John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please interpret
1. I see the hand of God working and destroying the works of the enemies over your heaven and the heaven of your household.

2. I see the devil lurking round about to shake,tempt your holy,for being natural and living according to the bible/lord's instruction in your physical appearance. Prepare, the world will ridicule you and shake you but it's the devil at work. Watch it and be on alert. For it is written..take this words with you :

◄ 1 Peter 3:3 ►
Don't be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.

3. Be wary of those who eat from your plate, who eat your cake and swallow from you hand whose wisdom,words and advise are satanic, demonic and destructive and are not inline with God says concerning your life, business or what you do.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet

There are many scenes here but I only remember these in pieces.

1. In a gathering, some persons like relatives of my deceased in-law, members of his prayer group, maybe, while he was alive and I were present. I remember I sat at a side for "the defendants" as it was called in this dream. I also remember the deceased in-law was busy, maybe with prayers. I think he came out from a coffin kept in a car boot and I was asking myself if those around know that he is dead and would enter back into the coffin after everything.

2. In a plac we once lived I was doing some house chores with one of my nieces. An issue regarding Mama and her younger sister not having a good raport came up. I think I was angry at Mama. I also talked about how selfish and uncaring her younger was.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. The lord said, even though he's no more he's still very much alive. He lives!

What a blessed soul.

2. It's called " retrogressive judgment ".
The lord warned, ..that you may not be a retrogressive judge between two people holy spirit and wisdom must be your guide.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet

1. I was walking on a tarred path in a bush and was picking ripe palm nuts and throwing them either at its tree or farther into the bsh; removing them from the path.

2. My neighbour entered our compound and I went inside telling Mama I don't want him to see me.

3. It was our work place and my niece was asking about banks that a colleague wants to do 'internship' in one. Next I was telling the colleague that a certain bank pays its staff a hundred and something thousand for a year and we calculated it to be 15k a month.
Next my colleagues started to come to work but one dressed as he normally wouldn't have dressed, there were two strange faces, both ladies. I remember my phone was down but I switched it on and called a colleague but he didn't pick.
Next I was eating anda colleague asked me to move to another section of the office because I was close to the toilet door and he wants to make use of it. Another colleague rearranged the tables and I continued to eat. One of the strange faces ate the okro soup they came with. I said something and she replied but I told her I wasn't talking to her, she went to lie on a bed. I found myself trying to scoop the okra soup, cutting some meat that looks like raw goat meat, along, to eat later.
Outside, a naked baby sat with its mother, a seller and was drinking from my water bottle. I fed him more but later took it because it was satisfied and playing with it.

I did the needful after I woke up.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. I see every thorn, obstacle on your way/path being cleared by divine hand of God, grace and mercy.

2. Your spirit man detest and have nothing in common with these strange neighbor(s).

3. Wage war against the table of the enemies, night caterers and their source of powers.
For, if not for the power of salvation, grace and your love for the kingdom of God the enemies would have prevailed but pray and wage war still.

Ps 119, 65 and 27.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet

1. An hausa girl I used to know was accusing me of something but her mother and niece supported me. I thought of what could be her reason for the hostility and started to cry. Next it was our kitchen in a yard we once lived, I was called into the kitchen and the accuser was telling me that a rat jumped into our cooked stew. There were pots of food about and I think my elder sister opted to do something about the foods.

2. I was coming from a former church area but kept slidding down while I tried to climb onto the road. I later was able to enter the road. Other things happened but I later was in a furnished room with some people and a former coursemate entered. A name appeared on the T.V screen different from but close to her name.

3. I remember seeing the painted wall of a shop. One side was marked 'muslim 8' or '10', the other side, 'christian 11' or ' 12'. I thought it had to do with a fight between the two religious groups and those were the number of those that died in the fight.

4. I was praying this morning and slept off while asking God for the forgivess of sins. Immediately I saw myself in a place like market and I picked a bunch of scent leaves I would use for the particular prayer I was praying.

5. I was bathing in our house, some children would come and I would pour water on them. We all were naked and not ashamed.

6. There are other scenes but I remember in an unknown environment a man came dressed in an over sized coat. I remember he dropped two packets of cabin biscuits. He took one or the two while leaving and a colleague was surprised.

7. In a place we once lived, my bereaved sister read out or said that the daughter was cut in the throat. There are other scenes and not clear.

8. In our workplace one of the litigants asked that I allow another to leave. The said man was carrying a child and had a scar close to his chest. He looked weak and I permitted him to leave. I was surprised a colleague was around giving people date and thought the man should have met her instead.

9. I remember a colleague and I were saying something about a rubber sandal and I said I didn't like it, it was in vogue. She was wearing one.

