John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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daniel dream
dreamt my baby pupu inside his pampas but it stained his leg and neck so i used a black clothe to clean it and also dat i was helping one of my past pupils parent to wash all her children shoe dats small shoes and sandal with soap and water and the next day i was on my way there again i was telling my hubby dat am tired and he said i should go back home and rest dat my friend isnt coming also but i was thinking i cant leave the woman and her children alone
This just become part of your life, personality and YOU as a being both within and without.

But the lord said, for this reason you may want to be careful this time of whom you choose to work under lest you are used, work like an elephant but earn/eat like an ant.

Lastly, the lord is pleased with your within and without holiness therefore I see disease, sickness and evil manipulation flee from your home and the life of your child(ren).

Bless you.
dreamt i we build a house and the bedroom looks like my father own and there was a bulb with light inside and a man asked i and my hubby to sell it to him but we re fused and next i was kuking outside with gas stove and it was dark and i was scared and took the stove inside and my dad asked me to take it outside and i thought he dat is in me is greater than he dats in the world so i took it outside and i wasnt afraid any more

2.dreamt i drive to the church i attend while growing and everywhere was old the leaves has wilthered and the wall broken and i i was thinking this where i do cut leaves and herbs before

3. Dreamt my mum was comparing my baby with anoda child and i told her he still luks gud and chubby upon he is teething dat i thank God and wen they wanted to close the gate they couldnt find padlock and i looked for it and found it but it was locked amd we didnt see the car and i later saw the key hanging at its closed mouth and i was able to open it and the padlock scattered on the ground wen it opened

4, dreamt a woman called me on my way from church and asked me y have not been to church dat she told my mum dat i should be staying in the church or be learning an instrument if i cant stayed there so dat wen there is vacancy they can asked me to take care the church and she was asking of all my certificate and i was thinking i didnt have all of them with me as of den and in real life i couldnt find my primary skul certificate again
1. That lord has destined you and your husband to build your own house but the power and strong man of your father's house is contending with you.

And truly, he that's in you is greater than he, that's in the world ". Meaning, the lord has empowered you to silence that strong man for the manifestation of this blessing. Therefore, you shall rise and wage war against " Every strong man of your father's house that want to terminate this blessing and breakthrough, oh God arise and destroy it ". With 1john 4:4.
Make sure you add this prayer point to your daily prayers until there is a deliverance and manifestation in the realm of the spirit and physical manifestation.

2. You are no longer a toddler in the lord,in the realm of the spirit and spiritual warfare.

3. But wary and careful that your secrets and whatever good things that's happening in your life,marriage or family isn't leak out to your mother.
Hmmm.. You can't see what I am seeing but just heed to the warning above and you will be safe.

4. If you can give more or little bit more of your time, yourself and energy to God or his work you will be located with blessing. But there is an embargo here :

Therefore you shall pray : Oh lord my father,God of all possibilities with little or no certificate(credentials)uplift me, let me find favour before man and bless me ". Psalm 121:1, 24 ,8 19 and Isaiah 60 you pray/do this twice in a week.

Bless you.
thank u sir
dreamt that i saw our former landlady is my present house, she was looking through the window and she saw me cooking inside and went to report to our current landlord. Landlord now create a place and prepare it like kitchen that I should be cooking there and not cook inside again and the place looks like my parent"s house kitchen. So he cleaned it and when my Dad clean I ask what happened and now told him He was shaking his head for the woman
2. My mum was telling me that I should tell my hubby to stop lying that he told him that house rent is 6500 and i told her that if it is a small room like the one she ask my sister to move that it will not be more than 3500 so she ask my sister to move into the small room that i have to go back to my husband house so she took nylon and measure corns and beans inside and the beans was pouring down from the nylon that i av to go and get another nylon inside so that she can fill it and i can adjust the other one that has already filled up
1. What a strange house/place and landlord you used to live with.
You must wage war against " Every evil forces that want to draw my life back maritally, financially and otherwise " release me and die.iiiii

Psalm 24, 8 ,4 and 119.

2. Pray against" Every strong man of your father's house and evil forces that's want to use your mother to disgrace and bring shame and struggle into your marriage, financially and otherwise-to dieiii

Psalm 119, 24 and 27,23.

Bless you.
thank u sir
Dreamt I saw my dea step moother and my step sIister oour fiIrst bOrn and dey were at the tap and I went to them to giive me water and wen they gave me water In a glass cup it was dIrty and I complained and I was tdld to wait and wen I loooked the water has settled and ii drInk and throw the dIrty one away and my step brother came with twO bucket and hIs own water was lIke mud and wen the tap stOp runnIng dey opened the well. And filled hIs bucked with the same dirty water

2. Dreamt I bought oiIl from fILlIng station and it was he last One and people mOved tO the next station to get oIl and I went alsoo and dat also finIshed without any bdy getting and dey saId If we want oil we should gO inside the buIldIng and I nOtIced thee ceiling was dripping so I lEft the building wIth the Oil with me and I saw a frIend and she asked me to gIve her the black slIpper I wOre and I diId and she gave me her whiuite hIgh heel shOe and I was thInkIng dat the slIpper belong to my mum wat of if she asked sO I hIde my feeT from her
1. ◄ Psalm 11:3 ►
If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?"

As a result of sinful lifestyle, deception, lack of understanding of true word of God, lack of holiness,un-righteousness, ignorance the foundation of this family and every member therein operates under the kingdom of hell fire and destruction.

I see polluted grace, heaven, deliverance, salvation but, the lord, out of them all, purified you and brought you into true salvation, repentance, grace, heaven,and called/established in his presence/kingdom.

Praise God!

For you've known the truth(salvation) and it has set thee FREE.

2. Halleluyahii
As the lord has looked down on your with favour hence, has delivered from every inherited stagnancy,affliction, failure, frustration, destruction,dishonour, disfavour..inflicted on your through the womb: your mother.

Therefore, you shall no more struggle nor encounter failure,frustration, poverty, evil,sin et al that was passed into your life through your mother or from the womb. Favour, honour and uncommon success shall henceforth be your lot.

Praise the Lord, God!

Bless you.