John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please interpret
No. Once but for few hours, and with all seriousness. But if need be for that you will hear from me, the LORD!

Then fill up a bigger one, or by one. Or better still? Use a big keg. Don't limit yourself.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole
It's clear sir.
Good morning Prophet

1. I walked into my workplace neighbourhood holding some African Star Apples. There were more kept there. I remember I left holding some good ones I selected.
Next I was inside the office and saw a colleague, surprisingly she was wearing trousers jean and a top. Seeing me she quickly ran to write her name but I told her to leave a line before as I came before her. The line she left had something written and cancelled in it. I wrote mine.
There were different faces among us while we await some important personalities. They arrived, a young lady and an older woman and we stood in greeting. The colleague started to call names and wanted to force those she called where to sit and how, there was protest from everyone. My name wasn't called and as I spoke with one of the ladies I removed something from my eye and showed it to her. We both laughed. We moved outside and it was a wide area with cars and people about.
A former co-tenant arrived with her child and asked if we were done with the admission and the lady said,'yes'. She also asked if we were among those admitted. But we both ignored her till she called me by my name, I greeted her but don't remember the answer I gave her.
While we walked I noticed I was holding and maybe eating a cashew like fruit which didn't seem well ripe. I also picked another unknown fruit from the roadside and gave to the lady with me.
Next I found myself in a house as if it was from there I left and now return. There were my bereaved sister and an unknown man. The room was filled with so much house properties.

2. In our workplace the colleague above told me she was leaving the office but was going to get a man to replace her position. I cared less of what she was saying. But I wondered if such was done in our kind of work. Again she came saying she was joining a friend who marked examination papers. I only sat and looked on.

3. It was our house but like I visited an orphanage. There were several children playing about in the cpound but I couldn't see any of them. In a room sat some women and two children. The women talked about how children were being treated in some orphanage homes by their caretakers.
Next I was sitting with some people in the compound licking some African Apples with lots of Kemp crackers biscuits in a bag. My deceased in law arrived in a car with a woman neighbour. I later was saying the kind of polo one of the daughters of the deceased was wearing was the type that ends up looking funny later on. The deceased showed me the polo he was wearing asking if it same thing with his. It was a well fitted blue T-shirt. I said,'no.' The daughter gave me some of her biscuits to keep for her but I asked she allow me eat them and give her better ones as hers were soften by air. She refused.

4. In our house mama and I were seriously quarrelling to the extent we almost fought.

5. Not sure of the environment but I left a gathering and was sitting on a desk close to the road with someone. A niece and her cousin came to tell us we were to gather elsewhere. There I noticed I was in faded white top and jean trousers. I removed the top barely covering my breast with a little piece of black cloth. We were in a classroom but few in number. I remember I carried in some packets like scrabble game and placed it on a desk. People were writing while a man taught. Something was written and paste on the wall. From it I could only read RELIGION. I later was putting on the top.

6. It looked like a secondary school environment and I hid in a classroom while the assembly was on. I guy I know in the physical came to say that a certain woman reported me to the police after mama told her I almost beat her up. I could recognise the face of a colleague among us in the classroom. People submitted there assignment and the teacher asked me why I have few assignment from all the assignments she gave, I said I had been sick. She marked it and later asked me to write 238...MB against one of the pages of the work.

7. It was our workplace and I was dressed like I would while at home with no bras. The Head asked me to get a bag of rice from the steel drawers belonging to a colleague. I did but it turned out it was the President's own. I returned it. I also noticed all the chambers of the draw were out.

8. found myself in UN's house. He did oral sex on me but I wasn't convinced I should let him penetrate me so I ran into their bathroom and stayed longer than necessary. There were fresh vegetables in the sink which I thought I kept there, I ate part of it. I could hear UN washing in the adjourning bathroom.
I came out and met a lady in towel with a bucket of water entering another bathroom. I wanted to hide there but she entered before me. There are several rooms in the building.
I met UN cooking in the kitchen but he looked different, I told him about the lady and why he didn't tell me there were other people in the house. He looked surprised. We looked at the passage and saw a man come of the same room as the woman and UN said it was the husband of the woman.
I also told UN about the vegetables in my possession he said he was supposed to cook with it and had been looking for it. I opted to go get it but he said it was of no need as he was done cooking.
I later took a clean black nylon to gather the vegetables. I also noticed my clothes bag was in the room, I changed into another clothes and wondered how I was going to leave with my clothes bag.

9. I was slicing fresh vegetables with a niece.

10. A creature with long fingers like pins fought furiously about. I kept avoiding it because it strikes with its fingers. I was at the ATM but didn't withdraw. I later was standing with a cane which I flung round till the creature shattered to pieces into the wind with the top part of the cane breaking to pieces too.

11. This isn't a dream
During my midnight prayers while I closed my eyes in prayer, I saw a snake, the exact type I saw in the dream I sent yesterday. This was looking so big as it was climbijg out from somewhere.

Mama's dream:

12. Most her children were present at home and she asked me to get her food to eat so she could leave for a meeting. She was about to eat the food when her late husband's living niece badged in giving her some slaps and asking her why she should eat when her, mama's, children were yet to eat. Mama got angry and slapped the woman till she fell to the ground weak. I brought something to hit her but mama refused saying there shall be no murder in her house. But one of her sons was unhappy the woman was being beaten. A ditch that collects dirty water in our house in the physical had in it in this dream a very clean clear water that a man who came admired it too.

Pardon me Sir the posts are long.

Thank you and God bless you more.
1. No matter the situation round about you be it at work, the economy of the country the lord will never depart from you and his blessing,presence.

2. Many have lost their path and sense of purpose in the world even before God but you are not found among this category of people.

3. Hmmm..
What a mighty God!
He assures : my blessing may never depart from you so that in every situation and condition you will have cause bless the lord.
In essence, the lord said, you are blessed and I am with you in every situation..therefore, count your blessings because few are privilege like yourself in me and in the world.

4. I see the devil lurking round about you two.
You should pray and watch out because the devil is here to bring division between you two.
Watch and pray now!

5. Thank God for the religion of Christ jesus. For the devil would have take you into the deepness of worldliness and/or overwhelm with garment of shame.

6. Cancel this dream with authority.
Above all, you shall declare war against powers assigned to frustrate you and oppress you progress.

7. Refused to be use at your work place and be conscious of what you do,and careful of secret errand lest you be implicated. For, I see so much corruption going on therein.






Prophet Ebankole