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Covenant Seed!
The power that can change your bitter story – By Funmi komolafe

The story of Hannah, the woman who was barren for years but later had a breakthrough, is our peg for today’s story.
As recorded in 1 Samuel 1 verses 10 and 11, Hannah “was in bitterness of soul and prayed unto the Lord and wept sore.”. Verse 11, our main peg, states, “ And she vowed a vow and said , `O Lord of hosts, if you wilt indeed look on the affliction of thine hand maid, and remember me and not forget thy handmaid, but will give unto thine handmaid a child, then I will give him unto the Lord all the days of his life, and there shall no razor come upon his head”.

JESUSPlease note- Though a sad woman, she still exercised her faith by praying; not blaming God, not shunning God.

Secondly and more importantly, she made a vow. A vow is so important in our prayer life. Men of God say it brings quick answers to prayer. God is not in need but we must realise that He appreciates vows.

Thirdly, God changed Hannah’s story and she said: “My heart rejoiceth in the Lord, mine horn is exalted in the Lord: my mouth is enlarged over mine enemies; because I rejoice in thy salvation” ( 1 Samuel 2 verse 1)

We will return to the point of giving later in this story but, for now, I share with you a story I read in the Nation newspaper, shortly before this column was introduced.

The report:

“ A 50-year-old woman, Mrs Roseline Akinsola, was, yesterday, delivered of twins after 14 years of childlessness.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Akinsola, who works at the Ekiti State Christian Pilgrims Board, was full of praises to God for answering her prayers”.

Now, this story confirms what Joyful Homes has been sharing with readers.

Note, she said people generally mocked her, calling her Iya Iyanu ( meaning mother of miracle). They thought they were mocking her but they did not know that they were indeed prophesying a miracle into her life.

Today, those who laughed at her are laughing with her.

Hold fast to your faith and your story will be better than hers.

I also want to share with readers the story of a school principal who had been married for about 19 years. She held on to God, taking care of other peoples’ children and, more importantly, giving to men of God.


The story was told by Pastor Gbenga Oso, General Overseer of Laughter Foundation International Ministry, who described Mrs. A as “A Giver”. Please note that this does not mean pastors are beggars. Our donation can be in form of financial or material contribution to the church. The point made by many pastors is that God has a special way of rewarding givers.

We were told that each time Mrs. A went for personal prayers, she gave her Pastor a gift and the man would simply say “ God bless you”.
I’m sure we are all aware that God loves a cheerful giver and that is why anyone trusting God for children must be a giver; indeed a seed sower. Giving to children, pastors or Women of God is another form of seed sowing.

Couples in such a situation should try and make a habit of giving to orphanages..This a very rewarding way of seeding sowing.

Note also that Mrs. Akinsola said her husband believed in her. This again stresses the point often made by Joyful Homes. What this means is that to have a breakthrough, couples must resolve to work together.

However, where the man is not a strong believer, the woman should handle this in such a way that it does not bring conflict. Rather than argue or nag, continue your prayer and pray that God should touch your husband.

‘I am vindicated’

To further buttress this point, I will share the story of Mr. and Mrs. XYZ ( real names with held) based in Lagos who have been trusting God for children for about 18 years.

They had gone through series of medical tests and given different results by different doctors as to the reason the woman was unable to bear children but her husband decided to stick to her.

According to the husband, friends advised her to take another wife.

Rather than do this, he made up his mind to approach his pastor and urged him to persuade his wife to accept adoption.

However, the story changed. On the day they were to meet the pastor, there was a long queue. They persisted and were almost the last set of people to see the pastor. Consequently, the husband had no opportunity to table his request.

They were prayed for, as directed by the Holy Spirit, by the pastor and, today, they are parents of twins.

On the day of the naming of the twins, the husband gave a testimony which he titled, ‘I am vindicated’.

He spoke of suggestions by friends and relations that he should take another wife.

The lesson here is to keep faith alive and do away with advice that could lead the couple into perpetual conflict.

More importantly, a couple must stay together physically and spiritually. This cannot be over emphasized.

Let’s end this column today with another inspiring story.

A pregnant woman was rushed to a private hospital for delivery . It turned out that this hospital could not handle her case which had become complicated. She was rushed to another hospital which carried out a surgery to bring out the baby.

The baby was brought out but it was a still birth.

In the process of the surgery, there was power failure .While in a hurry to clean her up, the medical practitioners forgot some items inside her. The result was that she began to experience unusual stomach pains.

A scan revealed this and she had another surgery to remove the items.

Then she began to struggle to have children.

She travelled to India and the United States and doctors told her she could never have children because the items had contaminated her womb.

Again, she remained prayerful and one must say that being prayerful when trusting God for children is no joke. It takes a lot of efforts and determination.

Finally, God changed her story by responding in a unique way; she got pregnant and, today, she and her husband are parents of twins.

Get ready. God is about to change your story.


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