John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please interpret
Even you,NOW? And when did you located us, and how many months have your spent under this such that within these period of time you've become a threat to the kingdom of marine,even dared and have the guts to held or hold them in captivity?

Your grace /salvation has just took a whole new U-turn.

Anyway, even though I never expected these this early I am not quite surprise-As the bible say " Anointing breaks yoke " and indeed, there is power in obedience,humility to the word of God and his(true) anointing ones.

I rejoice with, this is indeed a huge u-turn for you and a landslide victory.

Appreciate God for this.

Bless u
I saw myself in a place like classroom with many young ones, both, girls and boys. Like they were all putting on school uniform. I was putting on the same uniform with them like one I wore during my secondary school days. We were all sitted like students and my position was at far back, last seat in the room. *not the first time am seeing myself in this kind of environment* There were military men around. Sunddenly I was called out by one of them and ordered to kneel which I did. He asked me to spread out my palm to be caned and I did. But I had a voice ask the man not to flog me that the master ordered that he should let me be.

More grace to you.
It's called " retrogression bondage ".
Yes! , this is beyond just retrogression but under "retrogression captivity".

Solution :

Obey the lord and as instructed yesterday so that you can have him on your side to fight this battle.
You've been under this captivity for a decade hence every instruction must be followed to the latter if you truly want to be FREE from the " Captivity of Retrogression".

You should to be doing better than you are presently but this captivity has limited and chained you for a decade to frustrate your glory and potential.

Confession : Psalm 102, 94 and 80.

1. Every force drawing my destiny backward , scatter in Jesus name
2. Every power of darkness manipulating my progress be arrested by fire in Jesus name.
3. Every visible and invisible chain of darkness holding my life down be broken in Jesus name.
4. I paralyze every activity of darkness against my life through my dreams in Jesus name
5. O Lord arise, set me free by fire from every negative attachment from my foundation in Jesus name
6. Every strange covenant from my foundation, speaking against me ,
be broken in Jesus name
7.Anything I might have consciously or unconsciously done in my childhood days, speaking against my destiny in this season, O Lord let mercy prevail over them in Jesus name.
8. Father, separate me by your mighty power from every past confessions that might be rising against me now in Jesus name.
9. Every little- little foxes disturbing my vine from bringing forth
productively, be uprooted in Jesus name.
10. Every satanic authority injecting backwardness into my life and family, be arrested and condemned in Jesus name.
Thank you. But this line "Obey the Lord and instructed yesterday so that..." please expantiate.
..obey the lord has instructed = Pay your tithe and offering..


Bless you.
Thank you.

I had series of dreams this morning but can only remember these:

1. I was standing with my eldest sister and some other persons on a tarred road when we saw some groups of masquared coming from the left hand side. I was hurrying them to free me so I could leave the scene as the masquareds were fast approaching. People were coming out from places to view these masquareds and I heard some people say ''oh, it's Uche that's in the masquared this time'' seeing they were close, I wanted to ignore them but a force was pushing me to run. As soon as I started to run, one of their followers came after me. He was in a herbalist's attire and blew some powered substance towards me. I ran and found myself in a derserted and clustered shop-like buildings. I ran into one of them to hide. The man I found in the room told me not worry and not hide. But I was so afraid that I ran out into another room. I met a guy who looked like a former classmate of mine. I tried hiding under a bench. I discovered I was putting on a lingerie and was trying to cover myself with a wrapper I had. He sat watching and laughing at me. Not long, another man entered and I took him to be his elder brother, though I don't know any of his brothers. I was praying that nothing funny happens. I later found myself outside the house with most of my classmates. It was as if they came to watch me. A lady among my classmates was touching another lady on her breasts asking her to remove her bras. I told the lady to let her be. Besides, why would she ask her to remove her bras. This lady later removed her bras and I was suprised to see there was nothing and that she was even a child below 5years of age probably. She was only in pants and wining her waist.

2. A group of girls from my workplace came to our house. I was weeding the compound and one of them came to tell me something. I can't remember what. I also can not remember what my reply to her was.

3. I saw my late father cutting open an avacado pear. He was saying that the avacado pear was good. I told him it wasn't true that it was strong and unripe and that he lacked the patience to wait till the next day so that it would ripe better. It was like I had about two and had eaten one out of it. He continued saying the same thing and I kept on repeating mine. He got up and chased me with the knife he was holding, I ran and waited for him outside. He came out and was saying something and I too was replying him. He kept the knife he was holding and went inside. I quickly picked the knife, a stick-like objectand the avacado I was holding and ran. He came out but was looking different from my father and saw me running, he ran after me. I discovered the gate was locked and I was finding it difficult to run properly. But I determined I wasn't going to let him catch me. I got to the gate before him, unlocked it and ran out. Where I stood and waited, I can't remember what transpired between a woman and I. I found myself back into the house again with the avacado pear which had turn to green mango with little patch on it . It was as if a meeting was going on but I couldn't recognise any of the faces there except that of my pursurer, he no longer looked like my father but had turned to a young man with unknown face. I didn't know what was being said. The young man suddenly got up and stylishly made a fast move towards me. Before I could run he had cut up with me. We struggled with the mango I had but I later gave it to him.

