were standing around and praising along, I stood on top of a chair so I can be seeing the front, I was singing and jubilating and happy, the pastor is the Same pastor of my church in real life, he sat in front, he looks very happy. Then a guest preacher came in, the whole church jumped up and started singing and dancing and praising God and shouting, they were all happy to see him, it seems the guest is a great and well known prophet, he look so peaceful and gentle. He walked towards the back and straight up to meet me, he passed all the people sitting on the row I stood and dragged my hand a little, he then asked me what am I doing at the back, he said it in a way as if he was insinuating that I shouldnt be at the back in the church, that I belong to the front. Then his bodyguards(those men that moves around with men of God-overseers, inside church, they started looking for a space in front for me, I followed them, when they got a space I went to the back and picked up my bag to go to the front, the prophet was standing and preaching close to where my bag was, as I walked passed him, I felt a kind of very calm and cool feeling in me, I felt very peaceful, a tranquil feeling. I thought to myself that the man must be very holy. As I was going to sit at the front I wondered why he had to single me out, and I said aloud that I never knew that pastor Mathew(my church pastor) and this prophet are in agreement, and they are even friends. Then I woke up and it's early morning. In the dream I was joyful in my heart and when I woke up I was joyful.

2.) my sister's dream
My sister dreamt that she and me went to a location and we were digging a hole, then it seems the hole became a grave, it became the grave of one of my estranged husband's family members, there was water inside the grave, and a corpse, and the head of the corpse is just above the water, she said I then picked up a padlock from inside the grave, the padlock is tied with red rope and some juju stuff, she said I took the padlock and said we should leave, my sister asked me to drop back the padlock and cover the grave with the slab we removed before leaving so that nobody will know we were there, but I refused and still took the padlock away, that we were both saying that it's the padlock that they used in tying the destinies of people of my ex's family members and locked it up in the grave, that someone is using their destiny for wealth and maybe it's their father and that's why their lives are not okay. She said She later saw a list in my hands, names of people of my ex's family members were on the list, that some names were ticked, and the names ticked are witches and wizards in the family and those whose destiny has been used. I took the list and said I will take it to court as evidence in the divorce case. In real life I'm in court for divorce
1. ◄ Romans 9:15 ►
"I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion."

Whether you want it, like it or not? The lord said, I have established you in my presence, before my throne and at the forefront in the kingdom of God and grace such that no man, nor angel nor even yourself can stop.

2. Whatever happened between you and that man was indeed beyond the physical. But I see that yoke broken and the captivates for the sake of your marital settlement, breakthrough in that family loosed and set freed.

But there is also a little but strong warning here : you must remain focus and never allow your sister or any of your siblings get in the way of your spiritual exercise,battles nor influence you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole
Thanks sir for the interpretation, sir I need to speak to you , relating to the interpretation of dream number 1 and some encounters I have been having concerning that. Please sir when can I call you?
9:30pm, tonight. But endeavour to send me a PM or text 10minute ahead so that I can remember my appointment with you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole
OK thank you sir. God bless you
Good morning sir

I had a dream just now.

I dreamt i walked into the market, I was dressed casually and fine, I saw one of my mom customers that we normally buy spices and ingredients from in real life, I refer to her as sister Esther, she saw me, we greeted and asked me what I want to buy, I told her I am looking for something to buy to eat, she ask something like what? I said like groundnut, she pointed to my right hand side and described a store for me to go buy, saying that the seller, a boy, sells very good groundnut that way, I said no and pointed my left, that I want to buy from someone, a custover towards my left, she kept persuading me to go to the boy that sells very good and neat groundnut on my right hand side, I refused and told her not to worry that I will buy at the other side, my left. As I was walking towards my left, I saw a woman selling oil rice and meat from a pot inside wheelbarrow, I looked at the food and ignored, and still walked forward, as I was going I saw a man walking towards me, looks like a mad man, but not mad, he has short dreadlocks, seems like a juju man, was walking around with a small boy helping him carry his bag, like those native people that goes around towns and markets giving visions or praying for people for a token. As I was walking closer towards him, we facing each other, he seemed to not want to leave the way for me to pass, I shifted to another side so that his body won't touch me, and passed him a little ,he started turning round, jumping about, making noise like incantations, shaking something in his hand, I was just standing and staring at him in disgust wondering what he was doing. Then I woke up.
◄ 1 John 4:4 ►
You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.


The lord said, you can no longer be intimidated, manipulated nor fear any evil power, juju man(witch doctor).. because you've been annointed for power and holy spirit.

