John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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daniel dream
good pm sir dreamt I saw a colleague baking different snacks and one of them brought some for me to taste and I took the. little. one. and she told. me to take. more. and ask Esther ifs. okay and I told her its good. next they put big. fish. to do snacks with. it and I left next I saw some boys taking. money. from. my husband. drawer and I alerted my chubby and he took them and beat them to collect back the money. they. were stealing. and next I saw two hundred on the floor of the place we do charge phones and I took it and after. sometime it. fell and I took it again. next I saw our trainee trying to convince me that he want to buy sim for free because. he doesn't want us to know she has lost it and. my husband. told her to pay one four for it
..and the enemy came to rob or exchange your blessing,spiritual consciounsess through evil method and night caterers powers but woefully they failed .

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good pm sir I had the following dreams. 1.dreamt I saw my mum and she was criticized. me and she bite my hand and it was removing blood and I went to show my dad but he didn't say anything. and as we are talking. she came and I used the blood to rob her body 2. dreamt I was sitting down somewhere and an old man carried a suitcase open it and gave my the head gear and the cap we used for our wedding3. dreamt. I asked a friend. to repair my phone and he wanted to collect 2k but I was thinking if I gave him 1500 he would collect. next I sawxa white thing that cover my stomach to my private part and to me it seem the thing. was suppose to be in my stomach and I went to show my mum but she didn't answerme and asked me to go and meet my step mother who has died in real life and she told me that within 10 - 11 days that I will died and I told her that is not God plan for my life that I would not die but live to declare the gospel of God and at that instant I was bleeding and I left and was keeping on the way 4. dreamt I saw dead rats all around and next my boss asked for a pen and I gave him next I found. myself on his chair and a manasked me to stand up that how can I sit on my boss sat and I kneel down and told my boss am sorry and he didn't say anything
1. You and your mother,again? Its well. Truly,man's greatest enemy is within his household.
I see unprecedented enmity,battle,anger between you and your mother. You should be wary of anger and any form of porovation from her or anybody...I see provocation.

2. I see your stolen marital glory(cap) recovered and handed back to you now.

Thank you Jesus !

3. This is strange. The lord warned, trust nobody and no friend. I see exchange of virtue and your soul for ritual purpose. Take note of this warning ;

¶ Don't patronize or exchange anything with whomever your spirit disagree with.

¶ Trust nobody.

¶ I see an evil money oe hand on a mission to exchange something with you for money ritual purpose rebuke it no matter how well you know the person as Kong as your spirit rebuke him or her.

¶ You must embark on three day fasting and prayer against every and any evil and occultic plot and transfer sim to use your wellbeing,soul and health for satanic wealth ... With Ps 119,91,42,51 and 19.

Very urgent place.

4. The witchcraft power,agent dethroning you,and limiting,shaking your poise at your work place has just been destroyed.
Surely, you shall henceforth find favor before all especially your boss.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank u sir !
good pm sir I had this dream dreamt I was walking in a wet grass full of small crawling insects that looks like centipede and snake and that my step mother was leading me and I was complaining and she told me this thing is in my hand and I checked and saw it there and I throw it away clean my hands and I turn back and walk back and I wad bushy looking at the insect and avoiding stepping on it. 2. dreamt I was in our former house and the children were bathing and have spoiled the tap and it was raining and the whole compound was flooded so I went to look for the water switch to off it and before I came my parents and neighbours were there and one of them was trying to tell them that I was trying to off the eater to stop the flood but they strength listening. and the water has moved off and I saw my step sister. breast outside and it was looking big and not good and my dad touched it and told her to be decent next. I saw my dad carrying sacrifice. and href looked haggard. 3 dreamt I saw. that someone. came took all the fruitsyan in the church and I was thinking. that these things supposed. to be for the pastor there next I saw our school bus and I was carrying a bowl of water and I couldn't enter with the water even if the bus stop and the road was filled with red earth
1. The lord warned, do not be misled nor allow yourself to be led astray or deceive. Be wise and be wary,trust nobody.

2. There is an inherited,foundational sin and wickedness in your father's house. A great sin committed by your father,family and this has brought about unprecedented curse and poverty into your lineage. You must break that curse and yoke of poverty over you life if you want to prosper or make head way in life.

3. You know what's right and what belongs to God at your disposal therefore you must not rob God nor eat what is his lest stagnation and disappointment overpower you like a mighty warrior.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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good pm sir dreamt I was in a place and I saw my mum friend and she like going to party and I was the one doing her cooking. for the husband. and next I was sweeping their room and I saw a matches that my maiden name was written 2. dreamt I was with my parent and we were talking about my step brother and I told my parent that he is an armed robber that someone has reported him and to verified he had would sustained when he was caught and I told them that they have tried for him that he was given everything compared to me that I was given little 3. my son had a dream that he was being dragged to enter a bus but he refused and there was rain and they left him
1. I see your destiny tied down and under capvity of slavery.
You shall cry out until something happen or there is a contrary revelation ; O God arise, deliver me and my destiny from captivity of slavery, where my name,destiny is tied down". Ps 8,42,24,51 and Isaiah 49:45.

2. Well, this isn't far from reality. That is, your brother has chose the path of destruction,wickedness and Hell for survival.

3. I see your son escaped in the hand of ritualist. You should pray for him,your children always.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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thank. u sir