John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please interpret
1. Many may rebuke even for no reason but you walk in authority so that no one can take what belongs to you nor do without you, anything that belongs to you.

2. Physical growth isn't a sign of maturity nor wisdom.

3. You are not just the only one whose spirit finds no peace in that church.

4. The lord warned that your pregnant cousin must stop over stressing, using herself at the detriment of the baby's life.

5. You often meant well for your family, household even mama but often times you are misunderstood. For it is written that any tree that bears no fruits nor good fruits shall be cut off. Surely, I see cut off none good trees in your household.

6. I see death see you and fled/hide.
No power of will death prevail over you, mama.
Ps 91. Psalm 118:17

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening Prophet

In an unknown place people ran from thieves or fighters...a man I know in the physical was talking me into coming to their church, I looked at the paper he gave and it was written...Christian Science. I started to admonish him on the type of church he attends but he was bent on convincing me...I was dusting a basket when a robber but who is my bereaved sister's son in this dream asked me what item I was dusting I said basket. He ordered me to search the basket bringing out the items in the basket by himself. There were dead rats too among the clothes he brought out. While the guy searched inside the house I brought out lots of money but I also hid some of the money. He came out and I asked him about the man who was trying to convince me, he said the man had stroke and lying in bed. I gave him the money I found out of which he gave a thousand naira in two hundred naira denomination. But I gave it back requesting he change it for the fifty naira denomination that I needed it for change. He took and never returned it. Next it was our house and the robber guy kept his bag in a farmland opposite. I looked to be sure he was out of sight...our gate was open and I saw that some perboiled rice was kept in a sieve at the corridor and fowls where feeding on it but the corridor was still wet from being cleaned, I went and took the rice into the house. While leaving I met two little children walking into our compound and asked them about my bereaved sister who was sick in this dream, one replied she was coming. I had taken some money and white envolpes from the guy's bag and threw away some of the envelopes that had something written on it...I took the guy's bag and dipped in water as it was light from me taking some money out of it. In the farm where this bag was kept two men and a woman walked about with a black/white sheep as if they were giving their daughter out in marriage male neighbour was well dressed and leaving for work and I had a sieve with which and about to pluck some bitter leaves.

Thank you and God bless you.
The world is no longer a safe place. But the lord assured, in me? You are safe therefore even though you are church less for now you it's better than to consider the wrong church or place of worship where you become incapacitated,rendered powerless and overwhelmed with affliction and infliction, and be at the mercy of your enemies. For he warned, you are more safer church less than being at the wrong place or church lest your fate become like that of the one that invited to the wrong church... such as jehovah witness or where there is no true presence of, where your spirit man rebukes.

For even, if the enemies come to attack or rob you being churchless now? you shall become victorious at last, you'll recover all because I will be with you and defend your case. Therefore, you are stronger and not vulnerable but untouchable.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet

1. I went to UN's house and met a guy, I called different names before I could correctly call UN as the person I was looking for. He directed me where to find legs were stained with dust...I found him at the backyard washing clothes. Cant't remember the rest.

2. A scene where in an unknown place a female colleague said her money was taken in a gathering she went to...I looked at a picture of two women well dressed in big gele, one my sister...I talked about how my sister's gele looked like...I watched her, my sister, swirl round severally with many clothes covering her like a masquarred...I later was sweeping near the door and there were lots of tiny black snakes there, either dead or alive.

3. A scene where I was in an unknown farm maybe to cut palmfronds...Mama either passed by or came to join me in the farm.

4. Like my bereaved sister's of my elder brothers tied towel like he just finished bathing and talking to someone like in a phone call. They talked about blocks and my brother replied that it was because they were brought up or thought how to prayer better. Within me I murmured, 'always giving excuses, you were brought up and taught how to pray but now your're grown and there is one to teach you how to pray better but you don't want to learn'...I was stiring an old soup on fire in my bereaved sister's compound.