That is, no witch doctor dare attack you be it spiritual or physical because you've received power.

I celebrate you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole
Words are not enough to express my gratitude.
Good evening pastor

My dreams
1.) last night I dreamt i was walking around in an environment, a man walked past, doesn't seem to be happy, not long after he passed, I saw a note of money on the ground, it was a foreign currency, the amount was 2,000(two thousand worth in the foreign currency), I don't know the name of the currency, but it seemed the money is France currency. An apartment was close to the spot I found the money, some familiar(familiar in the dream)people, men, were in the apartment, they were happy that I found the money, I was also happy too, I said I want to announce it, incase it's missing let the owner come and collect it, someone in the midst of the people said I shouldn't, that since I found it, I should keep it for myself, that it's mine, unless someone comes looking for missing money.

2.) In another dream same night, it seemed I'm in a room, close to a church I went to for program, the great prophet I saw in the dream few days ago was around, seems he is the pastor of this church holding the program, I was undressed and relax, with no intentions of attending the program, he walked in and persuaded me to be present at the program, there was another room inside the room I was, he went there and opened the door, the room looks like a Christian books library filled with books, he went in and picked one book and left for the church program, reminding me to attend, as he left, I started getting dressed to go for the program, I also noticed one of my younger sisters was there also getting dressed to attend.

My younger brother's dream
1.) The previous night he dreamt that he was in a very beautiful compound, the building inside is a storey building, he was upstairs, and another of our brother(different mom from us, older than us) called Kelvin was living downstairs, but Kelvins part downstairs looks so dirty and dilapidated, raggedy and like a slum, buckets were in front of his apartment like a local home. My younger brother, said he then went down downstairs and was gisting with Kelvin, and he saw a swimming pool in the compound, inside the pool, underneath the water, there was an image inside, a big moulded image in the shape of a human, his posture is as if he wants to run, he said a mighty wind started blowing and was also blowing the water in the pool, then the image started turning round and round, spinning round at a very great speed, he asked Kelvin what's going on and why the image is spinning like that, Kelvin said he doesn't know why, that that's how he saw it too o, that that's how it happens sometimes, then from where he(the dreamer) was standing, he sighted an electronics shop upstairs and saw one of his friend walked out and in again, he thought of going there to buy a cable, he asked Kelvin where the staircase is, Kelvin showed him, but the base of the staircase was covered with dirts and empty cartons, no one would know staircase was there, then he climbed to go to the electronics store, the stairs was so long and as he was going there was so many cobwebs blocking his way he started using his hands to remove them, he got to a point like the end of the staircase, the cobwebs were so thick, he removed them all and passed, but the end didn't lead to the store, instead he saw himself downstairs on another part of the building, but this part is very raggedy too, he wondered why parts of the building is fine and other parts are bad, he told himself he must get to the store, he saw a female tailor sewing on one side, he then went back to meet Kelvin to show him the stairs to the store, he later saw another staircase on another beautiful part of the house, he wanted to start climbing and he woke up.

2.) this same brother of mine dreamt last night that he was sitting so lonely in a place that looks like a bush, he saw a guy that used to be poor, the guy was dressed up, carrying so much money, he has become very wealthy, people were asking him how he got rich, he said one day he was on his own a man came asked him to take him to go show him a babalawos place around his area, that's all, that he home and surprised to see he has gotten so much wealth.
Then another scene, my brother saw himself in an open space like building sites, so many buildings projects around, he saw so many boys working for him, he has a car and the car was filled with so much dollars that was in millions, he said normally when a person is moving around with so much money and with area boys around like that, the person is supposed to be very scared, but he was so confident and not afraid, some of the boys even helped him lift a bag filled with money from the car, he needed to pay them for the job they did that day, he told them he doesn't have naira that they should accept dollar, he paid them in dollars and even the little dollar he gave them was more than what they would have received in naira, one of the workers asked him to throw money in the air and on the ground for them to pick, he said he got angry at him for saying so, and asked the boy if it's OK to be throwing money around in a difficult economy? That such attitude is nonsense, then he continued giving the others money and woke up.

Please interprete sir, sorry for the longs posts

While my brother was narrating the first dream to me on phone this afternoon, the moment he started talking about the pool part and the image, I burst into speaking in tongues uncontrollably and kept on for a while, when it stopped I called him back to continue, then as he got to the part where he said he saw himself sitting lonely in a bush, I burst into speaking in tongues, after a while I called him to narrate. Please sir throw light on this, as I wasn't praying at the moment, the tongues started automatically.
Thanks and God bless.