John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Bible and blood
dear pastor, thank u for ur accurate interpretations n guidance. u r correct about my university issue. I did involved in exam malpractice. I graduated 2007.I repented 2014 but was not really free from sin.bcos I had a girlfriend then I wanted to marry n we fell into sex sin. October 2015 ,we broke up n I rededicated my life to Christ. since then no more sex sins or other sins. my experience with d Lord in dis 8 months is wonderful. the Bible n blood dream, 3rd march 2015, I told u was indeed a call to repentance. March 29th, may 23rd 2016, I had visions where God granted me mercy. I had d university dreams 9th n 10th of this month. sir, I wonder why these dreams after repentance n visions from God that He has granted me mercy. I need ur advice.

last night I dreamt I was going to church B.when I got to a junction I stopped n said I should not go to church B but I should go back to church A.
NB. church A is my present church. I was raised there but in 2008 I left n went to church B. 2014 I left church B n went back to my former church,church A.
You are wrong.

I can see overwhelming mercy of God round about you.
What else would you ask for?
He's closer, has shown mercy and he speaks to you like he's indeed near and dwells in you.

I repeat, the mercy of God is overwhelming I can see that upon you.

Now, perhaps you got it twisted.

What the lord Is asking for is to go back and amend that. I know this may be difficult and the infact a bit embarrassing for you to do.

Therefore, I will give you 3 options :

• Do as asked or.

• Pray to God to show you if there is another way to go about these or.

• Ask the lord to cleanse,redeem and renew that credentials and destroy every mark of malpractice upon it.

Note : God doesn't often change his word but can if he pleases but if he insist you go back and do as asked? It's a must lest that certificate may continue to exist under it shadow and in the kingdom of darkness. And your heaven might be at stake!
Psalm 51, 19 ,8 ,Joel 2:28.

2. I can see you've been pondering, wondering if all is well with you in church A but it's ok the lord say :

..Stay put in church A. That's where the Lord want you to remain(at least as we speak/for now). I will be with you there (A).

Bless you.
Thank you sir for your advice. u r very correct the Lord has been merciful to me n do speak to me.
1. June 12th, I had a vision about my education mistakes I made. Jesus told me He has forgiven me my education sins. I asked Him,Lord but u have earlier showed me in 2 visions that u have forgiven me all my sins,why this education sin.He said He used it to test me to see my heart to know my response.I passed the test by being remorseful, not hiding my sins n being willing to do anything to please Him. I said Lord u r the one that taught me to repent (in a earlier vision) like king David if I ever sin. He said yes n that is what I did n He saw my heart n I should complete the 3 nights prayer of forgiveness I gave myself. I asked Him like Gideon to give me another evidence of His forgiveness. He said He will.He said I did well with the test. the next day physically He confirmed His word with another day evidence. God is great
2. June 13th, I dreamt I was in a football team playing a match. our opponent scored against us. one of our players started blaming other fellow players for the goal n he was the one who made d mistake that led to the goal. I told him ,how can u b blaming others when u r d one at fault. so we changed him n we later won the match.

3. June 14th, I dreamt I visited a lady n wanted to attended a friend's wordly party. instead I went to play football. we finished playing n wrote our names down .we were told that we will b given money later.

4. June 15th, I dreamt a man was deceived into a house by 2 gay men.who wanted to rape him but he realized n fought,injured them n escaped. they started chasing him.( sometimes it seems as if I am the escaped man).I went to my grandfather house some family members were calling me but I refused to go. the gay men were still looking for him.he was also painfully peeling a sticker from his skin.then I said is this how this man will b running from those gay men all his life? if it were to b a good country they would have arrested the gay men.

5. Sir, you remember that dream I told you, about a church without a roof. I told my friend who is a junior pastor in the church my dream. he was surprised n confirmed that my dream was true, that there is tension in d church bcos of an impending transfer of senior pastors n serious politics is taking place. I advised him to pray for his church.
If indeed, you were/are sure about the assurance and confirmation? Good.

You know that God confirmation and assurance exceeds and established your forgiveness.

1. Yes! , I see your accuser, loop hole(sin) and weakness which had rendered your heaven & grace/mercy of God upon your life vulnerable destroyed. Indeed, it's left you vulnerable,render your breakthrough and heaven of victory weak but today you ate delivered.


2. I see : Blessing instead of curse. Profitability instead(replaced) Unprofitable activities.
Wisdom instead of foolishness. Life instead of death.
Heaven instead of HELL. Mercy instead of disgrace.

In essence, I see total deliverance,i see you moved into grace and breakthrough.

Congrats again.

3. Yes, you must embark on another prayer :

•Anything in my life that's still rendering me,my heaven vulnerable and weak before contenders, in the name of jesus be expose,disposed. Joel 2:28,psalm 19, 51.

4. Well, you shouldn't be surprised has God has and will always and continue to confirmed his words within and without this ministry online.

This should also tell you that your dreams are important and must not be discard or look down on lest there be danger.
Dreams are from the lord's throne, directly from the lord and he, only can unravel the mystery of his handiwork.

Bless you.
sir , today I traveled to a town where I want to do a contract job. That is the town my ex girlfriend lives. I had a dream last night n this morning I traveled.

I dreamt I met my ex n she was happy to see me n was trying to seduce me back into our old relationship. I was going somewhere with her to visit her friend.she wanted to flaunt me to her friend as her boyfriend. when we got to one junction, arm robbers were robbing so we hide in a compound. police came n d robbers ran away.I saw my younger sister in d compound too. I told her to go back n my ex cancelled the journey n was going back. then police stopped us n wanted to search us.they asked my tribe,I told them.they asked my ex her tribe,she lied that both of us r d same tribe. the police was saying that people from that tribe r good. I was not afraid of the police bcos I know if they arrest me I will make contacts I will be released.

sir, I believe God is warning me not to contact my ex tho I am in her town lest I fall into temptation. what do u think?
But, The lord did not just warned but also drew your attention to the implications that will follow your action.

Bless You!
happy Sunday Pastor.
1. I had a dream but when I woke up the only part I remembered was a voice saying , my mistake has been corrected.

2. I dreamt me n 2 of my friends were in a warehouse in another country. cultism was written on the wall of the warehouse. only me was arrested n kept in the warehouse. presidential election was about to take place.if the incumbent president wins,I will remain in prison or even be killed. I was not in chains but there are guards in the main gate of the compound. one day the compound fence near the warehouse just opened like a gate n I escaped. there were security men in the roads but they could not recognise me. later the president lost d election n all prisoners were released. I was asked to come n b identified/numbered among those just released but I refused.
1. Obviously,the message is clear.
Go and sin no more.

2. ◄ Isaiah 49:25 ►
But thus saith the LORD, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children

Once again, go and sin no more. For the lord has set you free from your sins and corrected your error.


Bless you.
Good day sir. I had two dreams.

1. I was somewhere near a tennis board when a young boy came to me n brought out a dagger to rob me. but I brought out my own dagger n chased him away.

2. I was in my church n our senior pastor was officiating.he said he has been transferred to another church.
1. Steer clear of unholy environment, activities lest you are rob physical.

In essence, I see spiritual robber disgraced before, over your harvest and blessing(finances).

2. Yes. This will surely come to pass.

Bless You.