John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please interpret
Good morning Prophet

1. In our house and seemed to be at night. Those around were unknown persons and a man among them I believed to be a pastor. This man seemed to have denied, maybe a little one something and I caused him, telling him that lack will never depart from him. He just looked on. Then I went praying in mama's room,

2. I don't know if this is a continuation of the above. It was dark and I went into my late father's room. The window was widely open and I remember I dreamt of seeing the window same in this dream. I locked it. I gathered things behind door, intending to lock myself inside so I could pray without being disturbed. Maybe I did so because either here or above, someone complained I was disturbing their quietness while I tried to pray. But there in the room, someone like my niece would come ask me for something and nothing I put against the door was able to stop the door from being a little open.

3. In an unknown place. A fair man in trousers and a white polo gave me the white chewable gum he was already chewing. He kept discussing with me and we entered a house. Within me I feared getting infection from the gum since I didn't know who had some disease and who didn't, yet I kept chewing it. Maybe mama or the man unwrapped another and chewed. I didn't want mama to know that the man had chewed the gum before giving it to me. I also do not know if there was anything that had to do with my pants in this dream.

4. In our house. Mama went outside the gate where some people gathered with her. Next a young man I know entered holding an open book like bible in hand and asked me to join him while he headed towards the door. I didn't. Then a white man in shorts and shirt followed and said something to him. My niece met them with a gallon of water where we usually take our bath. They poured the water on her, seemed to be bathing. Her brother wanted to go see but turned back when I told him they were probably bathing her.

5. In our house. My bereaved sister wanted me to prepare her a meal. I mixed the oilbeans and a local spice but realised that either of them has been effected with lots of big maggots. My sister wasn't happy I had mixed them and the maggots were scattering about.

6. Maybe still from no. 5. Mama was sitting, partialy dressed and sleeping in the kitchen. Like there was no much space inside. I asked her to get into the house with the intention of her sleeping on my bed and me sleeping on a bench.

7. I don't know the environment. There are many scenes but I clearly remember being in a place like our office, colleague C took it upon herself to share some pieces cracked coconuts. She gave the rest the good ones and asked my niece and I to come take the left over spoilt ones. I asked my niece to go pick on my behalf. She picked and showed me it was spoilt. I think I cleaned it with the intention of either throwing it away or giving it out.

Again, in same environment. I was scolding a little child who was either eating, playing with her food or refused to share with someone else. Colleague C came by and I remembered turning away from the child, singing and dancing.

9. I entered a place bare-feeted to pick mangoes. Some people, mainly ladies, rushed in and towards different mango trees. They claimed to have picked some. I didn't know there were several mango trees but the one I checked I found long fallen premature and forcefully ripe. But I didn't pick any.

10. From no. 9 I found myself in a gathering. I caught a guy zip up my packbag but he couldn't remove anything from it. I started to shout, 'thief! thief!', some guys joined me but I soon realised they were together. In my bag I had a pack of Pure Bliss biscuits, tins of liquid milk and some money. I tried hidding the money in my underwear. The guy who tried to steal from me said he was waiting for me on my way home. In the traffick I saw him make sign towards our vehicle. People passed in colourful groups/tribes and I asked what was happening, someone said Nigeria was celebrating Independent day. I said I didn't know.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. Be wary of anger and always remember you can't fight for God.
In essence, I see you vehemently and angrily defending the powerless,weak and the kingdom of God.

2. I see an evil agenda from the kingdom of darkness aim to cause distraction and manipulation during your quiet time with God, in prayer. You must stop / fight these both spiritually and physically. Mind you, this was designed to reduce the effectiveness and power of your prayers and heaven.

3. Stop trying to please one Mr or Mrs , mortal man at the detriment of your spiritual and physical safety. Let your yes be YES and let your no be NO.

4. You've outgrown the level of faith and Christianity of " every deliverance,pastor and church must be embraced or accepted"... It's called " spiritual maturity and wisdom ". But that doesn't mean you should condemn or rebuke every good intention from unknown brethens that comes to you preaching salvation. At least, don't condemn except it's obvious they are not pure.

