John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please interpret
Good morning Prophet

yesterday's dream:

1. One of my nostrils was heavily blocked, I saw my secondary school classmate and tried to respond to her greeting, couldn't but was pulling out congested mucus from my nostril. Again she was returning and I barely greeted her blowing out cartthar from same nostril.

2. My neighbour's son came to gather some cocoyam peels for their goats, he also tried to gather sticks from the leaves I used to cook to dipose but I told him to leave that I would dipose it myself.

3. The married man walked with me, eating at same time...twice I saw a little school boy at the centre of the road but it was more like a picture...we got to where it seemed his group were meeting and he asked someone about something. I also saw a pregnant woman I know in the physical but she seemed to be the man's wife in this dream. We got to the church and I told him I saw his wife, he said I had said so before. An event was on and I went to greet my brother and to introduce the man but I didn't see him again.
There my niece and nephew said something about #15,000 complaining.

4. In our house I was wearing a long light and shiny green gown. I told mama I was going to buy fuel at a station close to the church and probably see my brother but she warned me like it was getting late. She also said my brother had come, carried his bag and travelled. Also, a female colleague. I wondered why they decided to travel that particular day. I quickly wore a bit dirty dunlop blue slippers and left to buy from a closer station. Out side, my neighbour's kids were warming up for a fight and their mother's co-wife couldn't stop them. But they dispersed immediately I shouted at them.

Today's dream:

5. I can't remember the reason we, as a family gathered in our house where a ditch once existed. Later my brother wanted to travel and we mocked ourself that our clothes were dirty and I saw myself washing his singlet. He later tried his other line and said he left the phone in the bag he put in a group's car and he switched off the phone through the one he was holding. I think he later left and I was lamenting that everyone was leaving and the house would be empty again.

6. It was our place and I asked a man to drop me at a place. My hair was short and in twists. I entered his car and it was a known environment in Lagos. He was in a hurry and he told me he was going to meet a big man and to give him details of a proposal. He seemed a contractor and truthful. I asked him why he didn't wake early enough...He was free telling me things. He answered some calls and at a time gave me the phone to greet someone. But I couldn't hear the caller from the other end. He later told me that the caller has agreed to employ me. I asked where, he said a school and a post that had to do with the school finance/computer. I wanted to ask more questions but decided against it.

7. It was our house and maybe I arrived with same man. There were female students about in my then secondary school uniform. I noticed they were in wrong footwears and went to confront them siezing the footwears. But two gathered and fought me. I fought back but couldn't defeat them, they gave me a very sharp pain in my spine downwards. But I remember matching on one and felt her head cracked all through and I was saying that I was being careful so judgment does not turn against me. A woman traced a child that was defecating to where we were and scolded one of the students like she was the mother. I understood the students to be wayward and troublesome. Another teacher came scolding them for fighting me and they were now about three, looking defeated. But I swore they would never go free, that morning, afternoon, evening and night would I remember them for what they did to me. That I was once an easily angered one, kept to myself, made no friends. And then would have committed murder but I was soft with them because I have known the Lord, started being friendly to win souls for God. The teacher looked on and tears was coming out from one of my eye as I spoke.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. Pray against common sickness such as these.

2. You are not perfect but the lord is please with your humility and generosity.

3. I see HIM disgrace out of your life.

4. You are naturally an disciplinarian but you should tread softly about it and leave no room for pride when exercising it.

5. I see you struggling with loneliness and boredom in your household. Your life need more activities and things to keep her busy especially while your siblings are away or return back to their various lacoations after holidays.

6. You lord shall connect you for a job. Yes, I see a destiny helper,job connection.

7. Indeed, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom,and surely it's been your wisdom and strength over the spirit of God. But again, the lord emphasized on managing your anger and dealing with pride when exercising your "disciplinarian " trait among pupils,students or the little ones lest the devil establish it foothold in you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet.

1. Please sir no. 3 interpretation isn't clear to me.

2. I found myself in a familiar dream environment, like a school. Some students were cutting and designing clothes, a teacher scolded a student for trying to be friends with her but I wanted to signal to the student to maintain her cool that it was the pregancy homone acting because the teacher was pregnant. But I kept quiet and watched.

