John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please interpret
1. You will be a source of help to your bereaved sister one of these days, it's in your power but it's a choice,anyway.

2. I see the court president shame, weakness come to to light, pub hearing or make known.

3. Think before you lead : consider your decision before you put them into action.

4. Cancel the dream,pray against retrogressive manipulation.

5. I see cause for celebration in that family, and I see you celebrating with that family.

6. Conquer hatred, enmity with love and you not only conquer but win many soul with your love.

7. This isn't about what you encountered or whom you encountered it with but,the lord called : be wise and always learn from your past...mistakes.

8. Holiness, orderliness and meekness, a welcoming spirit but God,his word into your home it's a must and placed above the rest.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good afternoon Prophet

1. I was leaving the church with the congregation. At the gate were masquarreds, one of them started to chase everyone and we all ran back into the church compound. As I ran I noticed one of the masquarreds was after me in particular. I don't know if it threw something at me or touched me. I remember seeing a ripe mango in this dream.

2. In our house, in a place we usually take our bath I was discussing with my niece. Inside our parlour were one of my brothers and the wife. My brother was saying something to his wife about her attitude. I was telling my niece that my brother had one thousand and one reasons not to marry his wife but my niece replied he probably didn't understand the reasons. I told her he even quarreled with one of my sisters when she tried talking to him against marrying the woman but he still went ahead with the marriage. I also told her that her youngest sister called his younger sister who is married in the physical asking her if she is pregnant already and that she replied her to keep praying *this happened in the physical* . I said that the marriage had started making her younger sister to act maturedly. While we talked, a little bird known in the physical to be harmless came hopping and chirpping about us. It didn't run when we tried to catch it. My niece caught it, loosely tied the legs saying she would keep it for rearing. But I told her to let it go. As we left my niece uncovered some ants close on a wall. I told her to kill them that the ants are known to sting.

3. Still in our house there were people around. A relative to my deceased in-law left our compound with another person. They later came asking if I still had recharge cards, I said yes. Next it was in our parlour and I gave my bereaved sister a recharge card and even gave her money. She demanded for her money but I reminded her it was she who was owing me for previous and immediate sale. She gave me two hundred naira.

4. In an unknown gathering like classroom. It was as if we were doing presentation, I could recognise a male colleague only. Later people processed to the front like they went to drop something. A lady in particular was licking a red stick sweet but she was putting it into her nostrils instead and smilingat me. Next I saw the sweet close to my feet. The person sitting with me urged me to pick it that the girl playfully threw it at me. I picked it. Someothers were also licking similar sweets. I also picked an unknown container like drink. It was sealed. It was as if this too was given to me but someone took it. I tried unsealing it. The guy who took it and those sitting close by looked for an opportunity to take it and the sweet. I also saw some sweets and other edibles kept somewhere and a girl said they belong to a lady's babies.

5. It was my neighbourhood and I was walking home with someone. A man drove a bike towards us. Another person walked on hands and kneels towards the bike. Next I was the one walking on kneels and hands and a man came and touched my waist or my buttocks and immediately turned back and left. I quickly stood up, smiling and said 'look where someone is touching somebody.'

Thank you and God bless you.
1. I see an evil agent came to hijack your blessing away after a church service. Are you sure you went to that service with a pure heart, without some evil thought or unsettled case?
Anyway,I believe you know what to do!

2. Truly, you see good when you encounter one and evil when you encounter it. And you can surely smell danger from afar and know how to avoid them --all thank to your spiritual consciousness and growth,wisdom. Therefore, whatever befall that marriage after several warning from you so be it, the lord warned!

3. Givers don't lack so also good doer and lovers of peace,love and humility for such like you shall never be put to shame but blessed,honored and favor.

4. A terrible and unprofitable opportunity can be smell from afar except greed and distraction and manipulation from without is given into- and it leads to disappointment. Be warned, always heed to your inner man above man's suggestions, and remember that your eyes can not deceit you as what you see is what you get.

For, all that glitters is not gold!

5. Just a tip of what people with disability experience : abuse/suffering and smiling. Therefore, be warned not to look down on them or rebuke them without reason,abusively.
Also, the lord called : humility that abuse your pride and worth must not be embrace or allowed to be abused.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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I didn't go to the church with some evil thoughts. Unsettled case? Maybe, because I'm tired of being a member therein. I only still attend atimes so as not to have misunderstanding with mama. I have prayed for the Lord to guide/lead me to where I would really worship Him. But I'm yet to receive an answer.