4. I didn't know if I was imaginig this: I saw myself in a room with many people. The only person I recognised there was a male friend of mine but he didn't act like he knew me. I was just threatening everyone. I would just catch anyone by the neck and threaten to stranggle the person. Some would laugh but some scared. Before this, it was as if I did something bad in the house and concluded I wasn't going to sleep in the house nor at my friend's place because I didn't want to caught and punished. I was feeling so bitter in that dream that I found myself in this environment. A fair woman came in and I went to her, threaten to stranggle her, she was so terrified. But someone came behind me to warn that I may threaten or even deal with anyother person but that if I should touch the woman I would know who she really is in the society. I shouted at the person to get lost. I was just acting like I was frustrated. I went to a young girl with make-up face and was telling her that she never liked me. The girl was surprised and was only staring at me. I told her I liked her but that she doesn't want to say whether or not she liked me too. These words weren't meant for her as I wished I was speaking to that male freind of mine. It was like he was busy with some arrangements. He came out and we all rallied round him. It was like he was addressing us. I discovered one of his legs had a side of it looking darker. Someone made a comment about it but I gave her an angry look.
Continued from the previous page:

I gave her an angry look. He then asked me if I could tell why his leg had different colours * in reality he is a bit fair in complexion* I told him it was as a result of constant wearing of shoes. He announced to all, that he got the different colours when he was making shoes and everyone was surprised to hear him say he made shoes. He brought a belt with shiny silvery design and I wondered if he bought it or if it given to him. He was only putting on shorts and getting ready to put on the rest of his wears and I was surprised he had such fine legs. When I saw he didn't give me attention, I let down my bitternes and started going one after the other, to those I had threatened, crying, hugging and asking to be forgiven.
1. ◄ 2 Timothy 1:7 ►
For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
◄ 1 John 4:4 ►
You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.
◄ 2 Timothy 2:22 ►
Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.
◄ 2 Corinthians 5:17 ►
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

In essence, the lord say, don't be found amidst such worldly gathering,FLEE among idol worshippers and worldly people lest you be overwhelm with fear and overcome with shame(mockery) and witness detestable sins.

2. ◄ Psalm 118:22 ►
The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone-
the LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

You are the stone. Henceforth shall many seek,love/take you for who you are and want to have something to do with you despite your humble background.

3. I see your blessing in abundance, abound now.
Indeed, you've (in the past few days) enjoyed the blessing of the lord but not in full as there are powers in your father's house contending/struggling with your blessing.

Therefore, you shall rise at night and wage serious war against "

• Every strong man of my father's house contending with my heaven of blessing, release them and die.

• Oh fire of the living God arise and consume that strong man of my father's house dragging my harvest and blessing with me by fire.

• You that strong man manipulating and polluting my blessing before they manifest,in the heavenlies scatter, release them and die.

• let the fire of God arise and consume destroy the strong man -contenders of my blessing, NOW by fire.

Psalm 27,119, 23 and 8.

4. Indeed. You've really been through a lot in the past :

• Loneliness.
• Depression -from boredom.
• Frustration.
• Anger.
• Emotional trauma.
• Fear.
• Rejection or dejected.
• Psychological stress among others.

But to God be the glory. For the lord had delivered you from these forever.

You are welcome to the land of the living ,peace, joy and freedom of both within and without.

I rejoice with you, Gracefilled.

Bless You.
Bless you too sir.

I can't remember how this dream started. I was following a coursemate of mine when we got to a house. *I have often seen myself in similar environment in dreams* We had to pass through the rooms to get to our destination. In the room were a young man, a woman and other persons I can't remember their gender. I sprayed insecticide but my mind told me I shouldn't have, seeing they were elders in the room. So, I knelt, like the yorubas would and asked in yoruba language to be forgiven. We got to where we were going and it happened to be hostel room. I told that coursemate of mine that she was lucky that she had virtually everything in the room. I also told her I wished I got the room instead. She had packed her belongings and it was as if we were getting ready to vacate the hostel. Somehow, I saw myself alone somewhere else, it was as if she went to get something. I found I was holding a mobile phone that belonged to the young man we saw in the house we passed through. I was trying to read through his inbox hurriedly but couldn't as the writing seemed to be in French language. But I understood the little I read to mean ''in no distance time the french or french language will take over'' The young man sought me out and I handed his phone back to him. The last discussion I had with that coursemate of mine was on generator set, so I thought I probaly was going to buy generator oil or fuel. The road I passed by had mud water like it rained. I got to a point like junction and suddenly it was as if a Dam was opened and there was a heavy rush of water, like sea water. People were running. I noticed an animal of cat family running but surprisingly, in the midst of this danger, a young was chasing it not minding he was drowning. The animal ran into a bush for safety. I was in the midst of the water, with nothing to hold on to, as the water had reached my waist and forcing to drag me along. I saw a young man being swept by the water. I stock my feet firmly on the ground and refused to look where the water was gushing to. When I saw there was no escape route as the water surrounded me I prayed ' Lord when you were in the boat with the disciples the storm became too strong that they called on you and you calmed the storm, by the virtue of this I command this storm to calm down' immidiately, there was calmness but the water was still everywhere,surrounding me up to my waist. I didn't know how I found myself on a dry land where lorries parked. Just like a mechanic's workshop. I told the man I saw there to sell oil to me but he ended up pouring the whole oil on the ground instead of the container I gave to him. I told him to put oil for me and left to get what I didn't know. Coming back, I saw three ladies there. I recognised one of them as a colleague. Like she was putting on short and a long sleeve sweater-like top. She was talking with one of the ladies. She later left with the lady. I looked and saw the third lady playing with a young man. She was putting on yellow top and short and was excited. When I looked well to know what was tickling her, I noticed the man was touching her breasts and sexual parts. I looked away and woke up.

A glorious sunday to you.
Submit yourself to me, humble yourself before God and man,flee from wordliness and all form of lust, be sacrificial and don't give in to pride-do these, and I, the lord will never forsake you nor leave you in times of trouble and when your call on me in storm and while in trouble? I will answer you and come to your rescue without delay. For I will be your God and will never forsake you.

Make humility your mother and obedient to these-me, your father and endurance(sacrificial) your best friend-and I will never leave you nor forsake you and you shall never experience both spiritual and physical setback.

Bless You.
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