John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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daniel dream
dreamt i saw my baby daniel on a water dat flood the road amd as i was going down to carry him i saw an orange tree and they were big and i remember he do have navel pain so i took lime from the tree and one of it got pelled wen i wanted to pluck it from dat orange tree and i woke up

2.dreamt i saw my dad and he was accusing me dat i didnt tell him about my background dat someone told him dat my parents are died and dat i didnt work for my result and i told him dat my result i worked for it dats my handwork dat leads to dat result and dat the lady dat told him dat story was the same one dat killed my parent and one guy and he now calmed down and told me dat i should forgive the lady
3. Dreamt dat i saw my mum laying a curse on me i was rejecting dat becos my son got hurt and the blood was coming from his head and it stained his cloth and i complained so i took him and wanted to leave bt a neighbour a friend to my mum who lived where i grew up stopped me and i told her i need to go dat does curse are affecting my life and wen i wanted to go i didnt see my other son so i went to look for him and saw dat my mum was forcing him to say amen in a white garment church by pressing down his head while he prostrate so i took him from her grasp and as i wanted to step out i started speaking in tongue and a lady interprete it dat there is an unknown hand upon me dat hid me and wont let people to noticed mewhere ever i am dat we needto call 7 elders to weep and pray for me to remove dat hand and it was done in dat dream and my mum and brother were crying and i go to my mum to embrace her and told her am sorry
1. You need financial blessing,good health, security, breakthrough,favour, grace..but how can you receive these when you've refused to give/sow unto God?

You need to make yourself right and cultivate the character of sowing unto God lest these storms in your home/lives continues..

May the lord help and open your eyes to see and do the right thing.

2. Merciful, faithful and loving God!
Thank you jesus.

◄ Isaiah 54:17 ►
no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD.

Indeed, for many years false accusations has been contending and manipulating your potentials/credentials or the work of your hands to frustrate your prosperity and potentials.
But no more, for the lord say, from this movement on, every false accusations, contenders and manipulating raised against your credentials/prosperity has been silenced. Therefore, I see deliverance and anointing of prosperity over the work of your hand now and/or your credentials/potentials.

Praise God!

3. No more ichabod : No more inglorious.

Indeed, your mother has been cruel to you and truly a pain on your neck.

In essence, I see a curse laid on you and your generations which has been affecting your life,robbed you of your peace, prosperity,and prevented your glory from manifesting. But, Praise God!

For every curse, infliction and sorrow sowed into your life and your generation has been destroyed TODAY!

If only you will spare all night to praise God for this victory? Wow!

You and your generation has just be let loosed/free from evil curse and affliction sowed into your life by your mother.

What a mother, a cruel and wicked one at that would curse,do such a terrible to her own daughter??

Anyway, I celebrate with you as your peace,testimony,destiny and prosperity shall manifest now without embargo or delay.


Praise God! The evil curse is removed at last!

Bible ref :
◄ Isaiah 54:17 ►
no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD.

Bless You!
thank u Jesus and thank u sir 4 d interpretation
oreamt i was fetching water with a red bowl
2 dreamt i made a white pap and put it in a silver flast and den pour the remaining one inside a white plastic and a stainless bowl and it was still hot so i asked my step sister to give me water to add to the pap to make it warm and she asked me to take it while she as sweeping
3.dreamt i saw my hubby make an agreement with a person and wen it was pay back time the people who were in black wanted entry and he say no so i told him dat we need to pray to overcome them and we started praying and my step sister stood in a place and was just watching and smilling bt the people couldnt enter
4 dreamt i was in a gathering and it consist of different people from different place and the leader came out and told dem that soon everybody will be in one place dat he doesnt like the attitude of does jehovah witness and as he was moving round he saw a lady dat i recognized as my class mate in secondary school and he went to her and she told him dat she is from kogi in kabba dat she needed direction to the new site dat she is a red cross member and there was an iron clad on her neck and d man was searching for the key to open the iron bt it wasnt among the bunch of keys with him and he used one of the key to remove mucus from her nose
Note : Always number,separate you dreams!

1. Grace in abundance but always remember someone paid for that, with his blood?

2. When you ask/seek you shall find.

3. You hubby must be careful of the kind of people he do business or have anything to do with. But if he's already found himself in this similar situation there is need for prayers and spiritual invention.

4. That church is a no go area for you : Jehovah witness.

Bless you.
1. Dreamt i was running and shouting dat God in His mercy should help me and some animals wanted to block my way and i fought and defeated them then a woman came out and took me to a church and i saw our pastor in oyo and he told me i had to work with him as his assistant and e said i will lead the song next sunday dat his wife will show me how to do it dat he will not be around and when i told my hubby to go with me he said he too had to follow his sister hubby who is also a pastor to a church.

2. Dreamt i was in a gathering and my boss was accusing me dat i left without telling her and i told her d work is too tedious for me and the people supported wat i said and she took me to meet anoda set of people dat am the one she help and later left and i told dem dat if not dat the economy is bad dat am earning 10 thousand with my hnd certificate and i would teach sweep and also wash the little ones poopoo dat sometym to eat is problem and dat i was sick so i had to left and does one supported me and she couldnt say anytin and i left and climbed a horse and the horse was trying to molest me sexually dat i couldnt come down and i saw men in suit and i called to them bt they ignore me and walked away and a woman came talked to the horse bt it didnt listened den a man dat was in white like an hausa attire spoke to the horse with a command and it let me go bt it left a scratch on my hand and dey told me its not infected and wen i told a friend of mine she said it happan to her and she show me where the horse hurt her on her hand and when i checked my hand no scratch was there and she left me without looking back even wen i called her and i was like am dreaming it happened to me bt it was her
1. You peace, deliverance and total dominion over all your battles is assured if..? You will heed the call and work for God.

Ask God what exactly is it and how he want you to go about it. Your service is needed in the house of God.

2. Hmmm.
Truly, for so long you've been struggling, enslaved and working like an elephant and eating like ant.

This isn't God purpose for your life. For you'd been molested(used) in this profession/work place with little or nothing to show for it.
Indeed, it's time to deliver yourself from this captivity and call on the lord to come to your rescue as any effort you make to leave without his approval and power guiding you Out? May result to more physical/spiritual molestation. Meaning : you will be frustrated and prevented as there is a mystery surrounding your work place.

That be said,if you must stay or leave? Let God speak and be your guard and guidance.

Bless You.
dreamt i enter a bus and the bus had accident and some people died while some one helped me when i wanted tp fall out of the bus and i was not hurt and as i was goimg home i saw a tree with orange and lime and a woman washing clothes and i asked her dat i want to take out of the lime and she said she do sell it and i gave her 20 naira and wen she saw the biscuit i bought for my children she said she has been looking for dat kind of biscuit and she took four out of the five with me telling me she has four kids
◄ Psalm 91:7 ►
A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.

◄ Psalm 23:4 ►Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

I see arrow of death/destruction passed you by. Praise God.

But pray that you blessing/joy and that of your children may not be exchange for sorrow/bitterness.

The biscuit is a blessing/joy while the lime is the bitterness/sorrow.

Bless You.
dreamtt we were inside a building and it was raining heavily and it enter through the window and it touch daniel so i took him and closed the window properly. And in anoda scene it was shinning and i bring out a nylon to spread things in the space provided by my step mother and she told me not to dry the garri dat she want to used the space but i insisted dat i want to dry the garri and some other fud stuff and then wen it began to rain and i was not around dey parked the garri but i found the rice in a bowl and with a little water inside it note my step mother is dead in real lofe