3. My nephew claimed a textbook I used in teaching then belonged to him, showing me his signature on it. But I reminded him I bought it. Of recent I saw a signature on different pages of the this book. It's not my signature and I don't remember signing such.

4. I found myself in a church and it seemed a wedding just ended. I was leaving with my niece while the voices of the choristers echoed. I started telling her the part I sang and how we did as if a part of me was among those singing. My nephew above, dressed in white and looking little came asked me how much a plate of food was that he was hungry. I tod him not to worry that we were already going home. I told another lady that the finger ring she wore fits, and so a marriage ring would fit her finger and she asked, what about you? We laughed.

5. In an unknown office someone helped me to sneak out a written out grade. I complained my grade was low. I later gave back the paper to the official, lying that I saw it lying about. She asked that I search a bundle reports cards numbered either 03 or 035-045 but my own card was written 045 and she put the paper in it.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. Correction made.

2. I see you teaching, as a teacher. Yes, you are more than ready now, you have the patient,wisdom to do so now.

3. Your textbook had long been claimed indirectly without you knowing but it's yours to reclaim now anyway.

4. The thought of marriage and everything that has to do with it and you seems have become unrealistic reality to you but the lord thought otherwise.

5. Never lie to get what you want or to achieve your aim lest it backfire and hit back at you when you least expected.
For, whatever that's built on lies and deceits can not stand the test of time.
Be truthful always even when it's not convenience for you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet

1. In our office. Sittings started but there were no Clerks to attend to Cases. The Court President marked the attendance register. A colleague later came but instead of apologising for being late, she was giving excuses. I got angry and shouted at her to accept she's at fault and apologise. The president wanted me to keep the register so nobody writes his/her name after but I was careful, knowing how the officials delegated duties but didn't take responsibility for their actions. Somehow the colleague later wrote her name and the President didn't care.

2. Our office president gave me a computer shading paper. It was as if I knew about filing a form or so and had a plain paper but she seemed to want me to do it quickly. She had lots of them but she gave me one that had my name printed on it. I checked to be sure the boxes would contain what I would write in them. I wrote out things on a paper to neatly transfer to the computer sheet.

3. Like there was something to be won and those I was sitting with said they had about it late.
I was on a table eating beans with some people, I don't remember if I actually ate it, a child being fed by its mother was trying to sing some christian praises. I was thrilled and asked the mother to permit me to feed him. And I did.

4. In our house someone like my late in-law advised I sold off the dry woods and buy another for cooking. But I thought of breaking or paying someone to break them since we needed them for cooking.

5. In our house a palmfruit cuttter came to cut about three ripe heads and I paid him #500 to get a balance of #200.

6. In our house I was combing my hair and looking at the mirror. It was bushy and at a time I said 'Jesus is coming'.

7. Someone brought some raw white beans for me like I told her I needed some. My niece was around and a man like an Hausa was dressing to go out.

8. One of our wives entered the parlour, naked and cleaning her body like she just took her bath.

9. It looked like our compound but those around were mainly my colleagues. Colleague C kept switching from groups, being friendly with one, in enmity with another and so on.

10. I was going somewhere and though it was getting dark I decided to visit a sick colleague since I was close to their house and I had a torchlight. But I decided against it as I had nothing to give to the sick. I decided to go for something else elsewhere. It became day time and I found myself in a white jeep but they weren't going my way I got down. Passed a crowd and passing again I was held and almost beaten like a thief. They were muslim men, though they had women in skimpy dresses among them. I noticed they held on to my leg but one of them came to plead on my behalf I said, 'God bless you', and escaped.

11. I found myself in a quiet old building and some men like monks/priests knelt and prayed in silence.

12. I saw a man in shorts and dancing slowly. I was told he was doing a form of exercise.

13. I vomited and was telling someone it's chewable gum. Another asked if it's SuperStar chewable-gum I said yes that it had melted in my mouth.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. The lord warmed , whatever you are ask to do or sign at your work place and or on behalf of your office president,the heads therein,anybody? Always apply wisdom,look before you leap in order to save yourself from future trouble or implication.
Trust nobody !

