John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please interpret
1. Indeed, this is another confirmation of household/witchcraft presence within that environment(in your room/house).
As these animals such as "cat,rat lizard" among others are known as one of the instruments of household/territorial witchcraft presence".
And yes this just another confirmation of their presence and not victory hence their wastes instead of the animal dispose instead of them-if victory was the case.

Prayer points :

•Holy ghost fire, arise and consume every house hold, territorial witchcraft powers in this room.

•Oh God arise and dismantle every strong hold of witchcraft powers monitoring and dwelling within and around me by fire.

• Witchcraft powers, dominion and manifestation within this be expose, dispose, catch fire and dieiii.
It's a 12am prayers as these powers operate during that house.

But prepare as you might be shock at some revelation the lord will be revealing to you.

2. The lord say, You need me to make the journey(of life), you can not survive it alone, you need my guidance and presence.
Cultivate the habit of learning and seeking spiritual guidance lest confusion continue to be the order of your spiritual/physical journey. Don't isolate yourself.

3. Hmmm.
Listen attentive. Now, it doesn't matter whether you are an Anglican or not. But this is what the lord say,Your spiritual success/journey,inner man and spiritual situation/battles doesn't tally with that kind of a church.
Meaning,and taking into consideration what can guarantee your salvation as whole and establish your victory/dominion over your battles and enemies it's better you locate another church(that's if you are presently an Anglican)

4. Every envy, jealousy and evil gang up against you in your work place,in the house of God and/or among your co-workers shall be scattered.
They gathers and wished that you were down,you would fall but the lord assured" , I, the lord shall arise for your sake and " Turn your enemies against themselves " they shall be disgrace before you instead of you and as they gathered they shall scatter.

Indeed, I can(also) see the spirit of leadership upon you ". The lord will speak further on that if need be.


Bless You.
Thank you exceedingly sir! Am grateful to God I found myself here.
Goodafternoon sir. Hope your birthday was well celebrated?

My mother had a dream that she was going to the stream to fetch water along with one of her daughters, now married, her youger sister, unmarried. * the environment was her village, her maiden home*. On the path to the stream, they discovered there was erosion and there was no other path to follow. She told the others that they had missed their way. Both her sister and her daughter urged her to pass through the erosion. She accepted but on the process, her container fell into the part where the erosion took place. She had to get into it to take back her container and concluded they would pass through another road track on their way home.

Please I need a prayer guide for her, to help break this foundational backwardness.

Thank you.
Gracefilled, To God be the glory!

Dream :

It's called " shadow/path of death ".
When it comes to family matters and her life in general she must be careful whose advise she consider or adopt.

In essence, The lord say, powers of her foundation long for her downfall but the mercy and the power of God has been sustaining her

Indeed, the lord warned to be very careful of whose advice she consider or agree with especially from that side of her family.

Lastly, she must pray this prayers :

•Power of my mother's/father's house working so hard to see me fall and destroy, fall into your own trap in the name of jesus!

• Oh God arise, dismantle every evil advise, plot and evil gathering against me by fire.

• Powers of my foundation,enemies within my family devising a way to destroy me with evil advise, oh lord my father expose and destroy them by fireiiii

Psalm 91, 27 ,23 ,119.

Bless You!
1. My mother had a dream where she was at her parents' house. In her paternal uncle's compound, some palm fruits was cut. She asked her eldest son to gather the fruits and take home * still to her parents' house*. Her son did gather the palm fruits in a wheel barrow, then somehow, someone brought out a pile of cothes and he started picking out some clothes. She * my mother * asked him what he was doing, he said he was picking out the clothes that are his.

After midnight prayers against household witchcrafts I had some dreams. But can only remember these:

1. In our house. From where I was lying down, I saw a chat written out on the wall. It was between a man * a priest friend* and a lady. I can't really remember the chats. But I can conclude the lady was asking him if it was right for a certain Agency to bar her from doing a certain thing. He replied that the Agency would if need be.

2. I woke up in that dream, behind the door close to where I was lying down, I saw milipede cut in halves. The half with its head was trying to hide somewhere in the room. I was happy and used the water I had to pour on it to stop it from hiding away till I got hold of a broom. I used the broom to sweep it out. It was still struggling. I found I was with a book and was trying to find the meaning of milipede in a dream. My brother's wife was around and probably my brothers too. She was telling me something. I noticed the milipede was trying to get back into the house. Then a little girl-child was hiting it with stones. She ended up heaping some block particles on it. This time around, I saw the tail with something like its excreta on it showing with the head hidden under the pilled up block particles.

3. I saw myself back in the school where I taught. With a former friend. I can't remember what happend in that environment.

4. Back in my house, I was passing an old footpath behind our house * I always see myself passing this footpath in dreams. But in reality, the path no longer exists* i met a man whom I took to be an elder brother to a good friend of mine *in reality I don't really know his elder brother*. He was walking and talking to himself. I greeted him. He answered and called me his wife. I rebuked him. He insisted I was his wife that I shouldn't mind a thing. I rebuked and told him to kind of get lost! He continued with his walking and talking. From that footpath I entered a building. I've seen myself in this building once or more in my dreams. One of the rooms was occupied by a man. I think he was in. I didn't want him to know I came in. I quietly took a single key from his keyhole to open my door, since, I didn't come with my own key. I realise the door to my room had first a wooden door, reaching just a bit above my waist then the main door. I unlocked and entered the room. Looking behind the door, I saw the bunch of key I would have used to open the door in the keyhole. I also told myself I had long been looking for this bunch of keys. The room was well organised with nice frangnance but showed it hadn't been entered for sometime. I came out with the single key I took from the other door. I was afraid of inserting it back into the keyhole so as not to disturb the occupant. I think I ended up keeping it on his footmat. Like there were other occupants in the building. I saw a little girl-child and a young girl calling her to come for something I can't remember. Somwhow I had some of my wears like some pants, scarfs and clothes. I told the little child to raise her hands, she did. I unzipped her dress from the top and sturffed those clothes of mine on her chest. I don't know if I zipped back her dress.

