John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please interpret
How else do I go about being sacrificial? I know when it comes to making sacrifices and being generous I do them to a fault. Is there a section of my life where these virtues are required particularly?

Submitting myself to you, how do I go about it?

Thank you for your time and understanding
You have hence the lord encouraging you more.

But still, You can go ahead, ask the lord if there is that you are yet to fulfilled,and ofcourse how to go about submitting yourself to him more. Joel 2:28. Psalm 19,121 :1.

Bless u
In my father's compound, at the foot of a tree were heaped African pears which I didn't know if they were riped or spoilt. I packed them with my hands and threw them in a bush in the next compound. As I was packing and throwing them I counted the number of times I did this to be 10 times. Throwing the last time, one bounced back into our compound. It was as if I was washing something, probably bitter leaves, before this event. I returned to continue with the washing only to realise that the bucket of water I was using was empty, probably has been used by someone else. I started causing : who is the idiot/madman that took my water, doesn't he or she know where to get water from the tank? I took the bucket to the tank to get some water. On the course of this, a woman, fair with a wrapper tied from her chest down came and said something to me and at the same time retiring her wrapper, I noticed her breasts were very fair and sagged like that of a mother. I replied her. It seemed like she had been living with us. Somehow a man appeared, naked and dark in complexion. A young boy was threatening him seriously but he ignored him and was going to bath. He got to where I was fetching water, said something to me and scratched his bum bum. I noticed a red spot on his bum bum and particles of this red spot fell into my bucket of water and looked like palm fruit and particles of lizards' excreta. I was throwing the water away while talking to a woman before I woke up. *excuse my language*

Thank you.

◄ Ephesians 4:26-27►
"In your anger do not sin": Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry,and do not give the devil a foothold.

I see inherited "spirit of anger ".
It's in the gene, it's inherited.

In essence, the lord warned to be wary of the spirit of Anger and it pollutes your heaven and cause/manipulate you to use your own hand to destroy both your blessing and the heaven of your blessing.

It's enough, it's time to dispose and do away with every form/spirit of anger lest it continue to rob you of your blessing and manipulate against yourself to dispose/destroy your blessing with your hand/anger.

Your heaven is at stake. You must learn to" Be quick to listen,slow to speak and slow to get anger as anger give the devil a mighty foothold" against your blessing and heaven of grace/salvation.

Be warned-the lord warned>>

Bless You!
My brother's dream:

He was in a bus travelling to an unknown place with one of his friends. But he suspected that those in the bus with them were kidnappers. There were four men in all-driver, conductor and two men. The man at the window was holding a toy-like pistol which fell off through the window. When the bus stopped for him to pick the gun, he ( my brother) jumped out through the window. He kept on calling on his friend to come out but his friend was reluctant. The guy picked the gun and went back into the bus. He(my brother) too went back into the bus. They got to a place and bought garden eggs. After bargaining, he bought the whole garden eggs. In the bus, he brought out the garden eggs and the conductor who is the youngest of everyone in the bus, dipped his hand and took the biggest of all garden eggs. He (my brother) punched him. And he started crying. He asked his friend to take but his friend was reluctant. The punching of the conductor angered the driver who came out to fight my brother. My brother was afraid seeing the driver was mascular. He tried making for peace. After much conviction and explaination to the driver, the driver calmed down and started scolding his conductor. Meanwhile, my brother had and ate the biggest of them all and ate three out of the garden eggs. He made sure everyone ate the garden eggs. And it turned out they had formed a circle and in a kind of celebration, he woke up wondering why he was celebrating with his enemies.

God bless you.
◄ Revelation 3:15 ►
I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other!So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

The lord call :

For the sake of my mercy,grace, love and covenant I have been preserving you and protecting your comings and goings especially from the evil men/ones. I have preserved you and kept you under my shadow so that no harm may befall you but, SON, why have you forsaken me because of fear/intimidation so that you've chosen to serve two gods as the same time? Why are neither cold nor hot, why have you decided to give me half of you and the rest to worldliness/evil ways?

