John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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I dreamt i was walking down the road to my house, a young girl  was also walking towards me from the opposite direction,  as she got to me she said,  hey your  shoes are very beautiful, I said thanks, she asked me where I got them I described the place. She went her way, I looked down at my legs,  and saw the shoes are really fine with little heels, in real life I don't normally wear heels of, so I was wondering  how come I was walking all along on heels and so comfortable, I didn't notice, I looked at the back of the shoes the heels has different color, very light chocolate color, I wonder what a beautiful color combination, that the designer must be very artistic, I then noticed all the buckles in the the front of the right pair were all broken, kept walking with it,  having it at back of my mind that I will take it to shoe mender to put it in order. As I got home I saw some half caste people in front of my neighbor's  house, a mother and her daughters,  the children look like her, they were just jus staring at me, I was wondering in my mind what they were doing  my area,  I know the half caste lady in real life, she is very beautiful, over 40year old,  is not married and doesn't kids, so I entered our house, as just entered I saw something like a little snake,  also looks centipede, before I could kill it,  it disappeared, in that  moment my younger ran into the house with so much fear and panic, as was asking her what the matter is she slumped, I rushed  her up running round the house looking for the door to my  room to get my anointing oil, I couldn't find the door, I kept screaming running round the house,  I noticed  one of my younger sister's friend was following me as I was running round and round, she wasn't saying anything and I don't know how she came into the house.  
I had this dream last  week Monday, then i hadn't found this forum, if it's not too late. Sir help me interpret.  God bless your good work.

Thank YOU Jesus!!

Your shoe (s) is your path, how smooth your life is and it determines your success in the spiritual and physical real.

Now, as a woman, it's also, your honour, grace,and it determines your balance both in the spiritual and physical world.

Now, in summary, the lord said, rejoice, for now, I shall make your path smooth,i shall cause honour to overwhelm you and cause many to find favour with you. For, I, the lord has make your path smooth and beautify to that your virtue, honour and glory as a woman shall come to fore. But what's this broken path of the shoe(embargo)? I know you have fears but fear no more for, I shall remove that "but" and destroy the household serpentine powers contending with your honour, path/success and glory as a woman. Therefore, search no further, look not for anointing oil for the serpentine has been destroyed and the "but" (faults) in your honour shall be repair /remove forever.


Praise Godiii

Bless You.
Praise God! Thanks as always dear pastor. , may God Almighty give me the grace to walk according to His divine will that I should never go astray again.
1. I see you coming out of your shell,living and coming alive again.

In essence, the lord referred you to the book of..and it says :

◄ Luke 6:38 ►
Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

Truly, I see the lord using you to help, and lift your friend out of her marriage mystery.
But, here is your reward, the lord said, as you give : Love others, care for others and cause them to be happy and ease their burden. Soon, I cometh to reward you for, as you give, surely the lord shall bless thee, give back,even more than you gave to YOU!
Therefore, eat it, live it and continue doing good, helping others for your rewards cometh and the day of your joy.

2. Your brother must seek the lord before investing into any business or before buying that land, before investing into that company et al. Lest evil devourers consumes and overwhelm his finances and he's run down-from grace to grass.

This is what I always emphasis that, we need the lord before we make any decision in life.
But, if he's indeed invest his money into something, be rest assured that he won't only fail but run down financially as I see devourers before him.

3 . ◄ Matthew 19:14 ►
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

What a sacrifical woman she is!

I must congratulate your sister. She's indeed a great woman, one with good/big heart,great faith, and courageous heart. Truly, this one faith is built on a solid rock.

Therefore, this is what the lord proclaimed : I have seen your faith, how you love and care for others and cherish my kingdom. For this, I shall grant all your heart desires and cause you to blessed among women.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

4. She must wage war against witchcraft influence, pollution, manipulation and initiation.

Psalm 119,8, 24 :

• Every witchcraft initiation, manipulation, influence, attack and manifestation in my life, I belong to jesus, therefore, scatter,catch fire and dieiii

In essence, the lord strongly warned your sister of " gift " she must be very careful of whom she accept git from, either edible or otherwise lest she's unconsciously initiated.

5. This is a great warning for your sister :

The lord warned that she must entrust or leave her child with anybody as the enemy want to use people around her or those she trust to destroy or rob that child away.

Secondly, she shall embark on 1days fasting and prayer against ; Any power, person's and evil attempt that's hunting for her child life and freedom.

Psalm 119, 91 and 4.

Bless You.
Thanks for the interpretations and God bless you as always.
I feel so downcast today.
Because deep in my heart I know what I'm suffering now is as a result of my disobedience and sin, I feel really bad for myself, I feel so guilty,I keep telling myself if I knew better. I went through deliverance program for a long time some time back after all said and done i knew I was free, through dreams and my physical life, but I don't just know how I fell back to my former life, sinful life, and my Lord did not hesitate to let me see the consequences immediately, now I have returned to the Lord again, sincerely this time around, but I still feel guilty. I don't know what to do about the feeling, seems all the forces tormenting me before returned even stronger than before, now I am in a dilemma, and don't even think about my bad situation, I just want God to have mercy on me, I know if he does everything about my life will be okay again. I have come to realize that the things people do and gets away with it, it's not so for me, now I am afraid of even the smallest of sins, because I am afraid of the Lord, because it seems everytime I do something wrong, all my dreams become evil dreams, atimes I will have good dreams, but then bad ones again, I hate seeing any form of negativity in my dreams, because my dreams come to pass, good or bad. Now the bad dreams jus don't want to stop, I do pray, and makes the guilt feeling worse. I don't know what to do to stop feeling bad for myself and I don't know if God will restore my joy again
This is good news for heaven, for me and the lord.

It's a must you feel these guilts to that there will be full repentance and sober. It's a must for your inner man,spirit to tremble.

Indeed, this has only proved that you are indeed sorry and render to repent and turn a new leaf.


Yes, it's a process. So bear it, let the lord crush your soul and remould it for his purpose,and to instill his fear in you.

Bible ref,prove and confirmation of what you are experiencing :

◄ Proverbs 9:10 ►
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding

You will be fine, restore in two days time.
You body, spirit and soul.
This is day one : you body is being crush.
Your spirit will follow tomorrow and soul the following day.

You can...Give me a call, tonight at 10pm or tomorrow at 1pm..if you can.

Bless You.
Ok, thank you sir, tomorrow 1pm
I missed the appointment, for the call, reasons beyond my control, I'm unhappy about it