5. Mama bought me a wine colour scarf long ago and which I think I have never used. In this dream she took it of clothesline to tie.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. Truly, it's been a while now since the last incident with him but don't go searching not even within you, for him lest you get your hand dirty,and your legs stain.

2. Ungodly parties, gathering robs one,makes us an unconscious idolatry and enemy of God, ungodly, unholy. As for your sister, she's an unconscious one of them but you live holy,cherish holiness : cleaning of the environment". And surely, ungodliness breeds ungodly environment,household enemies but your holiness is powerful to overshadow,destroy them.

Keep it UP.

3. You are a source of blessing,joy,strength to mama,your household.

4. The wise speaks less but a fool talks without control. You are wise and have grown in true understanding of the world and heaven.
In essence, the lord said,those within your household, your brother or siblings have deteriorated spiritually,in their walk with the lord. They understanding of true salvation. They see not, they know not what the spirit says because their pattern of faith has remained with the past. Therefore, be wise when dealing with them concerning the fruit of the holy spirit in you now lest you are misunderstood because they are like old soup that's loss it taste but don't rebuke them without season because you are more spiritual matured or grown.

5. Well, one man's poison,abandonment is another man's interest therefore she or somebody else may pick interest on what you refuse to make use of.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening Prophet

1. Maybe an accident victim was lying at the centre of the road and maybe dead or alive.

2. Walking to work with some of my colleagues following behind a car stopped beside me asking for direction. I didn't wait to listen but quickly scooped sand and threw at the driver, the person threw back at me the stone among the sand. Next it was our house and the driver talked about what I did, I replied that it was because I had had several encounters with scammers on same route and same manner and had decided enough was enough. Collegue C who never speaks with me in the physical joined and we discussed freely. Another person talked about how God used Fr. Mbaka to cure her mother of madness but she told the story as if the priest was dead. When she said the priest was in suit I wanted to say I have had encounter with him in same attire but kept quiet. We discussed on things of God.

3. I was in the market, now can't clearly recall what happened but maybe I tied or had a towel at a time. Next it was our house and maybe while I bathed a guy called on another guy. I remember I later was inside our house leading prayers with mama and another person being present.

4. A scene in our workplace where a male colleague was saying he attended a certain University but I reminded him he once claimed to have gained admission into a College of Education. He is not in school in the physical.

5. A scene where I was removing catarrh/mucus from my tongue.

6. A scene where I went to buy recharge card of hundred naira but was told they only had that of two hundred naira.

7. Seems like our house and there were six or more empty crates of drinks and the Head instructed that I ask one of us, a male, to take them back to the owner. She also said I should slap the colleague hard if he questioned my authority. But I said I would not slap him but simply relay her message. The the Head insisted I do so and that nothing will happen, I refused saying it could lead to the guy giving me serious injury.

8. Maybe from same dream the Head was checking through the crates and I saw Shweps among them, I asked to be and she did, she also gave those around including my little niece. I exchanged my flavour with that of my niece, tasted hers and left some from mine for her.

9. In an unknown inlaw was working on a farm...I walked into a place and tried to climb a water tank but couldn't...I remember gething things ready to perboil some beef.

10. In a scene I watched some church people holding a crusade, a woman testified of obtaining a visa, testimony went on while other ministers went about with microphone looking for who wants to testify. I was there with an elder brother watching, I asked him if one of the ministers was not his church member he said no. I noticed my brother's arm was more hairy than it is in the physical. I also thought to myself that the minister manifested not under the anointing of the holy spirit but false spirit. I think the church is Lord's Choosen.

Mama's dream.