Stop wining, dining with the world and choose me today as I can not assured your safety if you've decide to serve me on one side and the devil(world) on the the other side. Give your all to me today and flee from evil/unholy activity lest you are overwhelmed and I withdraw you under my shadow.

Stop being intimidated by men/people, separate yourself today from every unholy activities and follow me today-stop wining with the devil.

Bless You.
Please could you expantiate more on this"...being intimidated by men/people"? Thanks
Meaning, his YES must always be YES and no, NO even in the presence of pressure or intimidation especially when it comes to making the right decisions.

Bless you.
Thank you sir.

Another dream from my brother:

There was this very young family of four: Dad, Mum,a little girl and the suckling baby. They were going home. The mum was carrying the crying baby, her bag and a tuber of yam. She was struggling between breastfeeding the baby, her bag and the tuber of yam she was carrying. The dad had his suitcase and another bag. The little girl was contending with her bag. To relieve the mother of much stress, he gave the tuber of yam to the little girl. The little girl was almost falling as a result of the weight of her small bag and now the tuber of yam. Of course, they were trekking home. I was just following behind them having first inquired from the dad of the way to where I was going. The dad willing to lead the way hence, the reason for my being behind them. Not being comfortable with the way the little girl was falling under the weight of the load, I decided to help out by carrying the tuber of yam. They eventually led me to where I was class teacher then in primary school. Precisely primary 1, her compound. It was then I came to realise that this family of four were tenants living in the boys' quater of this woman's compound. Also, the person I came to look for was also staying in the same quater. Realising where I was, I asked the man to shield me that I didn't want the woman or any of her children to see me. Before the man could shield me, the last daughter of the woman had seen me and drew the attention of one of her elder sisters who was my clasmate then in primary school. She(my classmate) also drew the attention of her other eldest sisters, two of them. * in real life, these four sisters knew me back them in school. But I don't know of now. And it seems they are all married*. There seemed to be an air of celebration in the compound as they were decked in gorgeous outfits. Even their mum. The woman (their mum) was just sitting at a spot, a bit isolated but decorated too. On close observation, I noticed that she had gone blind. I approached and greeted her, she tried to hug me but I didn't want to have any body contact with her as her children were watching and they knew how close I was with their mother. She being my teacher and I being the second best pupil in her class back then. And she always asked my mum about me. I pretended as if I wanted to adjust myself but turned my back to her instead. She hugged my back and in the process I had a closer look and noticed she had leprosy on her toes. The reason she couldn't stand properly. Having observed these coupled with the fact that her daughters were married to well-to-do men, I asked one of the daughters why they were yet to take their mum overseas for treatment. She replied that they had done so, the reason the leprosy didn't extend further than the toes. The woman knowing I attended a seminary school asked me if I had been ordained a priest. I replied her that I was no longer in that line. She asked if I was married and I replied " if am not married, are you going to give me your daughter? All your daughters are married unless Nneka (the last daughter) whom I don't know about". But the Nneka replied "do you know, you can never tell". We all laughed over this. But then, Nneka was like trying to follow me around while other sisters of hers joined and we were all laughing. I was laughing just to hide my disgust at what had befallen the woman at a time she was supposed to be enjoying her children. While they were kind of happy seeing me around. While laughing I started coughing. This cough woke me up from sleep around 3:10am. And the cough was really really tough that it brought tears to my eyes. By this time I was already awake.

God bless you more and always.
The message seem long but precise,straight forward and clear.

The lord warned : You must stop this habit (or should I call it PRIDE?) and learn to be sacrificial to or if you want get what you want in life or fulfil your expectations.

Life isn't all about you, you must learn to give/commit yourself to others and be sacrificial(humble yourself) to get what you want.

Remember, nothing good comes easy, for to whom much would be given much would be expected.

In a nutshell, you must learn to overlook people's weaknesses, background, past/present condition and challenges,and never/stop looking down on people-consciously or subconscious, and try to fix into their lives/condition, situation go get what you desire from them or in life disobey these instruction and see life rob you of your joy,expectations and desires both from them/such and God. But obey and learn to be sacrificial and you will have reasons to be happy,achieve/possess what you aim at, your expectations and will get along with people well.

Change NOW and do away with this habit/weakness in you.

Bless u