2. Same goes for this one too; be careful,always look before you leap. Always endeavor to analyse or cross check whatever you are given to sign or approve therein.

3. For opening your heart and your hand to God through humility,love and the power of giving/offering the lord shall give you peace of mind and cause you to feed fat.

4. You've grown in wisdom and now possess discerning spirit.

5.Every labourer,worker deserve his wages or pay.

6. You've outgrown the lord for the things of the world,physical beauty and or adornment. Truly, your heart and eyes are fixed on the cross and heaven now.
I call this " salvation of old ".

7. It takes one who can afford such to patronise or call a seller to buy.
That is, I see no lack of what to eat,drink in your life as I see you investing some money on what goes into the stomach.

8. August visitors indeed. But when they do orderliness must be maintained within the family house.

9 . Be wary of unfriendly friend/s among your colleagues. Avoid,at all cost such that, is neither here nor there. Such an unstable and reliable person must be avoided at all cost in your life.

10 .hmmm.. Thank you Jesus for your word ..
The lord will never forsake the humble and the righteous. For, when the are entangled by their enemies or evil ones he shall never forsake them but save them by his mighty hand.

11. A personal encounter or deliverance with God. Something require a spiritual consultation in your life now. Perhaps it's on already ???

12. Yes! The lord is taking to you ; make exercise a way of life.

13. I see divine honor upon you. You've been empowered with a celebrity heaven.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet

1. In a place we once lived I remember bathing in the bathroom with a very clean water. Though I was hurrying up but the water didn't seem to want to finish.

2. In our workplace were lots of people. A masquarred dressed in black came into the office, it kept walking about and I hid beside a male colleague. Seeing no other person was afraid I ignored the masquarred, got up and went about busy.

3. I was saying something and mentioned appedicitice but my bereaved sister said Appendix like in correction.

4. In an area we once lived I picked a pen cover and covered the pen I was holding. But it was so hot and seemd it would melt the pen. I passed by some bikes and imagined one pursuing me. I also imagined flying and I flew off.

5. In our kitchen a former female colleague was cooking, I made her little daughter pound something in the mortar. I had a sound like something huge was thrown on the roof of the kitchen.

6. I bought a loaf of bread and gave to a present female colleague.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. I see power of resurrection and deliverance from retrogression,sin of the past overshadowed you.

2. To God be the glory. I see fear,environmental power conquered.

3. No body is above correction.
In essence, wage war against unknown disease,sickness and every possible manifestation of appendix.

4. There is power in your imagination and nothing shall be impossible for you if you believe and have faith as little as mustard seed.

5. The word " mortar " in the realm of the spirit symbolises territorial witchcraft altar.
You shall pray this way , " Every territorial witchcraft powers in this environment troubling my household and her heaven I see you on fire, die!!!"

6. I see you blessing someone because you are blessed to do so.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet

1. I was walking past the front of our gate with some people and an old rat from nowhere came, like searching blindly for a leg to bite. A boy hit it with a stick.

2. I was in our area when a bikeman was asked by my sister to carry me home. He did but was rough and entered a gutter. I got down and trecked home.

3. In an unknown place I passed by a man, dressed like a priest and seemed to be meditating. Another person cried from an inner room like he/she was under the annointing.

4. In an unknown environment, an event was on and I was busy about till my sister called my attention to her friend. I knelt and greeted her and her husband. Everyone was happy. I saw the faces of extended family of my in-law, some of my people, a formal colleague and her child in a corner...

Maybe in this dream too I was looking at a bright rainbow in the sky.

5. I heard one of my elder brothers telling about an evil bird or birds petching somewhere on a tree. He was excited telling his story.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. Environmental witchcraft attacker,agent sent to inflict and attack you crushed.

2. Not every free things,blessing or privilege is inspired by God.

3. An encounter with the power and manifestation of deliverance.

4. I see great humility you that heaven acknowledges when exhited.

5. I see celebration and joy over the exposure of an environmental witchcraft bird or manifestation in that environment.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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