11. We were in the market and sellers brought lots of vegetables but decided to sell to those who lived far away first or so and I was among them. Some of my co-traders begged me to give to them but I refused...on our way home I could hear the beatings of masquarreds and alerted the others, we ran back to hide. But I found myself running into a shrine...I couldn't find my way and decided to hide somewhere closing my eyes...the masquarred approached...I was held by the nose and ordered to open my eyes...I saw a part of an idol and I was commanded to bow and attend to it. I refused. Looking at another side my younger sister was being held and forced to do same to another deity but refused and struggled to be free. I refused, vowing to never bow nor attend to any idol. When the worshippers insisted I started calling on Jesus to come help me. As I did so, the worshippers all kept quite and watched me. My sister became free from her captors but I kept calling on Jesus.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. Ps 91.
Death,you shall see with your eyes,and a thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand but it will not come near thee. You'll only observe with your eyes..

2. Indeed, you should be careful and never trust no one. But judge not, hold no grudges and don't be sentimental,judgmental towards others because of your past experiences or hurts because anybody can repent,change for good. But trust nobody,still.

3. I see evil agenda to disgrace you by the enemy but the lord shall cause it to fail woefully because you, your heart is always in his presence and derive joy in prayer.

Yes, I see it destroyed in his presence.

4. The lord warned ' this one is not straight forward.

5. I see disposition of sickness,evil deposits, I see deliverance of the body.

6. Don't live beyond your means, but pray the lord to enlarge you,financially.

7. No matter highly placed a person might be never allow them to use you for their selfishness, evil agenda or use you to take revenge. Go against your faith,humility and meekness.

8. I see a thing of joy, celebration,merriment..

9. I see you engaging in a fruitful, energetic activity.

10. Don't even about that church, the lord warned : it's a no go area.

11. I see some ungodly, idolatry culture, believe and practices and way of life in this environment,locality which are unfavorable but in the midst of these the lord said, your faith shall conquer all even your family member shall be free of such barbaric culture for your sake, faith. Surely, you are a woman of great faith and salvation that stands out and against all odds therein.
But he warned, many are you co-traders whose hands,ways are evil and idolatry therefore be wary whom you associate with or share your market/commodities with.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening Prophet

1. While in our kitchen my attention was drawn to someone teaching up in the air, he seemed to be talking about rapture. He said we should listen carefully that our names would be spelt gradually and then we rise. As he spoke I saw the letters o,o,u,i...several of them with dots like vowel sounds displayed in the air. Young and old were about listening and the teacher asked for the correct pronounciation of 'Virginia' the 'VIR' especially. People answered differently but only a little girl got it correctly, according to the teacher. She pronounced it as 'VIA' or so.

2. Sitting and facing a mirror in our parlour a man wore me one of my blouses like he was dressing me up but he wasn't smiling. I reached out to make the white powder on his face even but he removed his face and went on to dress himself. I kept on laughing while another lady sat, ready and probably waiting for us.

3. I met colleague A at a junction on my way to work. She was in bright red gown and going somewhere.

4. I was removing some particles from my mouth and brought out a small live earthworm.

5. I was in a tricycle going somewhere, another drove pass and I contemplated collecting either of the driver's phone numbers.

6. I was in the market with mama while she sold. She asked me to call a woman selling crayfish in a wheel barrow while backing her baby. She jokingly called the woman a nickname which sounded like 'wisdom', now not sure. Mama gave her Bobo drink, probably for her baby. It seemed she was doing this a second time/day and I wanted to caution her that it was becoming a habit but decided to keep quite instead.

7. I watched our fowls surround one of the young cocks, fighting it. It was helplessly squating at the centre.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. I see the day of judgment being deliberated and decided in the heaven. Therefore, the lord asked ' are you prepared, is any of your household truly ready.

2. The lord is closer to you,your beauty, guardian angel than you can ever imagined.

3. I see an encounter with a colleague but this is harmless to you. But the colleague? Danger, as red signifies : sorrow,bloodshed or danger.

4. Congratulations.
I see deliverance of the tongue/mouth and affliction therein, in your heaven removed.

5. Good choices are often make not in a hurry.

6. Mama seems to be the architect of her trade set back some times. But only you can draw her attention when you unravel it, one but wisdom and patient must be applied with her.