5. I saw some avacado pears in a nylon and some clothes stuffed in a nylon too. My brother's wife was beside them. I was asking her whose clothes were in the nylon, she reluctantly anwered that they were rugs. When I saw she didn't want to speak with me, I left her.

Goodmorning sir. The Lord is your strenght.
Please if you could give me more prayer guides as regards these dreams I should be thankful.
1. What a mighty jesus!
Who's this uncle,who owns this compound,and what has your mother and her siblings done to deserve these
Indeed, For so long this house/foundation has held not only her harvest/blessing in captivity but that of her relative and family as whole.

But to God be all the glory as I can see the power of God coming upon your mother to break free from that captivity and reclaim everything including her harvest/blessing that the wicked one has held captive for decade.
Mind you,the lord say,for the sake and the reason of your mother's prayers/deliverance I had not only set her-harvest free from the wicked one, as I see another person in captive who the wicked one took overwhelmed with shame delivered as well.

I rejoice with your mother.
Something was buried in that house,evil act was committed, or could it be the handiwork of that uncle? Your guess is as good as mine.
What a world!!! Anyway, congratulations to your mother!

2. No. That wasn't a dream but a vision. More of what is (been) happening in the physical realm.
It's so unfortunate that people that many look up to and as role model are mostly and are top on the list of lust victims : adultery/fornication.
In essence, I see an unholy/secret communication,relationship here.

3. Can you now see the benefit of obedient and following the lord order and instructions?
Anyway, I must congratulate you again and your households. As I see another household " termites/enemy " crushed and destroyed.


4. It's time to change your prayer point and wage war against " Every arrow and infliction of retrogression fired into my job/career come out by fire and go back to your senders-NOW! Psalm 91, 27 and 23.

5. Hmmm.
You've indeed seen it all and have come a long way,maritally(love life). You've endured so much and almost run out of hope. But such a brave and strong heart/personality I am see here,that refused to give up despite her marital battles/struggles.

In essence, the lord say, the enemy and powers that be in your father's house held you down maritally and in captivity of marital shame and frustration.
Ever wondered why you often end up with wrong men,with wrong choices when it come to the issue of men in your life. While men with no future, life and destiny were often the type that falls in love with you or chase you about?

Anyway, to God be the glory for,today and for evermore the lord has set you free and destroyed that marital chain and captivity of your father's house.

I really thank God for your life and family especially your mother too for locating this ministry. A lot still need to be done though but I see lot of positive things: deliverance" taking place since you located us.

5. She's not been honest/faithful to your brother nor his family.

Gracefilled, Pastor don't just give out prayer points, I only do when God ask me to through your dreams,and ofcourse, you must understand that a prayer point from the lord/from your dreams does and assured established deliverance than a thousand prayer points that yield little or not result. That's how powerful our dreams can affect our spiritual/physical expectations and prayers.

But, anyway, you can browse through "Prayer requests/Prayer points" thread for prayer points.

Bless you.
Praise the Lord of Victory! He shall perfect all that concerns us.

God bless you more, Man of God.
I saw myself in the church and it was time for offertory. I got to the altar, people were supposed to drop their offering in the offering box. But I discovered the Minister in Charge was sitted outside the altar and recieving with his hand, the offerings and ready to put them inside a plastic bowl he was holding. I gave him a folded weak hundred naira note. And went back to my seat.

A glorious sunday to you.
You've not be faithful, fair to God with your offerings/tithes.

The lord is not please with you, hence he referred you to the book of, ...

Genesis 4:2-
Now Abel kept flocks, and Cain worked the soil. 3 In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord. 4 And Abel also brought an offering—fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, 5 but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor. So Cain was very angry, and his face was downcast.

6 Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? 7 If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”

8 Now Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let’s go out to the field.”[d] While they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him.

From the text above you should be able to understand how God cherish a good and faithful sower.

• Don't tithe/sow unto God just for it sake
• God detest a bitter sower.
• He doesn't take second hand or unworthy/unsacrifical offering/tithe.
• God favours and loves a faithful/committed sower.
• Lack of sowing or unworthy seed only bring frustration and takes ones grace away.
• Don't cheat God with your tithes and offering.
• You provoke God when you sow unsacrifically..

Above all, don't complain if you lose your job, health, wealth, blessing, lack grace, favour et al because you never insured these with God in the first place,nor with your unworthy/dirty and/or almost nothing or none sacrificial commitment to tithe and offering.

If you don't give don't expect anything.

Change your ways and learn from these.

Bless you.
Noted. Bless you too.

I can't really remember how this dream started. But I think I was given or holding a white transparent nylon bag with mackerel fish in it. About 5 more or less of them. One my way, one of them started struggling but the rest were calm. I didn't know if they were dead or not. The one so struggled that when I got to a stream, I allowed it to jump out into the stream. I noticed it was trying to swim away I went after it. I caught it with my hand but it was strong and slippery, just like fishes would, it struggled and fell back into the stream and kept hidding from being caught. I struggled after it, somehow, it mistakenly jumped out of the water and lay beside the flowing stream panting for breathe. I had to kick it with my leg cos I was a bit scared of it and didn't want to touch it. I got it soiled with sand. Though I can't remember if I ended up putting it back into the nylon.