5. You must endeavour to always look before you leap both for yourself,others or your loved ones lest you disappoint them.

6. You've been a great blessing,strength and sacrificial to mama.

7. Many pretend that they love you or care about you among your colleagues but they detest you, be wary of such colleagues and people around you because they are enemy in disguising as friends.

8. You can be a good role model to the little ones and ....but wisdom must be applied.

9. It's time to wage war against " powers contending with your blessing " ...

10. Your blessing and valuables are heavily and divinely guarded even amidst chaos and disordered atmosphere.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet

1. In an unknown environment. I remember seeing some masquarreds.
I also remember that some people and I were being punished by flogging. I didn't want to be flogged because I felt it was long I was last flogged. But I later recieved a stroke on one of my palms and it seemed that immediately, another stroke landed on my back.

2. Someone like one who knows better about natural hair glooming was checking out my hair and asked if or when last I moturised my hair.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. It's environmental witchcraft attack. You must fight back,beat them back,hard and set their source of powers on fire. You already know what to do.

2. Your natural hair might be needing or crying for attention.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet

1. In an unknown place there was serious accident involving a truck. Immediately, things like bullets started to shoot out from a long vehicle and I had to pass through it. My niece was with me and she advised we crawl on our belly. In the process I felt pain at my side. Then behind my back. I thought I had been hit by a bullet.

2. I an unknown gathering. I clearly remember carring someone and swimming in a river. I was drowning but called for help. A girl rescued me and the person I was carrying.

3. Somewhere in our area I picked my phone call but only listened. The caller was a priest I used to pay my tithe to and we haven't spoken for long. He kept calling me another person's name, complained of not hearing from me for long and probably raised his voice at a time. I heard the voice of a little girl reply the call on behalf of the reciever, she sounded clever and called him Daddy.

4. Still in my area but in a room. There were two bags of clothes, also containing a big and small laptops, all belonging to me. My bereaved sister was around as well as some of her late husband's people. One threw something on my head and I slightly spat at him. The house seem to have some scores to settle with masquarreds and they soon started to troop in. I ran away with my bereaved sister but I kept lamenting about my belongings I left behind. My sister said the maquarreds could fling my bags or the laptops if they got angry. She bought a recharge card that had about four or more networks in one. I kept lamenting for my laptops instead.

5. I went to the church. Couldn't find a seat like most people and had to stand. A man requested to see someone and I asked an usher to help out. But he wouldn't help and I felt it's because the wanted man was from a village other than his. I started to scold him for such practise. Before I knew it the church had dismissed but there was no cordination in the church. I left. The priest started to park his car by the roadside causing his car and two other cars to almost hit me. I had one of my pillows and holding onto it I flew on the air, home.

6. Still like I was walking back from the church but in a different attire, I had by packbag and decided to go look for some African Star Apple. I noticed that the road and farm leading to the tree have been cleared. The little shrine there in the physical no longer existed in this dream. At the spot where the shrine had been I picked a not so ripe African apple. Another fell from its tree but rolled towards a ditch. I went for it and while I struggled to pick it I thought to myself that I may struggle but it shall not be a waste and that I must eat the fruit of my struggle. I did pick it and I noticed a jobman's wears and an old handset indicating that work was going on at the spot. I went back to the tree and picked a few more. I was about leaving and noticed that two young African apple trees had some fruits on it but I couldn't pluck it. Aside being afraid of being caught by the owner I thought it was wrong to pluck from the tree but better to pick from the fallen ones. But a part of the branch that had more fruits cut off on its own and I went to pluck them. It turned out to be a parkbag like mine, containing six white toilet tissues, cooked/partially eaten animal bones, some African apples, both licked and otherwise. I decided it could belong to a madman and chose not to pick anything from it. Children started coming to search for some fruits. I noticed I came in search of the fruits barefooted and left barefooted.

Thank you and God bless you.