7. These animals/birds need to be closely monitored if you don't want to lose one suddenly, soon.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening Prophet

1. From a scene, I was in an office and could recognise one of my elder sisters and her colleague...there were mostly young persons there...I helped my sister with a white paper that has black prints on it. Next I was lying in a settee, a guy I know sat in another showing me how he was playing with the arm of the seat but I was not in the mood of talking.

2. In an unknown place I watched a movie. One of the characters drove into another's parlour. Someone like a colleague asked or wanted to narrate to me the happenings in the movie but I got angry and left saying people would rather distract others than watch movies in peace.

3. From the above I headed to my workplace but suddenly my way became flooded like it just rained. I jokingly shouted that someone should come carry me through. I was contemplating wadding through the flood when I noticed the whole place become like an ocean but I stood on dry tarred land. Somewhere at the middle of the flood clean water splashed about, at me severally and I did 'waka' to it like returning it. Gradually a blue gallon floated from there, a young one backed by a woman came out. I noticed people were about, women especially, sweeping where we stood. One of them warned the woman from the river even before she came out. The women discussed like they use the place as cassava market. I cautioned one of the women's daughter to be careful lest the woman of the sea takes her but she said such a thing cannot happen. After, the sweepers gave money to the woman from the river, some 100, 200 naira. I gave her 50 naira but she refused saying I didn't serve her. I said I just wanted to give her for giving sake. She said she would go buy groundnut and return 30 naira to me. I collected back the money and gave her 20 naira jokingly saying 'you know I'm a good person. Next I was standing with some youths like we were waiting for the rain to stop though it wasn't raining and the flood had dried up yet we waited. I told myself that people's attention had been diverted, the woman from the river using the opportunity to leave. A young lady sang 'What a friend we have in Jesus' and I joined.

4. A scene where in an unknown place with some people I met a Rev. Sister I know, we exchanged pleasantries but I didn't understand all she said except that she would give us money to buy and share 'Orobo'. Another Sister, younger but wordly dressed and dirty followed her behind.

5. In an unknow place I carried a wheel barrow to cross was like a school, I and Mama had two or more tubers of yam and which we placed same amount of African pears on. I think we were sharing it for two boys.

6. In an unkown place, I recognised a female colleague among those there. Like I had somethimg to do with a bank and was later called in by a worker and given two stapled reciepts...a lady had a twin baby and sat the female one. I carried the baby asking it to rest for a while but it cried uncontrollably joined by the twin brother. I handed it back to its mother and left.

7. In a place I once lived two of my colleagues, male and female, played rough. I ignored them and left. The female came, looking changed and more beautiful. She asked me to check if her back and elbows were dusty. And they were.

8. It was a large classroom and like a place I did my primary school. I recognised most as my female colleagues. I left with some poeple and somehow put a kind of rat with fowl odour and long mouth but dead in the purse I was holding. A Sedan drove past and some of the people I was with entered it, one saying he was going to Lagos. But the car was heading towards where we were coming from. Someone reminded me of the dead rat and I removed it, out with it were some pecan tied in nylon and used in baking. But I thought it had been contaminated and didn't pick it. I left with two persons with me.

9. In our area with a female colleague and an unknown man. I rushed to pick 'Agbolumo', the two did too but picked more than I did. They were big but broken due to the height of the tree. We left and entered another house. But we all females this time. I was left behind dragging a cloth while climbing down steps and licking my 'Agbolumo'. I later found the two in someone's house. All on the floor and watching Telly. Because the room was neat I removed my footwears before going in. There I shared my Agbolumo to the people of the house. L had lots of them but those who couldn't get I divided to make sure it got to everyone. But the people who were with me were in the room with there footwears on. The woman of the house started talking about people wearing shoe wedge they didn't need.

Thank you and God bless you.