John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Bible and blood
good day sir , last year I dreamt I was reading my Bible. when I open another page ,I saw blood on the Bible.then I woke up.
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The blood signifies : crucifixion,resurrection, death,life in the blood/word, living soul et al.

In essence, it's called " life/blood in the word".
Meaning, the lord want you to feel and know that indeed there was more to the paper/bible than the written words. There is live,soul,breathe and indeed someone paid for that word you were reading.

This is rather a call to repentance,a call to faith in our lord jesus christ,his existence/death, resurrection, and most important the ability/faith to see beyond the pages.

Bless you.
Thank you , sir.
Gud AM Pastor. I dream a lot especially when fasting. 1. last year I dreamt twice that my mother died. Sadly she died physically December that last year. this year April I dreamt my father died.since last year I started writing down my dreams , more than 8 of my dreams happen the way I dreamt about them. not all were bad dreams. February , I dreamt my mother was holding alot of money and i was happily discussing with my her. she gave me some money ,after collecting the money I said mama u r dead how come we are discussing. I woke up. later that day my mother sister gave me some money saying it was my mother's money. 2. I dreamt I was walking out of a dark tunnel ,a demonic woman behind me started pursing me to attack me.I turned back and said in d name of Jesus,turn back fall down n die.she stopped ,turned back fell n disappear. 3. I have killed snakes more than 3 times in my dreams this year. 4. I dreamt I was in my aunty house eating wit her.suddenly she turned to a huge demonic woman shooting machine gun sporadically in d room. n I was shooting her with my pistol. none of her bullets hit me but my bullets hitter her. 5. I dreamt about 4 times were I fought disarmed and defeated people that attacked me with cutlass. 6. I dreamt I saw my name n picture in a book saying I am one of the children of another man celebrating his birthday.I said this is a mistake that the man was our former neighbor n not my father. 7. I dreamt that some visitors were in our parlour presenting kola,drinks n money to my father n uncle. I ask what is going on here. I was told that SB is paying the dowry of one of my sisters. 8. I dreamt I was in my mother's village. a church (shrine used to be were the church is located) gave me 2 gifts(clothes) while other new members were given 1 friends were begging me to give them my gifts I refused. I saw myself naked in a school.l went naked to my friend's house who I gave my gifts to hold for me n collected my gifts. later not naked,some of my village youth were challenging me about our family land. the oldest man in d village told them to stop disturbing me bcos I have right over the land but they refused. they said I am a woman's child. so I told them I will call my uncle to deal with them. after the burial of my mother I have been seeing myself in the village often in dreams.
1. I can see another prophetic dreamer here. Hence while most of your dreams, especially that of your mother came true.
Mind you, her death could have been averted but anyway it's gone now. But I see a strange thing here as the powers that took your mother are within the family hence they want you down as well, this is so because you took after your mother.
But fear not. You've known the lord and indeed I see power of victory on your side.

2. Halleluyahiii
Indeed, you walk with the lord has saved you and has kept you this far.

3. Victory, victory and victory over your enemies,serpentine and household powers is all I see here.
You see? That indeed,you are nothing with jesus/prayer? So keep that up as indeed been faithful,fighting for you and crushing your household enemies before you.

4. Hmmm. Household enemy is all I see here.
That was indeed a victory against the strong man/household enemy but still, watch it and be careful of whom you trust, associate or share your success with within the family especially this particular one. Above all,i rejoice with you. As, truly the lord has been on your side,fighting and crushing both household and strong man contending with your glory and peace.

5. Victory indeed.
Truly, he that's in you is stronger and greater than your enemies.

6. I see every accusation, powers against and contending with your inheritance in your father's house shut up forever!


7. Pray for your sister marital heaven even though the lord assured that are marital manifestation has been established-lest she struggle maritally and/or in her marital life.

8. Indeed, this confirmed the dream above.
Truly, I see powers, strong man from your village contending with your inheritance and striving to put you to shame or disgrace you. But I see the lord arose on over this case and putting then to shame instead.

The lord also warned, never to share or leave your inheritance in the hand of any man/body in your village nor without it left they strive to disgrace you,embarrass and attack you over your right.

I repeat never you entrust any of your inheritance with anybody-in your village and otherwise.

Bless u
Thank you pastor for interpreting my dreams. I dream a lot but can only understand very few. I thank God for knowing you. God bless u.
1. I dreamt that my aunty confessed that she is a witch. another day,I dreamt I visited that my aunty. when I got back home, I could not wear my cap/crown.when I looked at the mirror I saw a wig on my head and I removed it b4 I was able to wear my cap/crown.

2.I dreamt a large group of pigs were running towards me and I climbed a fence,I was up looking down at them.later they left,I came down n was going .I saw a dry corpse on d road.

3. I dreamt I and young boy were floating in the air and fighting many family witches/wizards on the ground.we were defeating them and was also praying God to send angels to come and join us fight against the witches.