10. From the above I was threshing what looked like raw breadfruits. A man sat nearby observing. He later made a sign and I thought he was calling me. But I saw another person in whites like a lady busy somewhere.

Thank you and God bless you.
1. Should anything go wrong in your household,spiritually even physically? The heaven would not be happy and might blame you for it because? You are the spiritual heaven therein and the guardian angel whom the lord has assigned therein to protect and watch over her in prayer and... Therefore? Be watchful,alert and pray without season (too) on her behalf.

2. While you were there you were limited, your were in darkness and under a leaking roof but since you'd left? The lord has shown you the true way and the path that leads to his mansion in heaven and true blessing,beauty on earth and before him.

Congratulations! Your spiritual endeavours and journey has paid off.

3. This is the true score(%) of death and casualties between these two religions that occurred in this/that path of the world.

4. Listen daughter :

Ps 51
16 For thou desirest not sacrifice; else would I give it: thou delightest not in burnt offering.

17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

Indeed, the lord desires not your sacrifices nor good scent(leaves) nor your meat nor your money but a broken spirit and contrite heart. Therefore, don't be deceived your forgiveness lies in total surrender of your heart and sacrifice that lies within you and a sober spirit..of ; I shall not return back to my sin".

5. You've paid the price,you bore the shame as the require price to pay for your forgiveness now. Your sins have been forgiven now. The word bath-ing (spiritually) means : cleansing ".


6. Those who Gives? Their garment are well fitted while he or those that give not or close his hand wears oversize.

Meaning, none givers never have enough and they lack even more.

7. Those children should be protected and monitored closely. But especially now that ever as I see them vulnerable and inflicted/attack in a serious way and damaged. Above all, the mother, you should pray the lord to avert this disaster against one of the children with Ps 91,27,23.

8. I see so much imbalance and injustice practices at your work place.

9. The lord is please that you chose not nor follow the vogue : the way of the world. Be rest assured that the heaven is watching --this goes to everyone of you.

10. Deal with it and overcome,wage war against the spirit of distraction. Strive not to be influence by what you see, hear around you stay focus and true to yourself--always.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning prophet

1. I did midnight for the progress of marriage ceremony of my niece that will soon take place and dreamt being in our compound with this niece present and some other people too. A man I didn't know sat on a plastic chair with a long note book which seemed to belong to the niece. The man kept checking through and at a time complained the niece's hand writing was not good enough. I indirectly mocked him saying '...and someone gave oneself an assignment...', the niece understood and we went on talking similar things without the man knowing we were talking about him. There was a head of fresh riped plamfruit kept somewhere in the compound with some of the seeds cut from the head beside it. There are other scenes I don't remember.

2. A girl I know in the physical came to our house saying she wanted to buy honey. She grumbled she could have bought from so so person who sold cheaper. She sat at the corridor and I went to get her food, it was boiled yam with native soup of palm oil mixed with native ingredients. There was left over of the soup seemed to have been left by a man who visted. Mama said I should present it to the girl that the man only added some water. I added little salt to it and gave to the girl and told her she could request for more if she wanted but she said she was okay. She is fair but I noticed her hand looked dark, different and stained with palm oil like she just ate from where she was coming from and didn't wash her hand.

3. It was like a church gathering, a woman who lost her grown up daughter in the physical was crying about it and almost going mental. A wealthy woman, our neighbour, consoled her and she was surprised. This made them to discuss freely while service was going on. One of the ministers came to ask what the problem was. After he was told, all he could tell the woman was she could continue to cry over such incident. I got angry at him saying, ' look at how best to console a woman in pain.' But the minister replied that since the woman was bent on crying out her head let her continue.

4. Lying in bed and checking through some comments on one of the Nigerians social media forum, I saw UN come out from an inner room to pass through the room I was in.

5. Mama said to me, ' I have seen that thing, it's a snake and inside the well.' We do not have well but a tank in the physical. When I decided to go check mama said the snake was under the lid of the tank. I saw it glued to the lid, eyes closed, a small dark snake with its tail part missing. I was thinking weather to call you, pastor, on phone.

6. I was looking at a cemetery and saw two pronounced tombstones. Dates of past centuries and some writings were on them. They seemed to be about some movies being acted in this century.

7. In an unknown place with a room mate in the university days, her cooking gas caught fire and I practiced how it's done to quench such fire.

8. In our environment I took a car and drove it perfectly till I got to road bump, it turned to be a bike and I almost lost control. I concluded I knew where I made mistake and would do better next time.

