John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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daniel dream
dreamt i placed bread and coke in my front about to eat and a sister dat we lived together came and took the back of the bread and i was looking at her some how because she just finished eating and i told her my own fud is little compare to the one she ate and she still want to take out of my own and someone came and i gave her yughurt and spaghetti and anoda person came and i gave her more than half of the yoghurt meamt for me without spaghetti cos she was expecting me to give her the same thing and she wanted to refill my bottle and i told her not to worry and isaw the necklace beads made by my sister where she kept it in a dirty basket and i was asking my brother dat y did she scattered them like dat and he said she doesnt want them to see it and i took broom and was continuing sweeping the entrance cos it does open once in a while and i was waiting for it to open so i can go inside
It's called manipulator.
The lord say, you must never allow such person to have their way in your life lest they pollute your heaven of grace,blessing,and you are left to clean up the mess or amend the damage they must have caused.

Bless you.
Dreamt I saw my hubby fiilling two keg of oil dat he want tO give it to two fastor and dat I should make two amala later he asked me to put it in a place and he asked me how much is left with me I told hm 50
2. Dreamt I saw two cows attacking me and I called Jesus and I removed their horns but it grow back and it want to attack me again and I removed the two horns and it grow no more
1. It's time for you and your hubby to bless the life of the lord anointed. This is a call from the lord so that he may bless and uplift you and your husband and give you total victory over your enemy of progress, al.

2. I see your faith increased and I see you defeated the strong man troubling your peace by the reason of your faith and persevere in prayers.

For, it's written :

◄ Mark 11:23 ►
"Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.

Bless you.
dreamt i was holding a bundle of money and i brought it out in public to give someone out of it and my hubby was correcting me dat i shouldnt have done dat next i saw some people came and attack the place we are and behead a man beside me and the wife was unconscious and me and my husband fought with those people and kill some den we kept the people dat are in the building hidden in a room and we stay with them keeping watch and my hubby asked me to hold Daniel so dat they wont see him outside if he used his leg to open the window so i hold him

2. Dreamt i was holding a little girl and we were running as some people were after us and we got to a building to hide and met some people who did not want us to go and i dont know wen the little girl slip out so i told them i need to find her and dey let me go and i left found and some monster were all around d environment sucking people blood and the military men were outside killing them and dey were killing lot of peopke and i found myself in a camp and a man said does monster are around now and he was scared and the monster fired arrow into the camp and he died and dey left and everybody was running helter shelter and i was running too but anything the monster want to come near me and i shout holyghost fire they would flee untill i got to anoda camp and met a man dere and he asked them who am i and my hubby replied dat am his girl friend and he said anybody am with we waays be the head and at dat tyme i was with anoda man from the other tent and he said my hubby will have to leave the tent and dat wen he died i should covered him with a cloth dat he will rise again and he went to hug anoda lady and i turn my back at them . The monster were not able to come near the tent and wen dey touch this man they would cry out and fall and he told me dat without me shouting holyghost fire dat they can flee from me also dats its in built fir
1. The power and covenant of tithing/giving empowers and gives you power over spiritual robber and blessing destroyer. It preserves your life, secure your properties/valuables and keep you under the shadow of victory and dominance over your enemies.

The words " giving and tithing" can not be over emphasised. When prayer failed? Faith along with tithe never!

But the lord also warned :

◄ Matthew 6:4►
"So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,
so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

2. You are a blessing and a shield of God's mercy and protection over the life of your family especially your hubby.
Therefore, any attempt to cheat on you or leave you for another woman may result to " grace to grass" for him.

Bless u
dreamt i saw my hubby friends and his wife. The wife was naked in front of us and the husband told her to wear her clothes back and she did dat

2. Dreamt isaw an animal with a brown colours dat ls beautiful and he was carrying a big snail on its body and i was thinking the snail is big and i wanted to draaw near it but the animal started running away with the snail in anoda scene saw my elder step sister brought two new shoes and one used one for me to wear and dat used one wasnt my size and i was telling her ddat the shoe is bad while my other step sister was complaining dats the shoe my step sister gave her and dat she like it in anoda scene saw my hubby bought new clothes for me but he hasnt completed the payment and he begged a woman to give him money and he used it to pay for the clothed and in anoda scene saw my step brother walking naked on the street and moving to a building

3. Dreamt i want to buy tomatoes and the one i saw are perishable so i moved to one womn shop and she attack me dat shey is 20 naira things i wanted to buy dat she didnt have dat i should go and she was laughing with her friends and i moved from her store andgry and i met a lady who wanted to go there and i told her to go to anoda place dat de woman has no character and den i moved to anoda store and told the woman there to sell me tomatoes and tatashe 200 naira own and dis same woman follow me to dat store to see how much i wanted to buy
1. I see arrow of shame fired into that family : this woman's life.
But it shall be subdue by the reason of her husband's love and prayers for her.

2. Congratulations. I see the owner of-evil load, affliction, rags, retrogression,stagnancy,frustration,demotion, poverty and shame carry it away. Hence, I see your rags replaced for glory,i see your shame replaced for honour and I see your struggle give way to prosperity,and I see your battle/sorrow in your husband's house-inherited from your father's house replaced for honour and crown of glory.
Now, shall you be overwhelmed with glory,honour, blessing...

Praise God!!!

3. Hmmm..
What a message.
You've been mocked for years. Your enemies had time without number lurks around to mock your struggle and downfall. But rejoice, for, I see your mockers, enemies disgraced and put to shame by the reason and manifestation of your testimonies.
Yes..they shall witness your breakthrough, next level and blessing. These? The lord shall do to put them to shame and show them that he's your God.


Your financial life is about to be turn around and you will testify in no time.

Praise the Lord!

Bless u
dreamt i was walking along a place and it was narrow and there are flowing water down so i was holding David and backing daniel and a girl was behind me and a man carrying different bags in my front and i helped him to old one of the bag and the girl did the same but wen she wanted to fall she drop the bag s and i helped him to hold one while he other one fell into the running water and wen we crossed over the man was telling the girl to get him his bag dat while did she fall it and in anoda scene i saw my former pupil parents and i was asking dem wen they arrived in lagos and was playing with the pupil dat he still behave like baby cos he was crying and d parents were happy to see me and i found myself in a shop filled with elubo and bag of rice and d same man came to buyrice and asked for a product which we didnt have but we showed him the one we have and he bought ten derica and also asked for maggi which my hubby gave him six and one was left out of the pack and my hubby put down all does new things he want us to be selling in the shop and the man happen to be a family to dat my pupil parents
The lord say,you'd sacrifice so much in your profession even though you were never really appreciated. For this reason, I have come to reward you for your passion, commitment and service to humility through your profession.

Therefore, you and your hubby, this is my message for you "I am come to bless and prosper you. You shall start a family business : buying and selling". Through this I will bless and prosper you and these shall be accompany will honour and joy.

Psalm 1.

Bless u