4. after praying midnight prayers. I heard a voice say 103. then I slept and dreamt that somebody was sharing envelopes to people I went and collected my own. on my envelope was written MERCY. when I woke up in the morning I was wondering what that 103 means.I google d what does 103 mean in the bible. psalm 103 appeared. when I read it ,it was talking about mercy.

5. I dreamt I walked into some group of people that wanted to marry me away to somebody in my absence. when I caught them the marriage could not hold because their evil plans have exposed.

6. I dreamt there was a fire incident in my family house so some neighbours break into the house to quench the fire.when i got home I saw my friend in d kitchen fixing bulbs, then a man I don't know left our room n went out. I asked a girl I know in the parlour if she secured the room,she said no.I ran to the room behold almost all the properties have stolen. none of my family member was around. I shouted they have stolen my family properties.

7. I dreamt I a young person died n I help d family in the burial arrangements. me n my friend carried d coffin into a Catholic church and left. a lady said it was prophesied that the dead person will die in an accident n that was what happen. I don't know the dead person n did not even show any emotions like crying. my friend was given some money for helping me carry the coffin into the church. my friend gave me some part of the money.

8. I dreamt (it was more like a vision) I was to wrestle with a man my size as directed by a referee.suddenly I grew in size above my opponent. I defeat my opponent n buried him.I asked d referee if he is for me or against me.he said if he was against me he would have join my opponent to fight against me.he said he is a messenger of God sent to organize the fight so that I can kill my opponent.I asked him if he is an angel of God.he said he is a messenger of God.I asked myself,are angels the only messengers of God.I asked d referee wat is the significant of my victory. he said I will enjoy all the benefits of a champion.he gave me a champion's belt/prize I started celebrating. I asked him, I hope I will see manifestation of this vision physically. he said yes I should just watch n see.
1. Indeed, there are household enemies within the family,and the lord has been exposing and disgracing them over your life/case.
But the lord warned here, in order to maintain your victory,glory,dominion and continue to prevail over your enemies both within(household) and without enemy? You must desist from applying/wearing any form of attachment/wigs among others.

Indeed, your glory was manipulated and inflicted upon by household enemy but to God be the glory it was restored as the household enemy was exposed and disgraced over your life.

I must say, the lord had been on your side all the while and fighting for you

2. It's called " arrow of death".
During this time, a day or on the day you had that dream an arrow of death was fired at you but to the glory of God you were lifted above it hence the arrow went back to the camp of the evil ones and terminated one -as the dead pig tells that.

I rejoice with you.
Bible ref : 91.

3. Indeed, the lord have always been with you, you are a soldier before and in the kingdom of God. Truly you've been fighting against the kingdom of darkness for years and the lord have been faithful to you.
Perhaps during this time they were two of you praying and waging war against the strong man or kingdom of darkness but your strength was sufficient hence the lord came to your rescue and defeated the strong man. Halleluyahiiii

But there is a lesson here for you to learn : You need God/jesus to maintain your victory and over the devil/kingdom of darkness and your enemies.

4. That was the day the lord shown mercy on you, established his mercy upon you.

You should consider that name or adopt it as it will stand as a covenant between you and God.

5. It's called " marital(marriage) conspiracy "
In essence, the agenda of the(household) enemies for you is to frustrate you marital and disgrace you in other to limit your potential and hijack your salvation/grace. But to God be the glory that evil agenda was exposed, disposed, disgraced and destroyed.


6. It's called " invasion of termites or spiritual robber"

Matthew 7:24-27
24 “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. 26 And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. 27 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”

Power of deliverance and salvation must enter this house. As the family foundation wasn't build on salvation.
Meaning, there is need for spiritual cleansing/reshuffle.

The enemy want to bring this family down at all cost and leave it to ruin both spiritual and physical.
During this period there would be storm, poverty, financial set back, struggles and dryness " in that family because the enemy prevailed.

This family needs deliverance from spiritual termites, robber,evil invasion and arrow of ruin.

7. The lord referred you to the book of psalm 91.
Meaning, death shall have no place to dwell in your life. And where evil and destructive(death) are being prophesy in your environment, around you you shall only hear of it,it shall not be your portion. For the lord has kept and preserved you for his glory therefore instead of death you shall be bless. But symphtise and remember those destructive strike so that the lord will continue to preserve you and reward you greatly for your love/help to the downcasted.

Faithful Godiiii

8. I asked him if he is an angel of God.he said he is a messenger of God.I asked myself,are angels the only messengers of God.I asked d referee wat is the significant of my victory. he said I will enjoy all the benefits of a champion.he gave me a champion's belt/prize I started celebrating. I asked him, I hope I will see manifestation of this vision physically. he said yes I should just watch n see.

◄ Micah 5:9 ►
Your hand will be lifted up in triumph over your enemies, and all your foes will be destroyed.
◄ 1 John 4:4 ►
You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

Victory ii victory iii Victory iiii
Is all I see over your strong accompany by testimony shall follow for the lord has always been for you, guiding and been at your back to established your victory over your strong man.