God bless you.
Your faith can not be build here and you are vulnerable.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet

1. When you say my faith cannot be built here and that I am vulnerable, do you mean here in the Forum? Whether here or not, please what do I do?

2. In an unknown place I flogged one of my niece married in the physical, like I was giving her correction. While doing so, she asked me if I was mad and I flogged her the more but later apologised. I didn't see her report to anyone but a man was aware of what happened and brought the members of SARS to arrest me. While I narrated this to her mother, my bereaved sister, she said the niece was my daughter, I trained and understood her ways better. I fumed asking why she would say such about her own daughter. I also told her the man that brought people to arrest me was a dead man. I believed the man to be their deceased father, though he didn't look like him, because he and my niece were very close while he lived. Maybe my bereaved sister gave birth newly.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. I meant, that church.

2. I can see you love that family like they were you own direct blood but be wary how you go about it, how you go about your involvement or discipline lest it backfires. Be wise and apply wisdom.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good afternoon Prophet

1. I saw two lines drawn on the wall of our house, outside and round it. It looked like what a child would do and drawn with maybe a pink/wine colour chalk.

2. A male colleague who just put to bed in the physical said I was yet to pay her a visit on account of her new born baby.

3. I was going home, coming from a place I grew up. I entered a house with the intention of greeting the occupants. I introduced myself to the man I saw and we exchanged pleasantries. I used to know him then as a Mill operator and iron repairer. He insisted I would eat but I refused. Two fair ladies came and sat down and I noticed I wasn't wearing bra. Next I started to sweep the house wondering why the ladies couldn't do so.

4. Someone was telling me something about the way I styled my front hair but I woke up.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. It's called " re-mark-able heaven's visitation.

2. He longs for your visit. Your personality must be very important and significance to him above many.

3. You are sacrificial, and one who gives without expecting anything in return. Truly? You are a blessing to many..

4. Be wise that whatever you do doesn't portray the world but your righteousness and salvation.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good afternoon Prophet

*I don't know if these dreams are as a result of fever*

1...I went outside our gate and burnt something. I noticed that where I burnt the things where heaped some scrapes, dirts and under a bamboo tree. The road too didn't seem so clean and I thought I should make time to clean and arrange the area.

2. I don't clearly remember what I was doing with my colleagues, a female colleague in particular.

3. From some scenes I found myself somewhere with some people and was having a slab or phone. It occured to me that my nephew installed an application in it in this dream and I decided to check it out. I pressed my hand somewhere and a voice was giving me some commands while I replied it. The converstaion ended with me refusing the take the command and I tried another. It was similar conversation but I felt a force come out of it and entered me though I tried to ignore feeling anything. Maybe I was asked to make some incantations but I didn't know how to. Maybe too I said I wanted to learn witchcraft.

4. I was with a group of people in an unknown place...about two persons, a guy and a lady among us, had extra ordinary powers and it manifested. Somehow it was like in a movie and we planned to escape. Someone among the actors came and started to fry something in hot oil.

5. I left a house we once live...picked a bunch of keys that fell from my hands...I found myself in a fashion shop. The lady there said she wanted to use my eyes for some make up project. I was with a child and asked her to use the child's instead but she said the shape of my eyes was preferable. I later allowed her. Next she washed my hair applying onething and washing off one after another. I saw UN sitting and playing with a lady but I cannot tell how he vanished after he saw me. Two ladies in white dress and blue scarf like members of a society in a particular church visited the fashion lady. They expressed their disappointed over the fashion lady's absence in the meeting. They had come to see how she was faring because she gave an excuse that she was sick. But the fashion lady said she took the excuse so she could gather the broom project.

6. Still in same area in dream no. 5 I stood where some African Star Apples were on display. Someone like mama sold some displayed on the ground and buyers rushed for it. The ones I was looking at, some were broken and I gathered them all. But it turned out or seemed I was removing and parking some plates with left over foods in them.

7. In my neighbourhood. Some people were gathered, youths especially. UN was among them. Someone like a priest addressed them, he boasted that his congregation were complaining that he should account for a project or the money for a project. According to him, it was a minor project but that nothing happened when he did some bigger elsewhere. I was sweeping the road in front of our gate and could hear the words of the man. I retied my wrapper being careful not to expose my buttocks because it seemed short. I didn't bother as my attention was in what I was sweeping.

8. I don't know where this scene falls into but I found myself in a house. There were an elder and younger men. Both colleagues. The younger one sat and had little child stand inbetween his laps. I was busy about.

Thank you and God bless you.