9. I headed to UN's with a container to either buy fuel or kerosine. He passed me by at their gate entrance and greeted me like a little child merely commenting on my frowned face. There were persons in their compound and I found myself at the table with several persons learning some bag designs. I chose to stitch with my left hand but kept making mistakes. A guy sitting beside me helped me out. Initially my hair was held together and curly, I let it loose making it look more natural.

10. It was our house and a niece was set to get married. In the physical it is her younger sister who will be getting married soon.
The one getting married in this dream complained she didn't have native green top to wear with her green wrapper and I decided to search my married elder sister's bag. Somehow their deseased father entered the room and complained of something I now cannot remember.
Inside the bag I saw among other things toilet soaps which expired 2010 and 2016 respectively, a beautiful wrist watch belonging to my elder brother, this I kept for myself hoping to check it later, a wooden chair I brought out for use.
Next I was about eating with one of my brothers when a woman came to speak with him. I pretended I wasn't eating.
A young lady I used to know in the physical called us to come unpack what is in her car booth insisting she was leaving for Calabar immediately. From a room and with the help of my brothers we carried out bags of salt, bags of bottled water, placards, etc. One of my brothers used his feet to clean fowl exctreat at the door.
I saw myself holding some half used tube creams and I used the content to paste the placards on our wall outside for direction. While I did, I could remember 'YOU', among other things written on it with pencil, more like quotes. A woman stood talking to me but most of the things she said were ,' praise the lord.' The mother of my niece was complaining to mama and when she saw me coming she kept quiet. I remember her saying her hair was not neat enough for the ceremony, another man, a pastor in this dream complained he was yet to give his hair a cut. I wondered if truly ther hair needed some touch. My niece was later dressed in white all through and the pastor man said he was leaving his car behind to go with them to the church in their car. But he changed his mind when he heard the niece's mother grumble. I decided to help my niece tie her head scarf properly telling her she didnt like to seek help where necessary. I showed her how well to tie the scarf but she seemed not interested and kept laughing at me. The church wedding was to start by 9:00 am but they all gathered in a room praying with the pastor leading. The pastor wasn't pronouncing the wordings properly and my niece was tieing a black shiny scarf this time. I left to take my bath.

11. In reality mama woke me very early in the morning telling me she was off to the market. I went back to sleep and saw mama dressed for the market and decided to check the time on some wrist watches. I could remember one was 12:00 am, the other 2:00 am or so, we both were surprised and I cautioned mama to always be sure of the time before leaving so early.

12. I was half asleep and saw perching on a fence a white bird with blood smear all over its body.

More of God's strength and grace.
1. I see shame and disgrace on your cousin day of joy,marital settlement. But this may be averted through your prayer and supplication--hence the revelation.

2. Different person, different way of life, thoughts and mentality. So also are customers. But do your best and give best to your customers so that your quality and sincerity will defend you and speak for you even if they rebuke you for no justifiable reason.

3. The lord is displease with (many) his churches for she's failed to be a source of consolation to the heavy hearted and weak. For, where then shall the weak,sad and powerless seek refuge now that the church has failed,and is failing? Hmmm..

4. He's on that social media too. But well,you may and may not come across each other, especially you, him, first.

5. It's called " invisible serpent ". It's been operating in your household for years. It tricky and very wise but surely, this isn't what you and mama can fight but a man of God hence your effort to reach out to the man of God ( me).


Get or fill a bottle of water with 3 table spoon of salt. Read Ps 65 7 times into it, and then Ps 8,24 and 19 once. Declare the usual procedure : i.e, blood of jesus possess this water, holy ghost fire...each 7times after which you shall pray into it against the ancient household serpent. Then,sprinkle the water round about especially at that spot for 7days. You will see the mighty hand of God.

6. Be wary of these foreign/local demonic movies. Some of them are designed from the kingdom of darkness and aimed to capture the children of the kingdom of God.

7. You are a blessing to whomever you live with. A source of rescue and strength in times of trouble --even before knew the true way.

8. The righteous shall fall but shall rise again, grow and learn for a better, improved tomorrow but this is not the case for the unrighteous for they shall fall and not rise again. Truly? You are a child of the kingdom.

9. Get him out of you,your head and strive improve yourself by focusing. But I see you doing that now.

10. The lord had answered your prayers over your niece's marital settlement, wedding day as I see many thing would have gone wrong but surely, , I see you mending them and restoring them immediately.

11. You should keep your eye on mama's movement and plans age is catching up with her, her memory.

12. Pray the lord to empower your angel and refill it for more victory and protection over you and your household. Ps 19.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Sir, do I have to get a fresh water into a bottle and repeat the prayers and processes each day for the seven days?
I know that a bottle of the water may not be enough for the seven days.