Bless you.
Here are some of my dreams. I graduated from the university some years ago.
1. I was in my university and was trying to correct some of my education mistakes. I wanted to send somebody to write a carry over course for me but I realized I am now born again n I cannot do such a I decided to study n do the exam myself
2. in the university, I was hurrying/running somewhere. I ran past a female n male lecturers discussing. I mistakenly marched/stepped on a lawn I was not supposed to march. I told the lecturers I am sorry twice that it was a mistake n continued running. the female lecturer sent a male student after me to attack me.I ran upstairs to hide in a storehouse. the attacker came to d door,opened it but could not find me.when he turned back to leave he noticed that I was inside. he started throwing spears towards me. I dodged,none of his spears hit me.when his spears finished, I started pursuing him throwing my spears at him.he ran very fast out of the building into the street. I was upstairs watching him running in the street. I shouted cultist,cultist,cultist. then a mob (group of students) started chasing him to lynch him.

3. I saw a big church,I know d church physically, but no roof.they wanted to transfer the main pastor so the whole church was thinking of packing to another building. I said instead of them packing bcos they wanted to transfer the main pastor.they should build a roof and develop the church.

4.a man open his door and ordered some evil occupants to leave his house. I only saw the back of the man ,not his face.some dwarfs started going out of the house in a single line/ dwarf did not want to leave, so the others dragged him along with themselves. so. all of them ,about five left the house.the man then mark his door and window post with the blood of Jesus.

5. I visited a friend n I noticed people in the area were celebrating a juju festival. later I saw policemen chasing arm robbers to a building. the robbers (now with superior weapons) turned around chasing the policemen.the police could not challenged them instead they were running away.

6. I went with a friend to a beer parlour. I left there to a church. later I saw a new wrestler defeat an old popular wrestling champion.the defeated champion sent other wrestlers to attack the new champion.but they were afraid of the new champion, they could not come near him.a new champion has all the wrestlers don't have any choice but to b loyal to the new champion.
1. The lord say, while you were school you committed some atrocities or examination malpractices hence a call came from above :

•You must go back to amend that NOW! lest the kingdom of darkness continue to contend with your credentials(certificate) and your place in heaven continue to be a mirage.

But if you are sure that you didn't commit any of these? Them I must congratulate you for the lord had just removed and destroyed every embargo/infliction of error seating and questioning your success over your credentials.

• Now, if you are not sure of what it is but you know you committed or how to go about any of these then run to the Lord to direct you on what to do and how to fix that error : either through prayer of forgiveness or go back to the school to fix it.

2. It's called " Arrow of retrogression ".
But to the glory of God it failed. But what are how doing in the school you graduated from year back, how do you even found yourself there in the first place?

I see your past hunting you, yes this could have a connection with the dream above(No. 1) therefore, hurry without delay and enquire from the lord what you did and how to go about stopping it/them from terrorsing your present/future.

3. You've just increase in both spiritual and physical wisdom.

In essence, the lord only came to reveal the mystery behind that church set backs : the management of that church lack wisdom hence the church has refused to grow all this while.
May the lord open their eyes and give them wisdom-pray this prayer for that church,its the little/least you can do.

4. Halleluyahiiiii

◄ 2 Timothy 1:7 ►
For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
◄ 1 John 4:4 ►

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

◄ Matthew 18:18 ►
"Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

Indeed, there is power in the blood of jesus, indeed,at the mention of jesus every knee shall bow.

Are you born again,saved and you have jesus in you? Then fear no evil spirit nor kingdom of darkness for he that's in you is greater than he that's in the world.
For he's given us power, authority,dominion and victory over every households, foundational, environmental and inherited strong man and kingdom of darkness. We are saved by by the blood of the lamb and at the mention of his name(with faith) whatever we declare,bind,loose shall give heed. For we've been given power and authority over all the kingdom of darkness and it agents.


5. What do darkness have in common with the light?
Don't be found amidst/around idol worshippers-Consciously or subconsciously flee from such friends,environment that worship or follow them lest the lord withdraw his presence and you cry out for help but the lord is no where,and the mighty one become powerless for the enemy to devour.

Do you know that even your angel(army/police) become powerless and can't fight for you nor come to your rescue when you are amidst idol worshippers or where you are not suppose to be found as a child of God? Learn from that. Ignorant is no excuse!

6. The lord is strongly warning you :

Desist from worldly friends, activities, gathering..lest the strong and mighty one falls,lest someone take your place and your grace/crown of victory is withdrawn and given to a new convert.

Bible ref : Samson.
Samson was an extraordinary strong and vibrant man but when he decides to follow the path of destruction/sin the spirit of God left him and he become a mockery and powerless before his enemies.

Don't follow that path. Learn from these lest someone take your place.

Bless you.